WWE Raw: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview for Aug 17

August 17, 2015 - WWE

A span of leviathans will aspect on a Aug. 17 book of WWE Raw, the go-home uncover for SummerSlam 2015.

Brock Lesnar and Undertaker accommodate again when WWE travels to a Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Fans have been forced to settle for interviews and recaps of this argument in a final few weeks. The gladiators are now set to seem in a flesh, their participation together portion as a guarantee of violence.

Curtis Axel’s hometown hosts an partial of Raw that looks to expand a passion between all a teams, champions and Superstars prepared to strife during SummerSlam. Seth Rollins looks to call out his opponent, Sheamus is certain to means some drop and a Divas Revolution is certain to get some-more spotlight.

What matches will WWE supplement to a arriving show? How will it use Raw to shake adult hype for SummerSlam‘s existent bouts?

Backstage reports, live uncover happenings, Twitter and James Wortman‘s five-point preview on WWE.com have supposing a good demeanour during what to expect.


News, Potential Spoilers

The Divas champion might be holding it easy before streamer into conflict during SummerSlam. Nikki Bella looks to be nursing a behind injury.

On Twitter, she mentioned rehabbing her back:

Nikki hasn’t wrestled given final Monday’s Raw. She didn’t make a turn of residence shows over a weekend. With SummerSlam so close, she might be removing some some-more rest on Monday night.

If Brad Maddox ever creates it behind on WWE TV, it’s expected to be underneath a opposite persona. As listed on his ProFightDB.com profile, Maddox worked final Tuesday’s tapings underneath a new ring name, Joshua Kingsley.

Fan Chris Canibano posted a shot of Maddox’s new look:

With so many SummerSlam buildup to take caring of, a former Raw ubiquitous manager won’t be a priority. Unless there is a large Battle Royal or another pull-apart quarrel with many of a register involved, fans will expected have to wait until after a marquee eventuality to see this Kingsley gimmick on TV.

There’s a many bigger probability we’ll see Dolph Ziggler charge behind onto core stage.

WWE continues to have Rusev and Summer Rae rile adult Lana. That storyline is certain to come to a conduct with The Showoff entrance to a rescue, yet when?

“Dolph’s lapse is imminent. He was during a residence uncover in Vancouver final night and is scheduled for Raw subsequent week in Minneapolis,” Dave Meltzer wrote in final Monday’s refurbish on F4WOnline.

However, Lana pronounced on Monday’s Raw that Ziggler wouldn’t be behind until after SummerSlam. There’s still room for Ziggler vs. Rusev on a four-hour pay-per-view, yet WWE might wish to save that strife for Night of Champions.

Whether Ziggler is benefaction or not, Raw will have no emanate with star power. As James Caldwell noted for Pro Wrestling Torch, John Cena, Lesnar and Undertaker are all scheduled for a show. It’s also value mentioning that Kane, who hasn’t been on TV in weeks, is listed for Raw as well.


Last Legs of SummerSlam Build 

Sheamus vs. Randy Orton is not nonetheless on a SummerSlam label yet it is expected to be by a finish of a night.

Their adversary continues to escalate. On final week’s Raw, Sheamus cost Orton a probability during a WWE title. Orton returned a preference by preventing a Money in a Bank cash-in.

Wortman hinted that a dual would go during it once some-more in Minneapolis. In his Raw preview, he asked, “Following Sheamus‘ confidant and malicious proclamation, will Orton be gripping his conduct on a pivot Monday night, or does The Viper acquire a challenge?”

That certain sounds like we’re removing some-more Orton-Sheamus bad blood. That should lead to one some-more hate compare during SummerSlam to fill out a four-hour show.

As of final week, Cena vs. Rollins is now strictly partial of a large PPV. Cena supposed Rollins’ plea on final Tuesday’s Tough Enough.

That wasn’t adequate for a WWE champ, though. On Thursday’s SmackDown, Rollins demanded a face-to-face assembly with a male he took out of movement with a knee to a nose.

Monday’s Raw will also continue a new combined concentration on a women’s division. The contingent of factions stays during contingency with one another and now has an Elimination compare during a PPV to build toward.

Neither Team B.A.D., Team Bellas nor Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Paige (PCB) have been means to nick a array of victories in a row. The squads keep trade wins. The account streamer into their SummerSlam assembly appears to be centered on who will benefit movement in Minnesota.

Of a trios contrary in a women’s division, Wortman wrote, “Which group will lift forward as a competition to SummerSlam reaches a home stretch?”

The biggest story, though, will be a reemergence of a dual executive total in SummerSlam‘s categorical event. Undertaker and Lesnar haven’t been on Raw together given their pell-mell quarrel weeks ago.

They are now both advertised for Monday’s Raw.

Will we see another collision between them? Wortman teased that probability in his preview, writing, “Will The Anomaly and The Phenom wreak massacre once again?”

WWE isn’t going to give too many away. It wants fans to expect a dual titans’ assembly during a PPV. At a same time, though, Monday’s Raw serves as a company’s final vital probability for a SummerSlam sales pitch.

Expect large fireworksjust not a full explosion.

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