WWE Pushed to Punished, Edition 44: The Samoan Spike of Umaga

December 29, 2014 - WWE

Umaga remained undefeated in singles foe by a finish of a year. Instead of carrying him work his approach adult a roster, WWE had him bypass a Intercontinental Championship and immediately gun for a WWE Championship.

As we have seen with Superstars such as Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger in a past, this form of engagement frequency ever works. Once an particular reaches categorical eventuality status, they have nowhere to go though down if they haven’t already determined their temperament and credibility.

Officials were intelligent in gripping him dominant for a extensive duration of time, though they never had any skeleton for him over a certain point. And that indicate came when he feuded with then-WWE Champion John Cena.

Umaga’s considerable certification in his 8 months on a categorical register warranted him a shot during a WWE pretension during 2007’s New Year’s Revolution. The Samoan Bulldozer had left so prolonged though being pinned that it was going to be a large understanding when someone eventually handed him his initial loss.

However, a chairman to do that should not have been John Cena.

The dual worked a good compare during 2007’s New Year’s Revolution pay-per-view, though Umaga came adult brief in capturing a gold, losing his initial compare by pinfall given re-signing with WWE. Armando Estrada was assured Cena’s feat was a fluke, environment a theatre for a Last Man Standing compare during a Royal Rumble.

Despite being done to demeanour strong, Umaga was once again catastrophic in violence Cena for a belt. Given that it was a highway to WrestleMania, there was no possibility Umaga was winning a title, so WWE should have hold off on their adversary until after in a year.

Umaga was never again in WWE pretension row following his argument with Cena. His movement wasn’t totally broken by a back-to-back losses, though he wasn’t as large of a hazard from that indicate forward.

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