WWE Raw: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview for May 4

May 4, 2015 - WWE

It’s time to holder adult a hype appurtenance on a May 4 book of RawWWE Payback is quick approaching. 

As WWE travels to a Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, demeanour for passion to expand between a contingent of gladiators set to strife over a universe pretension during a pay-per-view. John Cena and Rusev will continue their patriotism-soaked adversary en track to their “I Quit” match.

The night could also underline a midcarder’s heel turn, an refurbish on Daniel Bryan and a newest King of a Ring’s residence to his subjects.

Kevin Owens’ home range plays horde as WWE tries to squeeze several storylines in a brief space between Extreme Rules and Payback. What can we design to see combined to a show? What’s on daub for a initial Raw in May?

Arena reports, Twitter and James Wortman‘s five-point preview on WWE.com offer some probable answers.


News, Potential Spoilers

WWE has been teasing a Lana babyface turn. She’s been personification to a throng of late, that has hurt Rusev.

That’s presumably a predecessor to her removing distant some-more of a spotlight. Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t PWMania) reports that Eva and Lana are set for large pushes in a nearby future.

Fans will have to see if that pull starts as shortly as Monday’s Raw. The story of her pulling divided from Rusev would positively hoard her combined spotlight.

Credit: WWE.com

Erick Rowan, of whom fans have seen really small of late, competence be gearing adult for a impression change as well.

According to CageMatch.net, Rowan wrestled Sami Zayn during dual residence shows over a weekend and teamed with The Ascension during a live eventuality on Sunday. A collision with NXT‘s tip babyface and fondness with a mean group positively indicate to heeldom for a large man.

It’s not transparent possibly this arrangement was finished out of prerequisite or if WWE is looking to make a change with him. Pro Wrestling Torch noted that during his compare with Zayn on Saturday, “Rowan didn’t get most heat. He’s a face on TV and didn’t do most to get a throng to disapprove him.”

Rowan, like Heath Slater, sits on a bottom of a WWE hierarchy and so is no protected gamble to seem on Monday night, heel-turn-in-progress or not. Slater, though, competence be looking to finally get a moment during John Cena.

His initial try during responding Cena‘s open plea finished with him taking an RKO right into a catering table. The subsequent time out, Rusev walloped him on a approach to a ring.

Slater tweeted that he’s not through:

Daniel Bryan, however, competence be by with a Intercontinental Championship. He has been out for weeks with injury. WWE has been strangely sly about accurately what is wrong with him.

That leaves fans to assume what competence occur with a bullion he won during WrestleMania. WWE.com facilities an essay on Bryan and a destiny of a IC title. It hints during a probability of The Authority stripping him.

The essay also poses a question, “Will WWE fans learn of Daniel Bryan’s (and a Intercontinental Championship’s) predestine ahead?” That’s something fans will be on a surveillance for during any Raw until a conditions is privileged up.

Goldust isn’t entirely healthy, either. He tweeted that he was carrying his shoulder looked at:

Being banged adult is expected a partial of because WWE hasn’t used Goldust most in new weeks. 

Don’t count on possibly Bryan and Goldust wrestling on Monday then. As for who will be in action, James Caldwell of Pro Wrestling Torch notes that John Cena, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Bad News Barrett, Bray Wyatt and Sheamus are among a wrestlers advertised for Monday’s Raw.


Payback Build Continues

As he prepares to face Rusev in an “I Quit” compare during Payback, Cena will stay bustling by holding on Superstars inspired for his title. Wortman writes, “Cena stays a fighting champion and is dynamic to offer open hurdles for his United States Championship any week.”

Finn Balor is a dark-horse choice to take on Cena. The NXT star told AfterBuzz TV that he was prepared to answer Cena‘s plea behind in London yet was beaten to a punch.

Should Ryback confirm to answer Cena‘s challenge, he’ll certainly have to keep his conduct on a swivel. Bray Wyatt has pounced on him in new weeks.

It’s looking some-more and some-more like Ryback vs. Wyatt will be set for Payback during some point. Expect some assault pleasantness of The Big Guy first, though.

Hinting during that, Wortman wonders in his five-point preview, “Might we see Ryback retort opposite Wyatt on Raw?”

And what awaits Bad News Barrett during a pay-per-view after winning a King of a Ring tournament? At a really least, it looks as if we’ll get a debate from a squared circle’s new monarch.

Wortman speculates that Barrett competence make a stately direct or spike someone with a Bull Hammer.

Who will be his rival? Will he continue what he started during a tourney with Neville? That’s uncertain, yet Dean Ambrose, meanwhile, has a startling enemy forward of him.

Ambrose looks set to take on The Authority. After Kane interfered with The Lunatic Fringe’s hitch opposite Seth Rollins on Thursday’s SmackDown, WWE is apparently not finished creation those army collide.

Wortman writes that Ambrose “likely has some skeleton to get even with The Authority on Raw.”

As for Rollins himself, he competence get a probability to watch a dual group set to conflict him in a WWE pretension compare during Payback slice any other apart.

Randy Orton has reasons aplenty to dislike Rollins. Roman Reigns’ issues with Rollins go behind to final year. Monday’s Raw competence be focusing on a tragedy between Rollins’ dual challengers, though.

Credit: WWE.com

Wortman asks, “How will Reigns and Orton understanding with any other as this swarming WWE World Heavyweight Title strife approaches?”

That’s standard of Triple Threat matches: WWE wants to have all 3 group plentiful with bad blood for any other to make for a some-more sparkling bout.

Monday’s Raw will offer Rollins and Company, along with Cena and Rusev, copiousness of time to hype their matches, yet with only dual weeks left until Payback, count on a label flourishing by a finish of a night.

source ⦿ http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2453183-wwe-raw-potential-spoilers-rumors-news-and-preview-for-may-4

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