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May 1, 2016 - WWE

Many fans were let down by WrestleMania 32 final month and weren’t looking brazen to Sunday’s Payback pay-per-view during a time. Over a past month, however, Shane McMahon has insincere control of RAW and has been stirring hardcore fans by debuting renouned wrestlers and featuring lights-out matches any week given WrestleMania. In a meantime, Payback has spin a built label roughly totally abandoned of rematches.

While a lot of WWE fans are still opening to terms with being vehement about Payback, we have a full outline of reasons for we to get pumped about Sunday night’s PPV, that will atmosphere live from Rosemont, Ill. commencement during 8 p.m. ET, with a Kickoff Show starting during 7 p.m.

Keep in mind that a following 8 matches will take place, as good as Vince McMahon’s preference on either Stephanie McMahon or Shane McMahon will be in control of RAW going forward.

Kickoff Match for a WWE United States Championship: Kalisto (c) vs. Ryback

What am we looking during here? Kalisto, a reigning U.S. champ, should by all rights be on his approach to apropos this generation’s answer to Rey Mysterio. For whatever reason, however, WWE seems demure to spin him lax and put some critical storylines and radio time behind him.

Ryback is The Big Guy. He used to be unequivocally into brunch, though now he’s mostly meddlesome in socking people in a mouth. He mislaid to Kalisto during WrestleMania 32 and now he’s looking to infer that he’s many bigger than Kalisto (which he is) and therefore improved during all (which is adult for debate, honestly).

Why we should care: Kalisto can do things we haven’t seen many wrestlers do. The usually doubt is either WWE will let him do those things on his second true Kickoff Show. Their compare during WrestleMania was a bit muted (and played to distant fewer people in a locus than they would have liked), so both organisation are expected to be wrestling this compare with a bit of a chip on their shoulders. Can Kalisto shun with his pretension again, or will a perfect distance of Ryback overcome him?

Huge man vs. little man matches are fun. Just stoop to that law and we should be fine.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin

What am we looking during here? Dolph Ziggler dresses and acts like a testy member of Steel Panther and believes he should be a tip man in a association given he’s super good during giving people interesting matches. Baron Corbin is a new call-up from NXT and looks like a man who is substantially associated to a Undertaker and whose list of intensity WWE names DEFINITELY enclosed something like “Robby Corvette.” He won a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal during WrestleMania 32, in his initial night on a categorical roster.

Why we should care: Barry Corbin is a huge, entitled dude who thinks he’s a best during all given he’s achieved a jot of success in Division III football. He also mauled Ziggler in his initial compare on RAW and pissed Ziggler off royally. Now you’ve got a new man and a determined man both looking for something to prove.

If you’ve never seen many of him before, make certain we keep your eye on Corbin. He’s gotten crazy-good given Aug of final year and could be a good heel in WWE for years to come. He could also potentially launch Ziggler into a sun, so there’s always that additional bit of fun to demeanour brazen to.

Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

What am we looking during here? Sami Zayn is a lovable, skanking dork. He’s like if Ducky from Sixteen Candles were approach into ska and a Bouncing Souls, though he’s easier to base for. He’s also one of a best wrestlers in a world. Kevin Owens is a big, violent, prizefighter jerk who usually wants to kick people adult for money. Especially when one of those people is Sami Zayn.

Why we should care: Zayn and Owens are real-life best friends and perpetually enemies who are unfailing to do this for a rest of their lives. Any graduation these dual have ever been in has led to an wild blood feud. Seriously, usually watch this:

Yeah. You’re all-in. They’re substantially going to do all they can to harm any other genuine bad and take a show. We simply can't wait.

Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho

What am we looking during here? Dean Ambrose is a goofy whose speak uncover shred transposed Chris Jericho’s speak uncover shred on WWE television. Jericho is an egomaniac who can’t accept anyone holding a spotlight from him for an instant. Especially when a chairman doing so is a STUPID IDIOT.

Why we should care: Jericho and Ambrose are both world-class performers whose dumb chemistry together has managed to make this uncanny talk-show-based storyline intensely entertaining. Jericho will be during his smarmy misfortune and Ambrose will be during his unhinged best. The outcome should be forever watchable.

