WWE Raw: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview for Sept. 1

September 1, 2014 - WWE

The universe champ might have a Labor Day book of WWE Raw off, though John Cena will be operative to send another matter Brock Lesnar‘s way.

When WWE arrives during the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa, it will do so but The Beast Incarnate. It looks as if Cena will be a executive figure of Monday’s Raw, only as he was final week.

In further to a No. 1 contender to a WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Raw will prominence Paige, Roman Reigns and Randy Orton. A nationalistic manager might be display adult for a initial time given SummerSlam as well.

Twitter, backstage reports and James Wortman‘s five-point preview on WWE.com provides a glance of what to design on Monday’s Raw. The association will continue a tour to Night of Champions, aligning feuds and matches for a pay-per-view that is now only 3 weeks away. 

The movement starts during 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on USA Network. The Raw pre-show starts 30 mins before on a WWE Network.


News, Potential Spoilers

Sightings of Lesnar in a strength are going to be rare.

He showed adult around a pre-recorded video package final week. That might be a box again this time around. Per WWE.com, Lesnar is not advertised to be on Raw this week. 

According to a Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t FanSided.com), WWE will be airing Lesnar video promos for 3 weeks heading adult to Night of Champions. That would meant for this week and next, Lesnar fans will have to settle for video clips of him.

Lesnar is not listed to appear on any Raw until Sept. 15, per WWE.com.

In further to Lesnar, Monday’s Raw will be but Rob Van Dam. As PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reported, Van Dam “officially finished adult his latest cycle of dates” on final Friday’s SmackDown. If his new settlement holds, he’ll be out for a few months before creation another short-term run.

Fans won’t expected see many of R-Truth during a Wells Fargo Arena either. In an talk with JournalStar.com, he pronounced that he’s traffic with a shoulder damage and is now during “80-85 percent.”

That during slightest partially explains his minimal in-ring work as of late.

With him not being in a argument or in row for any title, there’s small reason to gaunt on him. He might be removing another Raw off.

Naomi has been blank newly too. She explained on Twitter that she’s now traffic with issues associated to a eye damage she suffered in February

Des Moines fans might see Zeb Colter lapse to Jack Swagger’s side. Colter has been out of steer given Rusev coldcocked him during SummerSlam. He had been wordless on Twitter from that occurrence until now.

Colter‘s tweeting “I have returned” could request to his managerial duties as well:

His lapse would be well-timed if it occurred on Monday’s Raw. Swagger’s argument with Bo Dallas is surpassing quickly as fans saw when a would-be motivational orator attacked Swagger during his hitch with Rusev on final Friday’s SmackDown.

Swagger’s going to need his spokesman behind to make a many of that rivalry.


Feuds Roll On, Night of Champions Card Gets Clearer

Orton will be Chris Jericho’s guest on a latest Highlight Reel segment. Wortman offers really small in a five-point preview in terms of what to design here.

Credit: WWE.com

It’s not transparent if Jericho and Bray Wyatt will get a rubber compare during Night of Champions. Last week, Wyatt was bustling getting steamrolled by Cena. Should Wyatt go unmentioned here, it will indicate to his argument with Jericho being over.

As for Orton, it’s not apparent where WWE is going with him, either. His stream opposition Reigns has now directed his ire during Seth Rollins. If that means that Rollins and Reigns are unfailing to hit during Night of Champions, where does that leave The Viper?

Who Orton calls out or who he brawls with during this shred will offer a vital idea as to what’s in store for him.

Wortman hints that Reigns and Rollins’ passion will continue to build when he asked, “Will we see Reigns get his hands on his former ‘brother’ Monday night?” That would also concede Reigns to pierce closer to a showdown with Triple H.

The COO alluded to potentially punishing Reigns for hurling a dust block during Rollins in his latest talk with Michael Cole:

AJ Lee and Paige’s bizarre argument is set to continue as well. The story maturation between them has featured ungainly hugs and missile chocolates. Monday’s Raw might assistance fans find out, as Wortman puts it, “just what a heck is going on between these ‘frenemies’?”

While it’s not an central compare yet, it’s transparent that WWE is environment adult for another AJ vs. Paige pretension hitch during Night of Champions.

Expect another worried assembly between champion and challenger on Monday’s Raw. That’s been a crux of this account so far.

Cena will expected be a star of a show. Last week, Cena ran by The Wyatt Family to announce to Lesnar that he would be no pushover during Night of Champions.

WWE doesn’t seem to be finished with creation Cena demeanour clever after removing trounced during SummerSlamWortman asks, “What will be Cena‘s subsequent summary to a WWE World Heavyweight Champion?”

That seems to indicate that someone else is in line for a beatdown from Cena as a association showcases a No. 1 contender’s assertive side.

Lesnar won’t be around for him to bellow at. That army Cena to do his cheering around Attitude Adjustments to whoever is detrimental adequate to have to face him.

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