WWE Raw: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview for Aug 10

August 10, 2015 - WWE

A TV superhero joins a register in motion on a Aug. 10 book of WWE Raw.

WWE is set to acquire Arrow star Stephen Amell but could be but some vital talent as SummerSlam nears. A savage is expected to sojourn in his lair; a megastar is not advertised for a show. In addition, a reported conduct damage might force one Superstar to a bench.

But there is some good news. One news points to an harmed powerhouse removing behind to action.

The marquee pay-per-view now has 3 bouts on a card. Expect to see some other matchups get combined with or but a entirety of a register available.

WWE heads to a Xfinity Arena in Everett, Washington, with reduction than dual weeks to go before SummerSlam. That means a PPV’s hype sight needs to start picking adult speed.

For a glance of how WWE might be accomplishing that and who will be around to be a partial of it, we puncture adult info from backstage reports, central announcements and James Wortman’s five-point preview on WWE.com.


The Arrow Arrives

Stardust and Amell from Arrow (likely with Neville resolutely in a mix) are impending a collision. After a dual group traded jabs on Twitter for months, their adversary is entrance to WWE’s premier show. 

WWE released a press recover (h/t PWTorch) announcing that Amell would be headed to Raw in Washington. The recover noted, “After several visits to Monday Night Raw, Amell will be appearing as a guest star for a initial time.”

What’s he going to do there? It couldn’t be clearer that it will be some arrange of showdown with Stardust. The off-kilter heel done Amell’s arriving revisit a core of his malediction on Thursday’s SmackDown. Stardust’s debate positively sounded like a warning:

In addition, WWE.com has continued to refurbish a timeline of a amicable media fight these dual have been having.


News, Potential Spoilers

One of a contingent of women’s wrestlers now concerned in a “Divas Revolution” storyline will be going by a opposite name than they did final week.

After being dubbed “Submission Sorority” on final Monday’s Raw, Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch had to embankment that name, as it is also apparently a publishing series. TMZ reported, “According to a WWE, it changed Paige, Charlotte and Becky’s Submission Sorority because a TV programming is PG—and they didn’t know a name had porn ties.”

Paige’s organisation will now be famous as “PCB.” WWE has already taken to job a contingent by a new moniker, as seen on Twitter:

Lynch might be representing Ireland alone in Washington. Sheamus, who missed a new Australian tour, might be pulled from Monday’s Raw as well. 

F4WOnline reported, “Sheamus was off a weekend residence shows due to presumably a diagnosed or fear of a concussion.” Dave Scherer of PWInsider.com noted (citing David Hopp, a fan from a Northwest) WWE has reportedly altered a dim categorical event, pulling Sheamus out of a compare and inserting Big Show instead.

And notwithstanding his reappearance during a residence show, don’t count on Dolph Ziggler streamer to Raw either.

As remarkable in a fan report on PWInsider.com, Ziggler sat during ringside during Sunday’s residence uncover in Vancouver and eventually got concerned in a movement when he pounced on Rusev. A fan prisoner some footage before a eventuality in that one can see Ziggler logging around a arena:

The Showoff, though, is still filming a movie. PWInsider.com’s Mike Johnson wrote that a former universe champ was filming in Vancouver, so he popped in for a event. He reported that “Ziggler is slated to lapse to WWE TV subsequent week after operative a subsequent turn of live events.”

Ryback might uncover adult as good after traffic with a nasty staph infection. According to Johnson of PWInsider.com, “Ryback is in Washington and is slated for tonight’s part of Raw.”

On a other hand, Brock Lesnar and John Cena might not be around. Johnson reported for PWInsider.com, “Brock Lesnar is not slated to seem this week.” And as noted by James Caldwell of Pro Wrestling Torch, “The advertised talent register does not embody U.S. champion John Cena.”

The Superstars who are on a check embody Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens and Sheamus notwithstanding his reported injury.


En Route to SummerSlam

A idea that Ryback might be on his approach behind is that WWE is compelling a pretension compare between him and both Big Show and The Miz. If there were doubts about his health, WWE expected wouldn’t have done a Intercontinental Championship official yet.

And a five-point Raw preview seems to indicate toward The Big Guy removing into an rumpus on his initial night back. Wortman asked, “How will Big Show and a supposed ‘A-lister’ try to take a Intercontinental Champion off his diversion before their three-Superstar m�lange in Brooklyn?” 

Monday’s Raw is also certain to underline copiousness some-more of a tragedy between Summer Rae and Lana.

Last Thursday’s SmackDown finished with Lana holding Summer to a belligerent and enchanting in nonetheless another catfight. Will Rusev’s new lady respond with assault of her own?

Wortman hinted during only that when he wrote, “Summer has expected been stewing over this attack, and no doubt has something sinister designed for her nemesis on Raw.”

As of final week’s SmackDown, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper is on for SummerSlam. The build for that hasn’t been a vital priority as of late. One would design WWE to holder things adult with these rivals on Monday and beyond.

In his five-point preview, Wortman forked in that direction. He asked, “Will a warring ‘families’ be means to wait until Aug. 23 to do battle?”

The protected gamble is that they won’t. On a uncover with no Lesnar, expected no Sheamus and presumably but Cena, there will be copiousness of airtime accessible to dedicate to Wyatt and Harper going on a conflict opposite two-thirds of what used to be The Shield.

What of Seth Rollins? He called out Cena final week, relishing in a fact that he pennyless his foe’s nose and perfectionist a title-versus-title compare during SummerSlam.

It’s too late in a diversion to go in another instruction with presumably Rollins or Cena, so that’s expected a hitch to expect. But will it get strictly combined on Monday night, or will there be a check in a narrative?

Wortman titled one of a slides of his Raw preview, “Will John Cena accept Seth Rollins’ challenge?”

The WWE champ and a company’s golden child aren’t going to stay off a SummerSlam label for long. How WWE goes about adding them to a eventuality will be one of a bigger stories to watch.

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