WWE Programming’s Best Match for Week of Dec 6

December 7, 2014 - WWE

With Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2014 and NXT R-Evolution on a horizon, it’s of small warn that a good understanding of this week’s in-ring movement was in use to arriving bouts.

However, a compare that’s meant to hype adult something in a destiny can still be enchanting in a possess right—and a best matches this week did only that, portion their purpose superbly while still delivering a products bell to bell.


Honourable Mentions

Curtis Axel competence not get a possibility to uncover off his skills all that often, though his compare with Sin Cara on Superstars this week gave us a glance of what he can do with such an opportunity. The Axe-Man hasn’t utterly found his niche yet, though he’s got adequate talent between a ropes to merit his mark on a roster.

A spell in NXT competence be only what Axel needs; it’s positively finished Tyson Kidd a universe of good in bringing his impression work adult to a turn of his in-ring acumen. Kidd competed in dual glorious tab matches this week, with dual opposite partners—it’s good to see him start to get his impost for his consistently glorious work.

The Dungeon-Dweller teamed with Tyler Breeze to face Finn Balor and Hideo Itami on this week’s NXT, giving us a best demeanour nonetheless during dual of a hottest prospects in a developmental division. Understandably, it’s holding a impulse for Itami to confirm to WWE—but Balor looks like a star already.

Then, on SmackDown, Kidd teamed with Cesaro to take on Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods of The New Day. Kingston and Woods have a engorgement of double-team manoeuvres during their disposal, that could unequivocally assistance make this earnest new fast take flight.

The New Day also done an entrance in a interesting Tag Team Turmoil compare on Monday Night Raw, with Big E teaming with Kofi Kingston on that occasion. The tab group multiplication is commencement to strength out a ranks—hopefully we’ll see some-more of a concentration on it in a entrance months.


Match of a Week for Dec 6: Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler on SmackDown

There are a brood of reasons because Harper and Ziggler is an glorious pairing. Both group have valid time and again that they can broach in a ring, no matter a occasion; a much-hyped pay-per-view compare or a cobbled-together pretension counterclaim on weekly television.

However, Harper’s large male corruption and Ziggler’s unconstrained interest as a loser gives their matches a small bit of something additional over dual glorious wrestlers doing what they do best. They’re a ideal fit, and it’s good to see WWE holding advantage of that by vouchsafing them rip it adult regularly.

Credit: WWE.com

Back-and-forth promos aren’t going to sell people on this match, it’s saying what they can do in a ring. Neither male could be indicted of being formulaic; it’s transparent that creation their matches opposite depending on who they’re confronting is a large concentration for both.

Harper and Ziggler had a good compare on SmackDown, and a approach it finished will positively have left many wanting more. That will come during TLC, when they block off for a Intercontinental Championship in a Ladder Match—just a arrange of undercard confront that will sell people on a show.

Credit: WWE.com

In fact, it’s a hitch that looks utterly able of upstaging all else on a card. It’s formidable to get all that vehement about a Chairs Match—or even a Stairs Match—but a Ladder Match has an interest all of a own. And, when dual of a many gifted group on a register are a participants, it’s formidable not to get vehement about it.


Was a opposite hitch your Match of a Week? Did Fandango vs. R-Truth have we dancing? Were your dogs barking after Jack Swagger vs. Titus O’Neil? Let us know in a comments territory below.

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