WWE Payback 2016: Most Intriguing Storylines to Track on Road to PPV

April 9, 2016 - WWE

With WrestleMania 32 in a rear-view mirror, WWE Creative has set a sights on a May 1 Payback pay-per-view, that will emanate from suburban Chicago’s Allstate Arena and underline several intriguing storylines value tracking on a highway to a event.

One centers around a tip esteem in a industry, a categorical eventuality for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship that pits an Internet favorite opposite a machine’s selected one in what has a intensity to be an superb wrestling match.

Another centers around a prolonged adversary that dates behind to a finish of 2014 in NXT and has exploded onto a categorical register with a lapse of one of a Superstars involved.

Then there is a resources of new talent that has only arrived to Raw and SmackDown. What they might or might not do during a WWE Network spectacular also bears watching.

Coming off a so-so WrestleMania that featured controversial booking, was abandoned of happy endings to distinguished stories and lacked a hint of new incarnations of a event, WWE Creative has a eventuality to right some wrongs.

Here are a 3 storylines to lane streamer into Payback, all of that could force a beating of The Showcase of a Immortals to a background.


AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns

The unreserved categorical eventuality of Payback will array AJ Styles opposite Roman Reigns in a latter’s initial WWE World Heavyweight Championship compare given WrestleMania 32.

The dichotomy between them creates for intriguing television. Here is Styles, a wrestler who has trafficked a universe and grown his qualification in arenas, halls and stadiums from Nashville, Tennessee, to Tokyo, Japan, severe a man like Reigns, who entered WWE immediately and has worked during perfecting that company’s character while concurrently climbing to a tip of a industry.

Styles is a renouned babyface whose abilities are not in question. Reigns is ostensible to be a authorization star of a association though is hated by those many ardent about a product.

That alone creates for an engaging grounds for a match, not to discuss a audacity Reigns has shown when confronted by Styles to this point.

The Phenomenal One could be only what a alloy ordered—the importance for a Reigns heel spin that starts on May 1 in a ancestral Allstate Arena, that has played horde to 3 opposite WrestleMania events and a epic, five-star confront between John Cena and CM Punk during Money in a Bank in 2011.

Could Styles and Reigns make story during a arriving event?


A clever story build by WWE Creative would make it even that many some-more monumental.


Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

The argument between Zayn and Owens began on a eccentric scene, where they battled adult and down a road, both as partners and opponents. Over a march of their immature careers, they became best friends, a loyalty that looked like it would take WWE by charge when both finished adult in NXT.

But it did not.

Owens tricked Zayn, brutally assaulting him and eventually holding a NXT Championship that he worked so tough to achieve. Before a Montreal local could get a magnitude of punish on his friend-turned-enemy, he suffered a shoulder damage that put him out of movement for scarcely a year.

Now behind and improved than ever, Zayn has been intent in a array of electric brawls with Owens, giving fans a ambience of what they can design from a veterans of a pad wars when they finally strife one-on-one in a WWE ring.

After an part of SmackDown on Apr 7 that saw Zayn revenge a powerbomb by a list that he suffered during a hands of Owens on Raw by costing The Prizefighter a tab group categorical event, it appears WWE might be headed in that instruction in time for Payback.

If so, design a show-stealing compare that improves on their solitary NXT conflict and proves to a universe because both Zayn and Owens are among a best and many reputable wrestlers on a planet.


The NXT Call-Ups

The Apr 4 part of Raw featured a energetic debuts of Apollo Crews and Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady, not to discuss a Monday night entrance of Baron Corbin. Three days later, on SmackDown, The Vaudevillains assimilated them, defeating The Lucha Dragons in their initial hitch on a categorical roster.

With Payback fast approaching, all eyes spin toward those Superstars and what it is they might be adult to on a card.

It seems protected to suggest Amore and Cassady will be concerned in some arrange of compare involving The Dudley Boyz after roasting a mythological tab group with a stately bit of mic poise by Smack Talker Skywalker himself, Amore.

Corbin is unfailing to conflict Dolph Ziggler in Chicago, as hinted on Raw by his heartless End of Days to The Showoff on a locus building and a follow-up promo on SmackDown. Ziggler is a ideal man for Corbin to work with and learn from as a much-traveled maestro who has worked with each tip star to travel by a doorway over a final 10 years.

Crews seems unfailing for large things, though his dual wins to this indicate have been over Tyler Breeze and Curtis Axel—hardly a many suggestive victories. What he does on a Apr 11 part of Raw could go a prolonged approach toward last either a energetic contestant will even have a compare during Payback.

And finally, The Vaudevillains.

Beating a group such as The Lucha Dragons, comprising dual Superstars who partook in high-profile pretension matches during WrestleMania, is a large boost. While there has been no communication to advise such a thing, a argument with New Day over a tab titles might not be a bad idea.

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