No. 1 Contender’s Match for a WWE Tag Team Championship: Enzo Amore Colin Cassady vs. The Vaudevillains (Aiden English Simon Gotch)

What am we looking during here? Enzo Amore and Big Cass are a realest guys in a room and they can't reside any haters. The Vaudevillains, as they usually suggested on Monday’s RAW, are NOT time-displaced ne’er-do-wells, though in fact hipsters who admire and obey a turn-of-the (20th)-century lifestyle.

Why we should care: The personality of this compare goes on to plea tab organisation champs The New Day for a tab organisation titles. Enzo and Cass are a dual many charismatic wrestlers on a roster, bar none, and will be one of a many renouned acts on a register in brief order. Get in on a belligerent building of caring about them and meaningful their many locate phrases now.

The Vaudevillains, while saddled with a severe opening and bizarre gimmick, have implausible talent in a ring. As these dual teams are closely informed with one another interjection to their time in NXT, they should really be means to put together a illusory tab match.

The best partial is that no matter that organisation wins, examination them and a New Day play off any other until a pretension compare will be interesting as hell.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: The Miz (c) vs. Cesaro

What am we looking during here? The Miz fundamentally stole a Intercontinental pretension from Zack Ryder a day after Ryder won it during WrestleMania, interjection to Maryse, Miz’s wife. Maryse is a usually chairman on a universe who is as large a prima donna as The Miz, so they’re a compare done in heaven.

Cesaro has recently returned from a shoulder damage and is now a real-life Transporter, wearing a tearaway fit for his opening and somehow apropos an even bigger badass during his time away.

Why we should care: Cesaro has never hold a Intercontinental Championship and is one of a biggest wrestlers alive. The Miz has a many OH MY GOD HIT THIS GUY IN THE MOUTH act of a generation. Also, a final time these dual had a poignant beef, it led to this:


WWE Women’s Championship Match: Charlotte (c) vs. Natalya

What am we looking during here? Charlotte is a rechristened Women’s Champion and has mostly hold onto that pretension interjection to a machinations of her father, a no-good unwashed dog Ric Flair. Natalya is a customary dispatcher of second-generation women wrestlers and is out to infer to Charlotte that she’s a improved wrestler — and improved person.

Why we should care: Flair will be in Charlotte’s corner, of course. But Natalya is bringing her uncle, Bret Hart, to have her behind and be in her dilemma during this match. The final time these dual women met with Flair and Hart in their particular corners, they had one of a biggest women’s matches in NXT history. Can they constraint that sorcery again? Probably!

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Roman Reigns (c) vs. AJ Styles

What am we looking during here? Roman Reigns isn’t a bad guy. He’s not a good guy. He’s THE guy. And he has a universe pretension to infer it. That isn’t going to stop scarcely any WWE fan from booing him as shrill as they can, of course.

AJ Styles spent over a decade being a face of TNA, afterwards left that association and spent over a year in Japan and on a indies, being a accord best wrestler of 2015. This is his initial shot during a WWE universe pretension (if we’re not counting a Royal Rumble) and he’s going to make a many of it.

Why we should care: Beyond a fad of a truly uninformed matchup as a categorical eventuality and Styles’ initial singles WWE pretension match, there is a whole combined turn of amour surrounding this hitch interjection to Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

Gallows and Anderson, who debuted in WWE a integrate weeks after WrestleMania and done their in-ring entrance this past Monday, were dual of a members of a ultra-popular New Japan heel fast Bullet Club. Styles was a personality of that organisation before vacating for WWE and now his buddies have followed him here.

Anderson and Gallows kick down Reigns’ cousins, a Usos, as their initial act in a company. They’ve credited Styles with permitting them to get their jobs here and have been behaving VERY buddy-buddy with him. They’ve also been privately targeting Reigns and a Usos, usually as Styles is severe for Reigns’ title. Styles says he has zero to do with these attacks, though something certain seems fishy.

If we wish to supplement even some-more amour to a amour pile, NXT’s former champion, Finn Bálor, was a owner of Bullet Club and Styles usually came to a organisation after Bálor supposed a WWE developmental contract.

So, who is REALLY behind a Anderson and Gallows attacks? And how will this impact a universe pretension match? We’ll find out on Sunday night. Maybe.

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