WWE Raw: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview for Dec 28

December 28, 2015 - WWE

The final WWE Raw of a year promises a complicated sip of Roman Reigns.

With a apportionment of a register operative another town, WWE is set to gaunt heavily on Reigns. He has innumerable enemies surrounding him, definition he will be all over a show, with copiousness of chances to keep adult a movement he seized on winning a WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

John Cena, Vince McMahon and maybe a company’s former proprietor punch will join him in a Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

The night of Reigns’ accession had Raw surging. The Slammys fell on a following week, removing in a approach of a show. WWE will demeanour to constraint that sorcery from dual weeks ago, marching on into a Reigns era.

Just what can fans expect? Backstage reports, Twitter and James Wortman‘s five-point preview on WWE.com yield a look into a future.


Big Names on a Marquee

Cena will finish a two-month sabbatical to step in a ring once more. The fan favorite has been bustling filming a existence TV show. 

On last week’s Raw, WWE announced that Cena would lapse on a final Raw of 2015 and face Alberto Del Rio, a male who degraded him for a United States Championship.

Del Rio, though, will have The League of Nations during his side, a coterie that shaped in Cena‘s absence. Is Cena to strife with that whole organisation in a entrance weeks, concentration on Del Rio and a U.S. pretension or pierce on to another competition altogether? WWE eventually has to get Cena forked toward his WrestleMania foe, who presumably will be a bigger fish than Del Rio.

McMahon is set to lapse to Raw, too. WWE announced on Twitter that a authority would be back:

This comes usually dual weeks after Reigns clocked him in a jaw en track to holding home a universe title. McMahon had formerly left an whole year nonetheless appearing on Raw. He now looks staid to be a poignant partial of Reigns’ story relocating forward.


News, Potential Spoilers

Charlotte can rest easy. Nikki Bella isn’t entrance after her Divas Championship for a while.

Brie Bella has been forced to go it alone as Nikki has dealt with injuries. Those neck issues are still ongoing. Nikki tweeted that it would be another month before she knows her “destiny:”

Monday’s Raw might be sans Nikki, nonetheless it could acquire dual names that showed adult on final week’s SlammysPWInsider‘s Mike Johnson reported, “Santino Marella is being brought behind into this week’s TV Tapings.” Johnson also remarkable that Ric Flair will be appearing on Monday’s show.

Flair’s purpose is obvious. He continues to be Charlotte’s manager, training her a ways of The Dirtiest Player in a Game along a way.

Santino, though, doesn’t have a transparent trail to conduct down. Perhaps he’s usually around for comic service or to assist WWE with one of a product-placement segments.

Titus O’Neil might be removing his partner back. Darren Young hasn’t been around for weeks. That’s reportedly due to him traffic with a leg injury.

Credit: WWE.com

Johnson noted on PWInsider, “He was out with a quadriceps emanate we are told. He is behind this weekend in 10 male tags.”

WWE is going to need all a bodies it can get. The association motionless to run both a residence uncover and Raw on a same night. That means a thinner register is set for a marquee program.

On a F4WOnline daily update, Dave Meltzer wrote, “With a residence uncover in Allentown, those not approaching during Raw given they are billed during a residence uncover are Kane Dudleys Tommy Dreamer vs. Wyatt Family, Charlotte vs. Paige for a Divas pretension and Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze.”

It’s tough to suppose Charlotte not being on Raw if her father is booked, though. Plus, she’s mentioned in a five-point preview.

Regardless, WWE Creative is going to have to do some vital shuffling. The register won’t be tighten to full strength. 

As for who will be available, Pro Wrestling Torch’s James Caldwell noted that Sheamus, Rusev, Ryback, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens and The New Day are advertised for Monday’s Raw.


Build Toward Royal Rumble

The delayed retraction of Becky Lynch and Charlotte’s fondness stays a focal indicate of a Divas division. Each week, Charlotte bends a manners usually a bit more. That’s led to contention between a friends.

On final week’s SmackDown, Team B.A.D. released a beatdown on Lynch, an conflict that Charlotte didn’t mangle up. That’s certain to means additional issues between a teammates.

As Wortman wrote in his preview of Monday’s show, “It will be engaging to see if Becky and Charlotte will stay on a same page during Raw.”

Meanwhile, there is a brewing coterie on a men’s side, as well. The League of Nations continue to hit with Reigns and his crew.

Wortman hints during some-more of that to come. He wrote, “How will The Big Dog and his ‘family’—including The Usos and Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose—keep The League of Nations on a defensive this Monday night?”

Ambrose also has flourishing passion toward Kevin Owens. It’s not transparent how WWE will juggle that story and The Lunatic Fringe’s partial in a League of Nations feud. The same goes for The Usos clearly shutting in on a pretension shot opposite The New Day.

However those narratives unfold, Reigns is certain to be a centerpiece of a night.

He not usually has The League of Nations to contend with, nonetheless with McMahon back, he’s certain to have some piper-paying to do. Reigns harmed Triple H and cold-cocked McMahon, nonetheless has nonetheless to accept any discipline. 

That seems set to change. Wortman asked, “What does Stephanie have designed subsequent for Reigns, who laid out her husband Triple H and her father, Mr. McMahon?” 

Monday’s Raw should answer a doubt of who is Reigns’ subsequent challenger. Either Sheamus isn’t finished with him or a champ moves on to a bone-fide conflict with The Authority, potentially environment adult Triple H vs. Reigns during a Royal Rumble.

The same goes for Cena and The New Day. Their paths for early 2016 are set to be forged.

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