WWE Raw: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview for Feb 9

February 9, 2015 - WWE

Focus tightens on Fast Lane on a Feb. 9 book of WWE Raw.

Rusev‘s arriving career-defining showdown, tragedy within a tab group multiplication and a hunt for championships will all get atmosphere time as Raw heads to Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio. WWE will also hype Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns, a compare combined only final week.

Defeating Rollins warranted Bryan a possibility to face Reigns during Fast Lane. The leader of that hitch nabs a No. 1 contender’s mark streamer into WrestleMania.

This is all partial of WWE‘s continued efforts to still a anti-Reigns recoil from Bryan supporters. Seeing how successful a association is winning folks over and elevating Reigns will be only as intriguing to watch as a movement in a ring.

Will some informed faces join these men? Will some detrimental grappler tumble to an barbarous John Cena?

Arena reports, announcements from WWE and James Wortman‘s five-point preview on WWE.com assistance yield answers to those questions as good as give fans an thought of what to design when Raw front during 8 p.m. ET on USA.

Hall of Fame Class

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Randy Savage are about to get company. The list of inductees set for a Hall of Fame will grow by one on Monday night.

WWE announced on a central website that it will exhibit a newest member of a 2015 Hall of Fame category on Monday’s Raw.

The association teased that a inductee could come from a accumulation of places: “Will this 2015 WWE Hall of Famer be from WWE’s Attitude Era? Is it a groundbreaking WWE Diva? Or is it maybe a fan-favorite aspirant from ECW, WCW or another classical promotion?”


News, Potential Spoilers

The register promises to be deeper when Raw airs. A series of absent Superstars worked a weekend’s live events, those appearances portion as probable precursors to their lapse to movement on Monday nights.

Heath Slater is one of those men.

Legal difficulty has kept The One Man Band out of action, yet that appears to be over. As noted by David Clintsman on PWInsider.com, Slater wrestled during a residence uncover on Feb. 7 in Jacksonville, Florida. He teamed with Curtis Axel and Hornswoggle in six-man action.

His lapse comes following news final month that, according to MyFoxAtlanta.com, a attack charges opposite him “have been dropped.” 

Bo Dallas and Randy Orton also stepped into a ring after being divided for poignant time. 

Per Derrick Hubbard Pro Wrestling Torch, Orton battled Kane during a Feb. 7 live eventuality in Salt Lake City, Utah, while Dallas went adult opposite Sin Cara. Brandon Dingess of Pro Wrestling Torch also reports that Orton and Dallas both worked a Feb. 8 uncover in Huntington, West Virginia.

A fan in assemblage posted a shot of Orton in Utah: 

Dallas’ appearances confirms that he is entirely recovered from his feet injury. Orton display adult might be a pointer that WWE is finally prepared to write him behind into programming. The company, though, might wish to save his televised lapse for Fast Lane.

One pointer indicating in that instruction is that, as Pro Wrestling Torch’s James Caldwell notesWWE has pulled Orton from advertising.

Caldwell also points out an peculiar object value noting. He writes, “WWE World Hvt. champion Brock Lesnar is listed for a uncover on WWE‘s eventuality roster, yet WWE has not advertised The Champ for a Raw broadcast.” 

With no pretension compare lined adult for Lesnar during Fast Lane, one would assume WWE would save his subsequent coming until after that pay-per-view. Regardless, he is listed for Monday’s show.


Moving Toward Fast Lane

WWE is certain to concentration on Cena and Rusev en track to their compare during Fast Lane. The association has treated it like a event’s semi-main event.

The final few events have seen Rusev benefit movement by walloping Erick Rowan. He ambushed him before their compare on final week’s Raw. The champion afterwards left Rowan out cold on Thursday’s SmackDown.

Look for Monday to be Cena‘s spin to build himself up. Wortman writes, “Expect Cena to step adult his diversion as his collision with The Hero of a Russian Federation approaches.”

That sounds like someone will be tasting an Attitude Adjustment.  

Paige will positively have punish on her mind in Ohio. Last Monday, Alicia Fox, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella ganged up on her, covering her swell with tanning spray. 

Nikki is set to urge a Divas Championship opposite Paige during Fast Lane. That’s where a challenger is many expected to discharge payback. WWE is certain to hold on a adversary beforehand, yet story says a women won’t get most airtime to expand a feud. 

Goldust and Stardust, notwithstanding being brothers and tab group partners, are sketch in on their possess rivalry.

They continue to brawl during and after matches. On Thursday’s SmackDown, Stardust left a ring mid-battle.

Fans might now see these dual finish their alliance. Wortman asks in his five-point preview, “Will a brothers try some arrange of settlement on Raw, or is this intergalactic tandem about to explode, Death Star-style?”

Also demeanour for Dean Ambrose and Bad News Barrett’s burgeoning adversary to collect up. Ambrose challenged Barrett to an Intercontinental Championship match; a champ has claimed that The Lunatic Fringe doesn’t merit a pretension shot.

With a Fast Lane label in need of midcard matchups and Ambrose in need of something to do while he is now pushed out of a swarming categorical eventuality scene, fans can gamble on Barrett eventually giving in and this compare apropos official.

The pay-per-view’s marquee hitch pits dual babyfaces opposite any other, Reigns colliding with Bryan.

The clash’s miss of a heel is going to lead to The Authority removing concerned in a vital way. Wortman hints that Triple H and association are going to make life really tough for both Bryan and Reigns.

He writes, “What awaits these Superstars on Raw, and how will Seth Rollins reap a advantages of their torment?”

This Rollins-Bryan-Reigns story along with all a other stream rivalries will have WWE Creative copiousness busy. Slater, Dallas and Orton fans will be anticipating that Monday’s Raw will also have room for those group to step between a ropes again. 

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