WWE Raw Fans Must Accept The Inevitability Of Brock Lesnar Vs. Roman Reigns

February 6, 2018 - WWE

WWE Raw has finished it ideally transparent that Brock Lesnar will urge his Universal Championship opposite Roman Reigns during WrestleMania 34.

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Yet, many fans are still reluctant to accept it.

WWE has telegraphed Reigns vs. Lesnar given they final faced any other one-on-one during WrestleMania 31, with a thought being that their argument never truly finished and that a usually approach it would ever get some arrange of clarity of finality was when Reigns eventually slayed “The Beast.” Even before WrestleMania 33, it became transparent that a devise was for Lesnar to kick Goldberg, reason a pretension for roughly a year and afterwards dump it to Reigns, with a news from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t WrestlingInc) spoiling a outcome some-more than a year in advance.

Is that story perfect? No, of march not. No WWE storyline ever is. But is it an karma that we should learn to accept? Absolutely, generally after Reigns competent for a Elimination Chamber on this week’s part of Raw.

Like it or not, WWE is going to pull Reigns as “the guy,” and like it or not, there is copiousness of justification that indicates his pull is a intelligent decision. According to a Jan 1st book of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, final year Reigns categorical evented some-more shows (12) that captivated during slightest 10,000 fans than any other luminary in a company, that when total with his impressive YouTube viewership in 2017 and a approach he dominated that difficulty in 2016, shows that Reigns has spin a pull WWE wanted him to be.

In fact, Reigns is reportedly WWE’s No. 2 sell seller, with no one else even in his vicinity, and clever sell sales are one of a biggest indicators that a sold luminary is clicking with a masses.

No luminary will ever be zodiacally liked, though carrying Reigns better Lesnar during WrestleMania 34 is a best preference left after WWE forsaken a round on other chances to unseat Lesnar in a past. The best choice to do that would have been Strowman, who tied with Reigns to categorical eventuality 12 shows that captivated during slightest 10,000 fans final year, has done outrageous viewership on YouTube as good and is a hottest act now in a company.

But with a whole thought of Lesnar’s year-long pretension power being to have Lesnar “pass a torch” to another star (and Strowman clearly being out of a running), Reigns is both a many picturesque and best choice to do that. After all, we’ve already seen a approach Lesnar has slayed everybody in his path, from John Cena to Dean Ambrose to Samoa Joe (and oftentimes finished so with relations ease), that has, in turn, singular a volume of plausible opponents WWE has for him.

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