‘WWE Raw’ Recap: Kevin Owens Fights!

May 19, 2015 - WWE

If Daniel Bryan bummed everybody out final week by stepping down from enemy once again, NXT champ Kevin Owens single-handedly revived a WWE Universe by crashing John Cena’s U.S. Open Challenge shred on Monday night, going face-to-face with a 15-time universe champ then leaving him crumpled on a pad after a pop-up powerbomb.

Yeah, it was a impulse (one K.O. neglected to mentioned to me when we spoke to him progressing in a day), and while it’s tough to see past their ensuing compare during Elimination Chamber – that front live on WWE Network May 31 during 8 p.m. – there were a few other late-hour developments in what incited out to be a flattering prohibited cut of Monday-night action. But before holding that pizza embellishment any serve and watching that it did, in fact, deliver, here are a 5 pivotal things we took divided (in further to a common accompaniment of Twitter-friendly sidebar fodder) from a May 18 book of Raw.

5. Oh, Hello Paige
While a building still buzzed with KO fever, Paige put an astonishing fold in Naomi’s clearly unstoppable query to explain that fugitive Divas championship. After Tamina interfered in her cousin-in-law’s pretension compare with Nikki Bella, instigating a claim DQ and post-match melee, a twins’ aged enemy returned to save their hides. Well, arrange of. After dispatching of Naomina (why not?), Paige soon rammed Nikki’s face into a pad and wailed about relocating behind into “my house!” Heel/face ambiguity aside, this is as tighten to orderly disharmony as a women’s ranks have had in some time, and accurately what a division needs. Now maybe someone can rescue Natalya from station idly by her husband’s tab matches to play a part? She can even move a Mad Max get-up with her.

4. Take It Or Bo-Lieve It
If you’re like me (i.e. usually over 6 feet high and of Jewish descent), we were gratified with a outcome of Neville and King Barrett’s hitch during Payback. It seemed to lengthen their beef, that was good news for Neville and good enemy for a artist before famous as BNB (RIP). Alas, that was a classical bait-and-switch, as a storyline damage Neville engrossed on Sunday was a means to an finish for being served adult to Wade a following dusk and left fibbing out like a raise of skeleton for former NXT opposition Bo Dallas to collect at. It’s gotta be a tough tablet to swallow that, notwithstanding removing called adult good in allege of a new prodigy that sobriety unsuccessful to recall, Bray Wyatt’s baby bro is perplexing to keep gait with his once-and-again adversary’s duration rise. All of that could interpret to a constrained on-screen narrative, so prolonged as Dallas sticks to promos and beatdowns and steers divided from a explanation booth. That was tough.

3. Fine, I’ll Watch Elimination Chamber
Not that, professionally, there was an option. But even were that not so, and even yet we resent WWE’s refusal to give some of these Sunday-night special events a breather (and, furthermore, commend this for what it is: a exam to see how they do yet PPV providers as promote partners), I’d be in, dammit. If usually so most were during interest for a company’s bigger business plan with every marquee card. The tab dispute that manifested final night in a arise of New Day and Cesaro/Kidd’s rematch being called off (a foolish development) was a bit much, yet it was fun to see PTP finally charge a ring and will be good to see them behind in movement on May 31. Moreover, a idea of Sin Cara and Kalisto drifting around that structure conflicting New Day, Tyson and Cesaro is must-see things (let’s disremember Los Matadores and Ascension).

And while truly sad, a timing of Bryan leaving his pretension opens adult EC as a ideally legitimate approach to settle a new champ and open adult a story streamer into Money in a Bank from there. And sure, I’ll take a Heavyweight Championship superstar between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. We know who’ll win, yet we’re also guaranteed a peculiarity collision between dual guys who’ve unequivocally worked out their chemistry in front of a wrestling world’s biggest crowds. And, oh, yeah, John Cena holding on a certain NXT up-and-comer we usually profiled. Four physical, rarely thespian fights. This is what each pay-to-partake event should demeanour like, regardless of how we can entrance it and for how much.

2. Let’s Talk About Rusev
And how Lana should maybe pronounce less, given that Russian accent starts to relapse a longer she’s asked to lift a conversational segment, as she did while pleading with Rusev before removing berated and sent to a back. Never mind that. The genuine takeaways as it pertains to this span are these: Rusev did yet didn’t quit; Lana still hates Americans (but they adore her); Dolph Ziggler got a lick from a flattering lady as prerogative for bursting his conduct open 24 hours before squashing Stardust; Rusev clearly isn’t over his consistent companion, ’cause he got super-mad during Dolph and super-kicked him median to Georgia; and Lana eventually is now an upper-card Rosa Mendes, asked to drum adult dispute between a group by jolt a tail-feather here and there. Meh. Rusev vs. Ziggler is a good small pairing though, and can make a Bulgarian demeanour like a beast again while gripping Dolph precisely in his comfort section of hidden a uncover yet indispensably winning a day. Though vocalization of those who seized and conquered…

1. The Champ Is Here…and His Name Is Kevin Owens
Back in December, he got tongues wagging by decimating CJ Parker and sabotaging Sami Zayn in his NXT debut. Five months hence, he fundamentally pennyless a Internet by responding John Cena’s U.S. Open Challenge, usually to separate in a face of his “veteran” experience, decrease a choice to quarrel and afterwards sucker-punch and powerbomb him to hell, station atop a champ with arm lifted high (and foot on a U.S. strap). The biggest doubt outlines surrounding Owens’ willingness have had to do with articulate a pronounce as good as he physically steamrolls guys in-ring, yet a 15-year indie idol was damn prepared and not about to skip a kick going back-and-forth with a best there is. As it turns out, a area of a large locus competence usually advantage Owens’ aura some-more than a pressure-cooker of Full Sail. And that, my friends, is dynamite for WWE. In a interim, they’ve illuminated a glow underneath indeterminate fans on a blockade about subscribing to a Network before to Unstoppable and Elimination Chamber, that is a usually short-term idea that matters. Owens is merely one step closer to fulfilling a guarantee of a prolonged and studious journey.

Below a Belt:

  • Let’s not lessen John Cena’s purpose in stability to act as friendly envoy for NXT’s subsequent generation. What a guy.
  • Way to float that Daniel Bryan goodwill, Ryback?
  • Also, Big Guy: You don’t “like bullies?” Tell that to we circa 2014.
  • Lana’s personification a small quick and lax with that accent.
  • Shouldn’t JJ’s division have resulted in a DQ win for Ambrose?
  • Austin/Heyman will be a goodness. And maybe portends Brock’s return?
  • What on earth was that song over a Payback highlights?
  • PTP for a gold!
  • Is “I’m a scandalous line-jumper” some kind of drug talk?
  • Move of a Night: I favourite that small suplex Bray engineered on Ambrose from a center wire to outside.
  • Sign of a Night: Simple can be best, e.g. “You Suck!”
  • Line of a Night: Rusev, inadvertently invoking Billy Madison: “I pronounce your foolish langa-language!”
  • In Case You Fast-Forwarded Through Commercials: Hope Zabka got paid good for that. Is that Big E voicing over Arby’s ads? And we always did like that guy from Vegas.
  • Noticeable In Their Absence: Donde eres Reigns and Orton? And um, Mandaxel?

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