WWE Raw: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview for Jul 15

June 15, 2015 - WWE

The victors during Money in a Bank will get small possibility to applaud on a Jun 15 book of WWE Raw.

After snatching a Money in a Bank briefcase on Sunday, Sheamus is certain to have tough battles forward of him. John Cena knocked off Kevin Owens though might baggy into Raw. As for Seth Rollins, a heat of his win over Dean Ambrose will certainly blur quickly.

Rollins expected has a destroyer headed for him.

Cleveland hosts all a movement in and out of a ring just a day before it does a same for Game 6 of a NBA Finals. The Raw pre-show kicks off during 7:30 p.m. ET on a WWE Network. The three-hour squared round smorgasbord that is Raw itself front on USA Network commencement during 8 p.m. ET.

Backstage reports, stream storyline arcs and James Wortman‘s five-point preview for WWE.com supposing a demeanour during a future, vouchsafing fans know what to design on a post-PPV show.


Hometown Guest Star

Cleveland local Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) is set to work with WWE for a second time. As WWE announced on a central website, a rapper will perform on Monday’s Raw.

MGK formerly took to a theatre for WWE during WrestleMania 28 with “Invincible,” a thesis strain for a event. He didn’t get a auspicious response that night: A good apportionment of a throng booed him.

He has a improved shot of removing some-more adore from a fans in assemblage this time around, as he’s got home-field advantage operative for him.


News, Potential Spoilers

The WWE ecosystem will shortly acquire a predator back: Brock Lesnar is rumored to lapse from his storyline suspension.

According to a Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t WrestlingInc), WWE skeleton to move behind both Paul Heyman and Lesnar on Monday night. The Beast Incarnate is reportedly set to be a unchanging partial of WWE programming until during slightest SummerSlam.

That expected signals a delay of a issues between him and Rollins. It was a stream champ’s refusal to quarrel him that set him on a uproar months ago.

WWE saluted a late Dusty Rhodes on several occasions during a Money in a Bank pay-per-view. It looks as if there are some-more tributes to come in Cleveland.

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported, “WWE will underline video highlights of Rhodes’ pretentious career over a march of Monday’s Raw as good as additional video tributes.”

It will be tough to tip a relocating video WWE put together for The American Dream over a weekend:

In further to Lesnar and a common faces, Monday’s Raw should also underline a NXT champion once again. James Caldwell of Pro Wrestling Torch noted that Owens is among the Superstars advertised to seem on Raw in further to Ambrose, Cena, Rollins, Sheamus, Big Show and Roman Reigns.


Money in a Bank Fallout

There is firm to be atonement entrance for The Eater of Worlds. The usually doubt is how most of it will start on Monday’s Raw.

Credit: WWE.com

Bray Wyatt charged into a Money in a Bank ladder compare and pounded Roman Reigns. That unexplained waylay prevented Reigns from winning and certainly kicked off a argument between a two.

An indignant Reigns will be on a hunt for Wyatt right away. Wortman hinted during that when he asked, “Will Reigns get payback opposite The Eater of Worlds on Raw?”

King Barrett will have identical skeleton for R-Truth. The rapping wrestler broke him on Sunday by beating him and afterwards perplexing out his crown. As startling as it might be, signs prove that this adversary will hurl on.

For one, WWE featured R-Truth in a post-match talk during Money in a Bank in that he sole his feat as his dethroning of Barrett:

He also talked of moats and spiders, clearly environment adult a story where these dual group conflict over a right to be called king. Of a feud, Wortman wrote, “WWE’s weird ‘Game of Thrones’ continues tonight.”

Cena vs. Owens is stability as well. As for what happens between them on Monday night, it depends on how most WWE wants to sell a fan favorite’s damage status.

Owens left him hobbled after their compare with a powerbomb to a ring apron. Will Cena rebound right adult after that, or will WWE try to divert this? As harm as he was done to demeanour during Money in a Bank, it looks like Cena‘s weekly United States Championship open hurdles are in danger Monday night.

Credit: WWE.com

Monday’s Raw should also underline Sheamus in a large way.

He outlasted his foes in a exhausting ladder compare to turn a newest Mr. Money in a Bank. It seems doubtful that he would go after associate heel Rollins, generally if he didn’t do so after a champ only hardly survived his conflict with Ambrose.

Still, Sheamus will be in a spotlight. Wortman forked to that function when he wrote, “Expect The Celtic Warrior to browbeat Raw, one approach or another.”

As for a male who should be gripping an eye out for Sheamus, Rollins looks to be headed somewhere new. His argument with Ambrose feels over for now after an emphatic win in a ladder match. There were no flukes, no division and no doubts this time. 

So it’s no warn that Wortman teased that Rollins be removing a new opposition and storyline. He wondered of a champ, “Will he set out to forge a new path?”

With Lesnar in a same building, that trail is certain to be one that crosses with The Beast Incarnate’s.

WWE will finally have some time to build between pay-per-views, with Battleground not entrance for another 5 weeks. That gives a association plenty space to tell Rollins’ story, either it facilities Lesnar or some other opposition looking to take his climax from him. 

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