WWE Raw Has Done A Masterful Job Of Booking Elias And Other Rising Heels

February 13, 2018 - WWE

WWE, for all a faults, has ensured that Raw is now a go-to place for rising heels.

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In fact, 2017 was a year of a heel on WWE’s flagship show, and it all started with Braun Strowman, who took a red code by charge as a many must-see knave WWE has total in new memory. Strowman grown into arguably a biggest pull in a association final year, main-eventing a many live events with during slightest 10,000 fans (according to a Wrestling Observer), dominating a company’s YouTube viewership with his considerable feats of strength and apropos so good during being a heel that WWE incited him into a subsequent tip babyface.

Indeed Strowman is one of several villains who has thrived on Monday nights, interjection in vast partial to stellar booking.

As many critique as WWE gets when a engagement is bad, it’s tough not to be tender by a approach Raw determined Strowman and a series of Raw heels as top-level talents final year and in early 2018. Other names who fit that check embody Samoa Joe, The Miz and a latest luminary who is removing ridiculously over as a heel, Elias.

After apropos a tip heel on SmackDown before to a “Superstar Shakeup” final April, The Miz seamlessly transitioned to a identical purpose on Raw, where he’s proven to be substantially irreplaceable as a do-it-all performer who is zero brief of a feverishness magnet. The stellar engagement of The Miz, total with his implausible performances, has helped him become a surprisingly good draw and even resulted in Rolling Stone naming him a “Wrestler of a Year,” a many deserved respect for a standout star.

Strowman and The Miz carried a heel side of Raw in 2017, along with Samoa Joe. Although Joe has been hampered by injuries, he was on lane to potentially turn a tip earner this year after main-eventing a whopping 4 pay-per-views in 2017 (Extreme Rules, Great Balls of Fire, SummerSlam and Survivor Series). That shows that WWE has a ton of faith in Joe, who has proven to have clever sell sales in a past even yet he’s a clarification of a pristine heel and was determined as an unlikable beast before to his injury.

While Joe, many like Brock Lesnar and Strowman, is famous for a approach he destroys his rivals, WWE has struck a opposite chord with Elias, who has exceeded any and all expectations anyone ever had of him on a categorical roster.

During his run in NXT before to being called adult to a categorical register after WrestleMania 33, Elias was only another face in an unconstrained pool of talent, one who underwent mixed gimmick changes and never unequivocally clicked with a niche NXT audience. But Triple H substantially put it best when he pronounced a following about Elias behind in Dec during an coming on CBS Sports’ In The Corner podcast (h/t WrestlingInc):

The whole time [Elias] was there [NXT], we was perplexing to get him prepared for Raw and SmackDown since we knew as a performer his value was there. we pronounced to Dusty [Rhodes], ‘He is done for a register and not for NXT.’ The gimmick, a approach he is and his demeanor, he is matched for that. He is not a fit for NXT. It doesn’t meant he won’t be successful there and it doesn’t meant he won’t have a run there though that run was to get prepared for a roster.

Elias has gotten so over on a categorical register that WWE indeed had a restraint to have him win a triple hazard compare opposite Cena and Strowman, dual of WWE’s many stable stars, in a categorical eventuality of final week’s Raw. That is both truly revelation about how rarely WWE officials consider of Elias and also a covenant to a artistic team, that done a intelligent preference of carrying a rising heel collect adult a career-defining feat over dual of a biggest stars in a business.

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