WWE Raw Must Turn Roman Reigns Or Another Top Star Heel To Fix Ratings Woes

May 8, 2018 - WWE

WWE Raw finds itself in a midst of a ratings downturn that usually Roman Reigns or another tip star might be means to fix.

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According to WrestlingNewsWorld.com, Raw viewership forsaken for 6 true weeks after WrestleMania 33 final Apr and did not start bouncing behind until Jun as SummerSlam neared. In 2018, ratings for WWE’s flagship uncover have been on a identical downward spiral. Viewership for Raw forsaken from 3.921 million viewers for a post-WrestleMania 34 part on Apr 9 to usually 3.066 million viewers for a Apr 30 part final week, a poignant dump of some-more than 850,000 viewers.

That dump can be attributed to a far-reaching accumulation of factors, including a fact that WWE’s TV viewership probably always plummets in Q2 because a hum surrounding a product tends to die down following a biggest pay-per-view of a year. But we can’t assistance yet consternation what other factors are contributing to a apparent downturn in Raw ratings and viewership, that are fast falling even yet a Superstar Shakeup happened usually final month.

Therein lies a issue, however. While it’s apparently still really early into a run with a stream construction of a Raw and SmackDown rosters, a red code has created, well, a losing regulation if it hopes to have winning ratings, and WWE seems to have usually supposed those plummeting ratings as an inevitability.

Perhaps a biggest problem Raw finds itself now confronting is a register that, utterly frankly, is imbalanced. While Raw boasts a installed babyface side that includes Reigns, Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley and Bobby Roode (most of that are top sell movers), a heel side of a register is significantly and noticeably weaker. It’s roughly as if WWE took a same problem that tormented SmackDown for most of a final year, a heel deficiency, and simply shipped it over to Raw during a Superstar Shakeup.

The resolution to that problem would engage branch one of Raw’s tip babyfaces into a heel, preferably a star like Reigns, Lashley or Balor, one who could have a large impact on WWE with a well-executed change in character. WWE, however, seems vigilant on stability to pull those stars as fan favorites, generally Reigns, who is now set to argument with Jinder Mahal in a storyline that doctrinaire fans are already dreading.

This isn’t to contend that a pierce to a dim side for Balor or Reigns would have ramifications on a same spin as Hulk Hogan’s epic heel spin in 1996, that altered a business of both WCW and WWE forever. But it can’t be farfetched usually how critical a legitimate No. 1 heel is to a pro wrestling company, that is something that WWE has attempted to emanate with Brock Lesnar yet unfortunately has been incompetent to due to Lesnar’s part-time status.

“The Beast” might have sealed a new large income understanding to remain with WWE, yet he simply isn’t around adequate to definitely and consistently impact a red brand’s programming or a ratings. If WWE is going to truly emanate a large heel pull (and there are doubts that is even probable given WWE’s stream engagement style), that’s usually going to occur if an elite-level babyface, someone like Reigns or even John Cena, were to spin heel in a pierce that would send shockwaves by a pro wrestling universe and potentially make business boom.

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