WWE Raw: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview for Oct 19

October 19, 2015 - WWE

When WWE Raw hits Dallas on Oct 19, a Hell in a Cell hype steer will collect adult vital speed.

WWE has to be anticipating that an underwhelming build transforms into a charging locomotive of movement by proceed of an all-hands-on-deck approach. Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker will be in a same building for a initial time given SummerSlam. A span of Hall of Famers will join them, boosting a night’s star power. 

Increasing Raw’s ratings after weeks of low numbers is going to be tough regardless of who is headed to American Airlines Center, though. WWE is competing opposite ball playoffs in serve to Monday Night Football

Regardless, WWE will be focused on compelling Hell in a Cell. That means combined passion between Lesnar and Undertaker, spotlight on Seth Rollins’ continued misadventures opposite Kane and whatever dim place a Roman Reigns-Bray Wyatt account is headed will all be on display.

As for what else to design on Monday’s Raw, backstage reports and James Wortman‘s five-point preview on WWE.com offer a good supply of insight.


Big Names in Big D

In serve to welcoming behind both Undertaker and Lesnar, WWE is bringing in Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels as special guests, as announced on WWE.com.

The final time WWE brought in a organisation of Hall of Famers like this was heading adult to final year’s SummerSlam. Flair, Michaels and Hulk Hogan collected to offer their takes on that pay-per-view’s categorical event. 

In his Raw preview, Wortman hinted that fans might see something identical in Dallas. He wrote, “Will a veterans import in on a anticipated Hell in a Cell Match between The Undertaker and Brock LesnarDo they have some participation strategies for Roman Reigns, who is scheming to step inside a scandalous structure for a initial time against Bray Wyatt?”

Regardless of what WWE has in mind for Flair and Michaels, their participation sets adult a star-studded Raw to convey Lesnar‘s entrance on Steve Austin’s podcast after a show.

As Daniel Pena noted for WrestlingInc.com, Austin was formerly advertised to be on Raw itself, as well. Stone Cold, though, is no longer on listings for a show.


News, Potential Spoilers

The Rusev-Lana-Summer Rae adore triangle veered in a bizarre instruction when WWE worked in Rusev and Lana’s real-life rendezvous into a story of Summer and Rusev‘s feign one.

Credit: WWE.com

There’s word that WWE might not be happy with The Bulgarian Brute for vouchsafing word trip of his attribute with Lana. According to F4WOnline (h/t Wrestle Zone), Monday will be “interesting” for a powerhouse, as he might humour recoil over a open inlet of his rendezvous to Lana.

It’s value observant that Rusev lost handily to Ryback final Monday and lost to Dolph Ziggler on final week’s SmackDown.

Adam Rose might not make it to Raw to ambience feat or defeat.

A flog to a conduct might have left him injured. Officials stopped his compare opposite Fandango during a live eventuality in Merida, Mexico, on Friday, after a blow. PWInsider.com’s Mike Johnson later reported, “Rose was hold out of yesterday’s WWE live eventuality in what we was told was a prevision due to regard about a concussion.”

Rose contended that he was fine:

Even if Rose is cleared, chances aren’t good he stairs into a ring. He hasn’t been used most on TV of late. His final compare on Raw came behind in June.

Tyler Breeze could be headed for some action, however. A new news suggested that Prince Pretty’s call-up is imminent.

Dave Meltzer wrote on F4WOnline, “I don’t know when he will strictly start on TV, other than it is ostensible to be unequivocally soon, though Tyler Breeze is now deliberate on a categorical roster. He could start this week nonetheless we was told it could be bumped a week or two.”

Pro Wrestling Torch’s James Caldwell noted that in serve to a large names entrance in, a advertised talent includes Randy Orton, Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Sheamus, The Wyatt Family, The New Day, The Dudley Boyz, Ziggler and Big Show.


Last Leg of Hell in a Cell Build

Before Reigns and Wyatt strife inside a Hell in a Cell, The Eater of Worlds apparently has something to share with his rival. After Reigns kick down Bo Dallas on final Thursday’s SmackDown, Wyatt seemed on a large screen, earnest to broach a “prophecy” on Monday night.

It’s tough to suppose that being anything earth-shattering. Still, it’s a acquire steer that WWE is restraining in SmackDown with Raw more, carrying events drain over from one uncover to a next.

Knowing Wyatt, his expectation might only be bluster, or it could come in a form of violence. 

Someone pounded Natalya backstage on SmackDown final week. She found herself stunned, on a floor, uncertain of who clobbered her.

That’s certain to be addressed on Monday’s Raw.

With as moving as things have been between her and Paige, that’s a apparent answer to who Natalya’s assailant was. Revealing that could potentially set adult a new matchup for Hell in a Cell.

The Director of Operations and a WWE universe heavyweight champ are certain to accommodate again on Monday. To this point, a challenger has had a top hand.

The latest instance came final week when Kane defeated Rollins in a Lumberjack match.

The Architect might be in for some-more bad news. For one, WWE has selected to provide a champ like a chump via this feud. Secondly, Wortman hinted during Kane remaining in control.

He wrote, “Will The Devil’s Favorite Demon emerge on Raw to serve torture ‘The Future of WWE‘?”

WWE has left a build for Undertaker vs. Lesnar III to a final minute. After SummerSlam, The Deadman retreated into a dark and Lesnar focused some-more on holding out Big Show. Now a association has one final Raw to holder adult a expectation for a collision.

That might engage another brawl. Wortman teased that probability when he asked, “Will we see The Beast and The Phenom rip any other apart, 6 nights private from their career-threatening quarrel within a revengeful steel?” 

After whatever happens between them, Lesnar is set to lay down with Stone Cold and plead Hell in a Cell. That talk is a whole other possibility to foster a fight.

Monday’s Raw promises to feel bigger than common with all a combined legends, though WWE has to step adult the storytelling game. The Hell in a Cell eventuality isn’t feeling scarcely as must-watch as it should.

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