WWE Programming’s Best Match for Week of Dec 13

December 13, 2014 - WWE

This week, NXT TakeOver: R Evolution demonstrated only how far-reaching a cove between mainline WWE and a developmental domain has become. In a week that has typified some of a misfortune of WWE programming, a glorious live special reliable that a destiny is bright—and what’s more, a destiny is now.

While Monday Night Raw hosted a indolent book of a Slammy Awards and Main Event forsaken a common in-ring foe for video packages to hype Tables, Ladders and Chairs … and Stairs, R Evolution was a much-needed sign of a days when WWE was on a slicing corner of a industry.


Honourable Mentions

R Evolution started off with a bang, as indie golden child Kevin Owens done one of a many noted WWE debuts in some time. A infamous three-minute confront saw some manoeuvres many would never have suspicion they would see in a WWE ring—as good as some unintentional, though unequivocally fitting, blood loss.

The breakneck gait set by NXT‘s newest further was confirmed as a rest of a label unfolded, though it was a tab compare pitting Hideo Itami and Finn Balor opposite The Ascension that unequivocally saw a Full Sail University locus come unglued.

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Balor‘s opening and clothes will be a biggest articulate point, though Itami‘s opening will settle worries that he’s struggling to fit into a WWE mould. The compare was designed to make Balor demeanour like a star—but as Itami grows some-more and some-more confident, he’ll have no problem figure out his possess path.

Finally, special regard has to go to Charlotte and Sasha Banks for delivering nonetheless another glorious NXT Women’s Championship match. Charlotte’s disorderly detriment on Monday Night Raw seemed like a apart memory, as a span demonstrated because a categorical register is a improved home for a Diva than a womanlike wrestler.


Match of a Week for Dec 13: Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville for a NXT Championship during NXT TakeOver: R Evolution

We’ve come to design something special from a categorical eventuality of an NXT live special, and this hitch delivered only that. The slow-burn argument between Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn has been going on for months, and this fight was a estimable finish to an electric rivalry.

Zayn is such a healthy fan favourite that Neville’s new cockiness has been some-more than adequate reason for crowds to spin opposite him. However, it’s a covenant to Neville’s refinement that he’s avoided branch into a moustache-twirling villain; a refinement of his impression change has done it all a some-more potent.

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Instead, his certainty and a lengths that he’s left to in sequence to sojourn champion have simply been a judicious actions of a gifted wrestler who’s been champion for several months. There’s a abyss to Neville and Zayn—not to discuss their friendship-turned-rivalry—that we don’t mostly see on a categorical roster.

The pieces have all been in place for this showdown for some time, though a in-ring perfection of Zayn‘s highway to emancipation was each bit a classical that it deserved to be. The callbacks to a one-upmanship between a competitors in that noted tab compare a integrate of months ago were played perfectly, as was only about all else.

It’s formidable to contend what a best stratagem from R Evolution was. Owens’ pumphandle neckbreaker was a good surprise. Itami‘s provoke of a Go 2 Sleep was tantalizing. But saying Neville bust out a tainted hurricanrana toward a finish of a compare showed a range that NXT performers are being given to impress.

This compare wasn’t only about a glorious build, constrained story told in a ring, jam-packed fight crates of both group or electric atmosphere. It was a approach all came together as something over a sum of a top-notch parts.

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Neville congratulating Zayn post-match put a top on an glorious long-form storyline, rounding off one of a many gratifying categorical events in new memory. The in-ring jubilee that sealed R Evolution might have been something of a throwback, though a uncover as a whole was a distant some-more complicated pro wrestling product than anything we’ve seen from Raw and SmackDown of late.

If you’re not already on house with NXT, you’re blank out. On Thursday, we saw a best particular uncover that a gifted garland in developmental has put on yet—and we get a feeling that there’s copiousness some-more where that came from.


Did we consider that a categorical register outdid NXT this week? Would we cite to watch John Cena vs. Big Show in a categorical eventuality than Zayn vs. Neville? Leave your thoughts in a comments territory below.

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