WWE Programming’s Best Match of a Year 2014

January 2, 2015 - WWE

Daniel Bryan’s hilly highway to final year’s WrestleMania was a drum coaster for his many fans, though his compare with Triple H that non-stop a biggest uncover of a year set a tinge for a night that few will shortly forget.

Bryan is something of an outlier in new WWE story in that he fake a tie with crowds by his ring work rather than by an outlandish character. It’s not his “Yes!” intone that creates him such a fan favourite—it’s a fact that he gives his all between a ropes.

The one-time American Dragon was always honourable of a mark in a night’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, though his subordinate hitch opposite The Game did accurately what was compulsory in terms of worsening a stakes and adding a clarity of unpredictability to a night itself.

While a categorical eventuality supposing a boon we were all watchful for, it couldn’t utterly compare this hitch in terms of perfect in-ring excitement. Bryan and Triple H told a story in a ring, and they did so with such glorious work that it’ll expected be a compare that fans revisit even years down a line.

Indeed, it’ll be a essential stop on any career retrospective on Triple H. The Game has been producing his best impression work in years as a personality of The Authority, though 2014 saw his in-ring offerings during their comprehensive zenith. His knowledge positively does him good, though he also seems to be during his earthy best.

From a off, it was transparent that this was a assembly of dual masters, dual group who might have had really opposite careers though share a same all-important bargain of what creates a pro wrestling competition bond with a audience. All a best matches this year had a throng rapt, and no hitch did that improved than this one.

The “old school” of pro wrestling and a new bang of a eccentric stage met in this compare and suitably so. We’ll demeanour behind on 2014 as a year that a old-school WWE character began to combine with that of a new bang on a eccentric scene.

While we can see that by many of a tip matches of a year, it was never some-more pithy than in this contest. Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan was, to my mind, a best compare of 2014, though it was also a hitch that summed adult a growth of WWE’s in-ring character during a year.


These picks all came from special events and pay-per-views, though there was copiousness of good matches on radio in 2014, too. What was your favorite TV compare of a year? And who is your standout talent for 2014? Let me know in a comments territory below.

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