WWE Raw: Burning Questions to Address After Nov 9 Show

November 10, 2015 - WWE

The Nov 9 partial of Raw was one put together in a panic, a outcome of last-minute engagement due to Seth Rollins’ black knee injury,which forced WWE Creative to reshuffle a skeleton for Survivor Series.

With all a disharmony and doubt surrounding a association over a weekend, Monday’s promote was a plain one that both kicked off a contest to climax a WWE universe heavyweight champion and continued to lay a grounds for a Nov 22 pay-per-view extravaganza.

Roman Reigns naturally stole headlines, being a transparent favorite to win a whole aforementioned tournament, though it was a likes of Cesaro, Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose and relations visitor Tyler Breeze who helped lend credit and peculiarity to a initial few opening-round bouts.

Becky Lynch battled Paige in singles competition, and Natalya squared off with Naomi, as a Divas Revolution valid that dual apart stories are probable within a division.

And finally, The Brothers of Destruction solemnly (slowly) stalked toward a ring and physically confronted The Wyatt Family forward of what will roughly confidently be a high-profile compare during Survivor Series.

Yes, WWE came by a beating and stupidity of a final few days with a peculiarity show, though it left fans with a few blazing questions that merit answers.


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1. Why would anyone compensate income to see The Brothers of Destruction vs. The Wyatt Family after Monday Night?

The judgment behind crafting stories and engagement angles in veteran wrestling is to remonstrate audiences to plunk down their hard-earned income to see a contingent boon to pronounced story on pay-per-view or in a arena. Monday night, WWE Creative pennyless order No. 1 when it supposing a boon to a Brothers of Destruction-Wyatt Family argument on giveaway television.

Yes, a week after Wyatt claimed to have seized a energy to serve lightning, hellfire and brimstone, he was smacked down by a returning Undertaker and Kane. Worse yet, his 3 supporters were wiped out as if they were afterthoughts, small some-more than ubiquitous henchmen existent usually to strike around and make a elder statesmen of WWE demeanour remotely tighten to a mortal pairing they once were.

After examination a babyfaces overcome a heels, what inducement is there for fans to balance into Survivor Series, to allow to WWE Network or squeeze a pay-per-view broadcast?

The answer: none.

Sure, WWE can surveillance a poser surrounding any intensity partners for Undertaker and Kane, though with amicable media being such an constituent partial of today’s sports party landscape, a answer to that doubt can simply be answered on any Twitter account, negating a need to indeed go out of one’s approach to see a show.

WWE Creative, for all it did right Monday night, killed a amour and torment surrounding a match. That is hapless for Undertaker, who positively deserves improved streamer into a uncover celebrating his 25th year with a company.


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2. How did Kalisto, Stardust and Titus O’Neil acquire spots in a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament?

It is good that WWE Creative and government opted to keep a concentration on younger and full-time stars rather than move each former star probable out of a woodwork. But to embody guys like Kalisto, Stardust and Titus O’Neil in a contest to climax a new heavyweight champion is a bit ridiculous, generally given zero of a 3 have finished anything from a storyline standpoint to aver inclusion.

All 3 have radically been saved encouragement talent for months now, putting their associate Superstars over. Their participation in a contest devalues it ever so-slightly and creates doubt in a mind of a ubiquitous assembly that those Superstars who improved them indeed merit to advance.

Surely a participation of someone like Jack Swagger, a former heavyweight champion in his possess right, would have helped. How about a inclusion of some NXT talent, many of whom a WWE assembly would be informed with?

There were improved ways to fill out a register though dipping too distant into a midcard than a association did.


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3. Could WWE presumably have rubbed Roman Reigns any worse than it did Monday?

For weeks before to Monday’s show, Roman Reigns was positioned as a No. 1 contender to a WWE World Heavyweight Championship and a face of a association in John Cena’s absence.

So because was he rubbed so feeble on Raw?

Sure, he incited down a event to join The Authority, though he was also stranded in a compare with a slow, aging Big Show though a gimmicks of a Last Man Standing compare to costume a giant’s weaknesses.

It was a bad match, one that did zero to enthuse certainty or faith in Reigns with a outspoken apportionment of a audience.

Reigns indispensable to be presented with a most bigger, most some-more considerable opportunity. It was a setback, though one that can be overcome with some-more plain and fantastic engagement on a partial of WWE Creative.

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