WWE Programming’s Best Match for Week of Nov 29

November 29, 2014 - WWE

After a unsure start, a final week of WWE‘s promotional tactic of charity a giveaway month to new WWE Network subscribers has constructed some glorious in-ring calm that will positively attract many to a service.

There were good matches on television, too, though a genuine standouts this week came on a Network.


Honourable Mentions

The categorical eventuality of this week’s book of NXT was a glorious compare between Tyson Kidd and Finn lor. It seems that lor is carrying no difficulty adjusting to a WWE style—expect good things from this one.

Luke Harper and Dolph Ziggler put on another good compare on SmackDown, though an inconclusive finish left things open for a TLC showdown. This is a constrained pairing in a offing, and we would wish that it’s one that’s going to be capitalized on during a arriving pay-per-view.

Speaking of pay-per-views, a best movement this week came from Survivor Series, stability WWE‘s strain of delivering during a “Big Four” opposite 2014. The 4-on-4 Divas compare was something of a surprise, and Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt lived adult to expectations.

However, maybe a best compare on a undercard was a Fatal 4-Way for a WWE Tag Team Championship, where Damien Mizdow took centre stage. This hitch was a singular occurrence of WWE distinguished while a iron was hot, and it played out perfectly.


Match of a Week for Nov 29: Team Cena vs. Team Authority in a Traditional Survivor Series compare during Survivor Series 2014

The normal Survivor Series compare has forsaken out of concentration rather in new years, though it had a overwhelming lapse to form final weekend.

The 10 group concerned in a match—half of them creation their WWE debuts in their stream form in 2012 or later—all gave their all, and we got a compare estimable of being a partial of a prolonged story of a pay-per-view. This will certainly go down among a really best that Survivor Series has to offer. It was that good.

Perhaps unexpectedly, Ziggler was a star of a show, with him and Seth Rollins combining a fortitude of their particular teams. However, only about everybody got their impulse in a spotlight—and, crucially, came out of a compare looking improved than they went in.

The format of this compare can infrequently lead to eliminations that don’t utterly make clarity or moments of mangled proof to strengthen certain Superstars. Thankfully, there was nothing of that here. Everything finished clarity and contributed to a constrained back-and-forth narrative.

Special regard has to go to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, who did good work in their ancillary roles. There was copiousness of speak about a stakes of this compare in a weeks forward of a pay-per-view. But these dual did a complicated lifting on a night in terms of creation a consequences seem really real.

The WWE entrance of Sting was a outrageous impulse that will positively be remembered for years to come. But hopefully, that doesn’t come during a cost of forgetful a good compare that set a scene. In truth, a hitch could have finished but a Icon. But his participation finished for a topping on an already considerable cake.

All in all, this was one of a best categorical events of a year—and a loyal showcase of some of a best immature talent on a WWE roster.


Did another compare mount out for we this week? Perhaps a Divas pretension compare from Survivor Series? Or Adam Rose vs. Fandango? Perhaps even that U.S. pretension Battle Royal? Leave your thoughts in a comments territory below.

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