WWE Raw Is Setting Up Ronda Rousey For Failure

March 6, 2018 - WWE

WWE Raw is holding a very rare trail with a engagement of Ronda Rousey.

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During her UFC career, Rousey was labeled “The Baddest Woman On The Planet” since she let her scarcely forlorn fighting skills do a articulate for her. Unlike a Conor McGregor or a Floyd Mayweather, Rousey was never famous for being a master of a microphone, and yet, WWE has inexplicably started her WWE run with a few tough-to-watch segments that have highlighted her biggest weakness: Her promo ability.

Prior to Rousey’s agreement signing during Elimination Chamber, former WWE star Al Snow told The Roman Show (h/t WrestlingInc) that it could be formidable for Rousey’s glamour to interpret to WWE:

It takes a unequivocally special chairman to work a opposite. If she’s means of holding a glamour she had in MMA, she’ll need 10 times a glamour in a WWE.

It was easy for Rousey’s glamour to gleam by in UFC since for so long, she was during a tip of a MMA universe and couldn’t be beaten. All Rousey had to do was demeanour intimidating, intrepid and unstoppable. She never unequivocally indispensable to contend much, to sell a quarrel with a fight of difference or to out-smack speak her opponent, even after she suffered her initial loss. But a WWE is a totally opposite animal, and when you’re a babyface though a well-spoken articulate manager, looking tough, ominous or melancholy simply isn’t enough.

It’s about a sum package of being means to work a peculiarity match, cut a good promo and sell fans on wanting to watch we perform. The widespread suspicion among fans is that, notwithstanding Rousey being one of a biggest draws in UFC history, it’s not a given that her charisma, likability or ubiquitous success will send to a universe of WWE. Ideally, Rousey would be interconnected with an all-time good mic workman like Paul Heyman, who would be means to facade her weaknesses as a talker, though it does not demeanour like a Rousey/Heyman pairing will be function anytime soon.

That leaves Rousey to deflect for herself, and so far, it’s been a churned bag. In terms of portraying Rousey as an intimidating, commanding and legitimate fighter, WWE has finished well, interjection in partial to Triple H similar to be put by a list by Rousey during Elimination Chamber. But Rousey’s first-ever WWE promo was lambasted by critics, who suspicion her mic work did her no favors in regards to WWE’s try to assistance her win over a new fan base.

IGN pronounced that “Rousey came opposite as only another WWE wrestler.” Bleacher Report remarkable that Rousey’s WWE career “got off to a hilly start.” MMAMania said Rousey “sounded like a malfunctioning drudge a whole time.” ProWrestling.Net forked out that “she was so still that a throng was creation it formidable to hear her early on.”

That represented a sheer agreement from a cold and assured Rousey we saw in UFC, that helped her turn a mainstream star that done her WWE entrance such a rarely expected moment. There is, of course, no denying a star energy of Rousey, who F4WOnline.com reported was a No. 1 many searched womanlike contestant in a US final year and who ESPN labeled as a world’s many famous athlete.

But that isn’t enough. Not for a notoriously oppressive WWE fans. They wish more. Can Rousey give it to them?

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