WWE Raw: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview for Dec 15

December 16, 2014 - WWE

Superstars stand out of a disadvantage from TLC, commencement a new tour that starts with a Dec. 15 book of WWE Raw.

The emanate of one pay-per-view bleeds into another, as a hype for Royal Rumble has already begun. Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena will horde Roman Reigns, John Cena and Nikki Bella, all of whom will go from celebrating to prepping for new obstacles.

Chris Jericho earnings to beam a ship. 

Following a new trend of one-off Raw ubiquitous managers, Jericho will be in assign for a night. WWE announced Y2J’s coming final week:

As for what else to design when WWE earnings to a site of Night of Champions 2013 and Survivor Series 1999, backstage reports, Anthony Benigno‘s five-point preview on WWE.com and Twitter yield copiousness of hints.


News, Potential Spoilers

Detroit is set to acquire a frequency seen universe champ. As ProWrestling.net notes, “WWE is promotion Brock Lesnar for a Dec 15 book of Raw.”

That timing creates ideal sense, as WWE can now start a Cena vs. Lesnar III build. Cena defended his symbol as No. 1 contender with a win over Seth Rollins during TLC. WWE fast took to compelling a arriving pretension bout, airing a promo video for it on Sunday’s pay-per-view.

On a same night that fans get a demeanour during a WWE World Heavyweight Championship for a initial time in months, there’s a probability they will also see a pretension that has been gone given 2002.

Lana teased during a probability of bringing behind a European Championship. As Mike Johnson noted for PWInsider.com, “Lana posted a print of a ‘WWE European pretension belt’ on amicable media before deletion it over a weekend.”

Fans like Paul Jordan common a print after The Ravishing Russian did divided with it:

Rusev had an easy night compared to his peers. He worked a brief compare that featured not a singular collision with a ladder. Dolph Ziggler and Luke Harper, meanwhile, will enter Monday’s Raw spiteful interjection to what they did to themselves in their Ladder match.

As seen on WWE.com (video contains striking images), a medical staff stapled a wound in Harper’s conduct sealed after that bout.

WWE‘s central website also provided updates for Ziggler and AJ Lee. The company’s medical group used skin glue and bandages to provide a break on The Showoff’s head. The association has shown in a past that it has no emanate with creation guys work a night after pang injuries like that.

In AJ’s case, her injuries were of a kayfabe variety.

The reports explain that AJ suffered a “chemical conjunctivitis” after Nikki Bella sprayed her in a eyes on Sunday. That points to a former Divas champ being out of movement for Monday’s Raw.

Credit: WWE.com

In another PWInsider report, Johnson writes that “We’ve also listened Big Show banged adult his hip in a Stairs compare with Erick Rowan.” Big Show’s inflection in a stream storylines expected means he won’t get a night off to let that hip heal.

He attempted to cost Cena his compare opposite Rollins, usually to take a Superman punch from Roman Reigns. That gives a large male dual high-profile enemies to demeanour out for in Detroit.


From TLC to a Royal Rumble

With WWE carrying wrapped adult a final pay-per-view of 2014, it will fast indicate a compass toward subsequent year’s initial large event. The Royal Rumble compare already has a first central entrant in Reigns and a initial pretension hitch in Lesnar vs. Cena.

What of a Divas Championship? Signs are indicating to a new challenger stepping adult to Nikki Bella.

Not usually is AJ “injured” interjection to whatever Nikki sprayed in her eyes, though going with AJ vs. Nikki again would symbol a fourth uninterrupted pay-per-view compare between them. Benigno hints during someone else feuding with Nikki in his preview, writing, “It’s only a matter of that femme fatale will step adult to accommodate her, head-on.”

Reigns has a compare set for January’s show, though he will positively have some rivals in his approach en track to that battle.

Attacking Big Show during TLC has to lead to The World’s Largest Athlete seeking some payback. Rollins is in atonement mode as well. He tweeted that he was “robbed” interjection to Reigns’ interference:

Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt’s compare followed that one, finale in peculiar fashion. An electric startle from a plugged-in TV put Ambrose down prolonged adequate for Wyatt to capitalize. It’s misleading either that adversary is over or if both group will find new targets streamer into a new year.

In his five-point preview, Benigno asks, “What will The Eater of Worlds select to do with his entirely easy energy and momentum?”

There is no difficulty as to what Paul Heyman‘s purpose will be. With Lesnar stepping behind into a spotlight, Heyman is certain to follow. 

In a past, he has been a overpass between editions of Raw that The Beast Incarnate misses. When Lesnar is around, he is a powerhouse’s mouthpiece. Not surprisingly, that looks to be what’s on daub for a TLC fallout show.

Benigno writes of Heyman, “It’s roughly a given he’ll start another fusillade of mind games on Raw.”

With some-more than a full month until Royal Rumble arrives, WWE is expected to gaunt on a written side of a CenaLesnar feud. There will be plenty event forward to have those dual group start slugging it out.

Whether those dual fight or not, Monday’s Raw promises to be a “welcome back” party, with Reigns and Lesnar both stepping onto a theatre again after extended absences.

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