WWE Raw: Burning Questions to Address After May 8 Show

May 9, 2017 - WWE

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After WWE Raw’s revisit to London, the red code is in need of dual vital fixes.

The electricity around Enzo Amore and Big Cass is fading, and something needs to change about The Realest Guys in a Room’s shtick in a hurry. Braun Strowman exited a Raw theatre with a bad wing, with a savage expected to skip several weeks of action.

That adds adult to one prohibited act cooling down and another set for a outing to a infirm list.

There weren’t usually concerns combined on Monday’s Raw, though. In dual cases, account developments began to unfold.

Alicia Fox has an evidence that she didn’t indeed remove her latest compare notwithstanding what a record books say. And Nia Jax aligning with Alexa Bliss is positively noteworthy. A series of possibilities wait this new duo.

What should we make of this partnership? What will WWE do to residence Amore and Strowman’s momentum?

Read on for a full dive into those questions, violation down a biggest unknowns to emerge from Raw in a United Kingdom.

Can WWE Recapture Amore and Big Cass’ Magic?

To flog off Monday’s Tag Team Turmoil match, Amore and Big Cass both took a mic and attempted to comfortable adult a crowd. No bones there.

Amore’s peculiar debate about withdrawal streaks in his pants fell flat. Cass’ grant didn’t enforce either. Once a bell rang, they usually managed to stay in a hitch for a brief while. Cesaro and Sheamus dominated them en track to winning.

The Realest Guys in a Room, who were once one of Raw’s many renouned acts, is unexpected spinning a wheels. 

Their opening slight has devolved into poop jokes and inane lists. There has been small appetite and creativity to their segments. And in a ring, WWE has requisitioned them to be bottom-of-the-barrel competitors.

What’s a remedy? Can WWE spin things around for these guys?

As we’ve seen with new examples in Breezango and The Golden Truth of late, a small impression growth goes a prolonged way. Breezango got to gleam in a hilariously absurd conform military segment. The Golden Truth grew encouraged this week by not being holding severely as contenders.

WWE needs to write adult something along those lines for Amore and Cass. 

If they can curve divided from grade-school humor, that would be great, too. Being stupid and generous a la The New Day is fun; what Amore and Cass are doing right now is a passed end.

Was Fox’s Shoulder Up?

Is a debate brewing within a burgeoning argument between Fox and Sasha Banks?

The Boss pinned Fox in a brief compare on Monday night. On a surface, it seemed that Banks had simply taken caring of business and took a step toward pretension contention.

But as announcer Corey Graves forked out, Fox’s right shoulder seemed to leave a pad during a referee’s three-count.

Are we going to see Fox disagree about this decision, and for a doubtful finish to lead to a rematch and maybe a bone-fide rivalry? Or was this simply a botched pinfall and something WWE will omit relocating forward?

The impulse was really awkward, presumably definition this was an accident.

WWE showed a replay of a pin and Graves forked it out. That volume of concentration suggests it’s all partial of a story. The association has during slightest planted a seeds that it will continue to try this.

What’s Ahead for a Jax-Bliss Alliance?

Backstage before confronting Mickie James, Bliss crossed paths with Jax. The powerhouse done it transparent that she wanted a pretension shot yet offering a stream champ insurance until that moment.

Bliss welcomed Jax as a bodyguard, and with that, a dual struck a handshake deal.

That’s a many intriguing development. Bliss now has a women’s multiplication biggest and baddest member during her disposal. But how constant will Jax be? Is this going to be a long-term pairing or a array stop before Jax goes after her new ally?

Either way, Bliss’ power will be some-more engaging for it.

Jax’s participation adds an appealing covering to Bliss’ tale. It gives WWE another component to play with. And this is potentially a good approach to exhibit any women’s impression some-more as they correlate with any other.

Fightful compared a twin to a pairing of Shawn Michaels and Diesel from a early 1990s:

If this twin is half as successful as that one, WWE will be copiousness happy. Michaels and Diesel both won a universe title, were tab champs together and fought any other in one of WrestleMania XI’s marquee bouts.

How Will Raw Handle Strowman’s Absence?

The red code is going to have to conduct with a heart of a uncover for a good while.

WWE spoke of injuries to both Strowman and Roman Reigns following their post-Payback brawl, yet many insincere they were of a storyline variety. Word has emerged that The Monster Among Men is legitimately hurt, though. 

Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that a large male could be out 4 to 8 weeks due to an bend injury. And on Monday, WWE seemed to write him off TV when Reigns bloody his bad arm with a steel chair.

If Strowman is indeed going to be out, what does Raw do to opposite that? Where does a uncover get a adrenaline rush?

He’s been a brand’s biggest star this year and looked prepared to acquire a Universal Championship compare opposite Brock Lesnar.

WWE will have to find a new challenger, file a PPV skeleton and figure out what to do with Reigns until Strowman returns. The Big Dog is unexpected but his mortal rivalry as a outcome of this.

The association might cruise perplexing to supplement dates to Lesnar’s agreement to make adult for Strowman not being around.

And it looks as if a Intercontinental Championship will get some-more spotlight as a result. The Miz and Dean Ambrose are already set for an IC pretension hitch on subsequent week’s episode.

That volume of courtesy on a midcard esteem is firm to be a normal unless The Beast Incarnate can step in for Strowman.

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