WWE Raw: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview for Sep 28

September 28, 2015 - WWE

A struggling, stumbling Seth Rollins enters a final WWE Raw of Sep with both a beast and a corporate oppressor sport him down.

As WWE builds toward Hell in a Cell, Rollins finds himself outnumbered opposite dual rivals, usually as he did both streamer into and during Night of Champions. Only this time, he has to deflect off one man’s twin personae.

In revelation a story of Rollins colliding with Kane‘s dual change egos, can WWE finally stop pier a waste on him?

Rollins lost to Cena during Night of Champions and afterwards again on final Monday’s Raw. A daze from Kane led to Dean Ambrose’s pinning a WWE champ on Thursday’s SmackDown.

The fans inside a First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York, could good see a resurgent Rollins. WWE can’t presumably be scripting another better for him, right?

The association is in a singular position as it looks to foster dual shows during a same time. The stories maturation on Monday’s Raw will assistance hype both the live eventuality during Madison Square Garden this weekend and Hell in a Cell down a road.

As to what to design when WWE does usually that, an refurbish on Sting’s health, rumors of probable Hell in a Cell matches and James Wortman‘s five-point preview on WWE.com yield copiousness of glimpses into a future.


News, Potential Spoilers

The Vigilante didn’t seem as designed final week. WWE announced, as remarkable by F4WOnline, that Sting would make an proclamation on Raw. He did not, and he expected won’t anytime soon.

His conflict during Night of Champions left him hurt. Sting talked to Greg Adkins of WWE.com about a damage and his health, observant that he felt rawness and insensibility in both arms during his compare with Rollins, and that during one point, his legs “just felt like rubber.”

Credit: WWE.com

Sting also pronounced that during a doctors’ analysis after a match, they “mentioned cervical spinal stenosis, nonetheless that’s usually partial of what we heard.”

With an damage that frightful and his analysis still in progress, don’t count on Sting display up, even to announce his retirement. The concentration will be on a Madison Square Garden uncover and Hell in a Cell anyway, both presumably sans Sting.

What WWE reportedly has in mind for a latter uncover creates it easy to devise where a company’s concentration will be on Monday’s Raw. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t WrestleZone), reported that a following bouts are penciled in for a Hell in a Cell pay-per-view:

  • The New Day vs. The Dudley Boyz (Tables compare for Tag Team Championship)
  • Charlotte vs. Paige vs. Nikki Bella (Divas Championship)
  • Kane vs. Seth Rollins (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)
  • Ryback vs. Kevin Owens (Intercontinental Championship) 
  • Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Randy Orton vs. The Wyatt Family 

With those clashes on tap, fans can design Nikki, Paige and Charlotte to all adult their passion toward any other. Last week, it looked like Paige and Charlotte competence be streamer for a collision on their own, nonetheless differently Paige would expected take on Natalya.

If a rumored Divas pretension hitch stays WWE‘s plan, Natalya competence be some-more of a springboard for Paige. And Nikki won’t usually be going divided after losing her title.

If a final compare on a above list is in a works, we should design Orton’s issues with The Wyatt Family to continue and for him to emanate a bond of some arrange with a dual former members of The Shield.

JP Yim/Getty Images

Brock Lesnar, notwithstanding being a pretension act for Hell in a Cell and a male on a marquee for a uncover during Madison Square Garden as well, competence not be streamer to Buffalo.

As noted by James Caldwell of Pro Wrestling Torch, a advertised talent includes Rollins, John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus and Charlotte. Lesnar is not on that list.


Rivalries Intensifying

Whether or not Paige is streamer for a pretension compare in a nearby future, she will clearly have to understanding with a newly returned Natalya. After The Anti-Diva berated Charlotte on final week’s Raw, it was Natalya who admonished her actions backstage.

And when Paige delivered her feigned reparation to Charlotte on SmackDown a few days later, it was Natalya who finished adult holding a slap to a mouth.

One would assume afterwards that Natalya will have some payback soon. Wortman teased that probability when he wrote in his five-point preview, “How competence The Queen of Hearts retort opposite a ill-natured Paige?”

Orton competence be in a vengeance-seeking business come Monday night, too. After The Wyatt Family pounced on him a few weeks back, The Viper stood with Ambrose and Reigns in a brawl that non-stop Raw final week.

Moving forward, it looks like we can design some-more of that kind of assault between him and a Wyatt posse. Wortman wrote, “Should WWE‘s Apex Predator fear what these engulf monsters—especially Braun Strowman—are formulation next?” That certain sounds like a spirit that Strowman will be looking to make Orton his prey. 

Monday’s Raw promises to also continue a new tradition of Cena‘s job out anyone from a locker room to take a moment during his United States Championship.

Credit: WWE.com

In his first interview after winning behind a U.S. title, Cena talked about a belt being a pitch of event and removing right behind to work. That is most a same tongue he used when he hold a pretension a final time. Plus, Wortman asked, “Will Raw move a lapse of Cena‘s U.S. Open Challenge? If so, who is confidant adequate to face The Champ?

That’s a clever spirit that Cena will yield someone with an unpretentious possibility during bullion once again.

Fans are certain to get some-more Kane vs. Rollins. That was a biggest story of final week’s Raw. It finished adult spilling into SmackDown, too.

And after saying twice a volume of Rollins of late, with WWE operative him double, it is time to see twice a Kane. Both a corporate and masked versions of himself have their eyes on a champion.

It’s not accurately clear, though, either that is a outcome of mental illness or a intelligent plan. Wortman asked, “Is WWE‘s DOO pang from split-personality disorder, or is his function partial of a incomparable devise that has nonetheless to be revealed?” 

Expect WWE to fondle with that doubt for most of Monday’s Raw. Lots of Kane and a frightened Rollins using from him certainly doesn’t sound like a best approach to fight Monday Night Football for ratings, nonetheless that’s a devise a association seems to have in place. 

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