WWE Raw: Burning Questions to Address After Oct 19 Show

October 20, 2015 - WWE

WWE rolled into Dallas for Monday’s part of Raw and squandered small time in hyping subsequent spring’s WrestleMania 32. Unfortunately, a association did it during a responsibility of this Sunday’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, live from a Staples Center in Los Angeles.

At that show, Brock Lesnar will strife with The Undertaker, while Roman Reigns will block off with Bray Wyatt. Both of those matches take place inside a horrible proportions of a devil’s playground. 

Unfortunately, a slightest volume of bid was put into hyping those shows as WWE focused on trotting out mythological stars such as Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair to drum adult seductiveness in a product that is nowhere nearby as renouned as it was even a year ago.

On a night when fans wondered what surprises a association would have for a horde city of subsequent year’s Showcase of a Immortals and afterwards watched as a Shield reunion was teased and New Day continued their considerable winning ways, WWE left countless blazing questions unanswered.

These are usually a few of them. 


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1. Does WWE Creative Even Know There Is a Pay-Per-View This Weekend?

If we tuned into Monday’s part of Raw awaiting to see a final pull for Hell in a Cell, a promote clinging to convincing fans to pointer adult for a WWE Network or squeeze a uncover on a some-more normal pay-per-view outlets, we were substantially astounded to find a programming we did.

Outside of a brief communication between Undertaker and Lesnar that kicked off a show, and some importance put on a New Day-Dudley Boyz and Roman Reigns-Bray Wyatt rivalries, there was really small in a approach of hype for Sunday’s extravaganza.

There was no Kane, who hurdles Seth Rollins for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Sunday. An damage angle was requisitioned to mislay Randy Orton from both Raw and this weekend’s PPV Kickoff show. Then there was a 6-Man Tag Team compare that took adult a good cube of TV time though featured not a singular star requisitioned for this weekend’s event.

Instead, a essay staff focused a courtesy on trotting out legends in an try to take viewers divided from Monday Night Football and a high-profile showdown between a Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants.

If a devise did not work, and Raw continues a trend of sagging ratings, government will have to shoulder a censure for blank out on an eventuality to make a Hell in a Cell eventuality some-more than a afterthought and B-level uncover it feels like during this point.


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2. Why Can’t Other Characters Be Booked as Strongly as The New Day?

Week 3 of The New Day’s staggering pull saw Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E measure another considerable feat over The Dudley Boyz and United States champion John Cena to flog off a in-ring apportionment of a night’s show.

After examination a contingent measure a comparatively purify win, regulating a well-timed daze by Woods, a doubt becomes because WWE Creative can't book other characters on a uncover as strongly as it has New Day over a final month.

The contingent got over interjection to a ability to perform a throng notwithstanding being heels and is now reaping a rewards for a efforts. Best of all, Kingston, Woods and Big E are authorised to measure decisive wins over high-profile opposition. They are not violence Zack Ryder and Fandango each week. No, they are picking adult wins over Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton and a aforementioned Cena, and as a result, they are gaining credit with a assembly with each flitting week.

The New Day is explanation certain that WWE can still make new stars when it focuses on it—when a association capitalizes on a prohibited act.

Now if usually WWE could do that some-more well and frequently going forward, there would be no need to gaunt on aged stars of a past to energise fan seductiveness in a product.


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3. Did WWE Tip Its Hand In Regard to Its WrestleMania Plans?

There was understandably some amour surrounding Monday’s Raw, generally given it took place in Dallas, home of WrestleMania 32. Would a association plant a seeds for vital categorical eventuality matches for that spectacular? Would a anticipation booker’s dream of saying Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar set adult some arrange of vital categorical eventuality play out?

The answer was a resounding no, though that does not meant WWE did not tip a palm when it comes to a WrestleMania plans.

Think it was an collision that both Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels put over Roman Reigns in apart promos via a night? Absolutely not. Reigns is still staid to turn a face of a company, and it should be of no warn to anyone when he finds himself on a highway to WrestleMania, entering a uncover as a tip contender to a WWE World Heavyweight Championship for a second uninterrupted year.

Speaking of Reigns, a Internet exploded over a thought of a Shield reunion in Monday’s categorical event. Rather than witnessing Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins work as a cohesive unit, fans watched The Architect desert his opponents, withdrawal them to quarrel on their own.

Do not be repelled if a WWE universe heavyweight pretension is during a core of a three-way adversary between a Shield teammates; it would be a suitable Triple Threat compare categorical eventuality for a biggest uncover of a year.

WWE might not have been so sincere when it came to tipping fans off as to what to design when a association earnings to Big D for a biggest eventuality of a year, though it positively supposing adequate of a hint. 

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