WWE Raw Results: Biggest Winners, Losers and Moments from Aug 25

August 27, 2014 - WWE

Following a finish dismantling during a hands of new WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar during SummerSlam, John Cena returned to Raw August 25 and was dynamic to send a summary to a Beast Incarnate.

Unfortunately for The Wyatt Family, it came during their expense.

Elsewhere on a show, Nikki Bella continued her pull for “Worst Sister Ever” honors as she berated Brie Bella in front of an general observation assembly afterwards physically assaulted her to a carol of boos.

Jack Swagger’s trials and tribulations clever as he squared off with Rusev in a night’s opener. He afterwards close Bo Dallas’ inspirational mouth—at slightest momentarily.

Stardust and Goldust‘s query to win a WWE Tag Team Championship took a dim spin as they brutally battered The Usos following a countout victory. What could their disfigured conflict meant for a rest of WWE?

While this week’s promote felt really many like a place hilt overall, there were elements that helped allege stories and put a spotlight on some of WWE‘s biggest and brightest stars.

They are a winners, and losers, from a Aug 25 partial of Monday Night Raw.


Winner: John Cena 

The authorization actor of World Wrestling Entertainment indispensable a clever bounce-back opening following his dispersion during a hands of Lesnar during SummerSlam. He got it, interjection to an intense, assertive opening opposite Bray Wyatt in a night’s categorical event.

First, he tossed Wyatt around a ring with brazen abandon, punishing a Eater of Worlds and withdrawal him dumbfounded following a fusillade of suplexes and unbending clotheslines. It usually got worse for Wyatt and supporters Luke Harper and Erick Rowan as they fell plant to Attitude Adjustments, pleasantness of a personality of a Cenation.

Cena looks some-more dynamic than ever and showed a side of himself fans are not all that informed with. It was a impression growth he desperately indispensable if he is to be viewed as a legitimate hazard to Lesnar‘s pretension reign.


Losers: The Wyatt Family 

As if a initial go-around with Cena was not already bad adequate for a cult-like faction, Monday’s Raw serve left Wyatt, Harper and Rowan in distant worse figure than they were before to their latest assembly with a former WWE World Heavyweight champion.

Wyatt was pummeled like an typical jobber, while Rowan and Harper stupidly and nonsensically stood by and watched. By a time they finally did something about Cena‘s dominance, it was too late. That they were so soundly tossed around a ring by a tip dog in all of sports celebration usually done a night significantly worse for a whole group.

Why WWE Creative has mislaid seductiveness in The Wyatt Family to a border that it has is a mystery.

Whether it came from Vince McMahon himself or there is simply some-more seductiveness in a likes of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, a preference has adversely influenced one of a hottest, many constrained acts a association has constructed in years.

If things stay a approach they are, WWE runs a risk of murdering any and all movement built by a contingent given a commencement of a year, withdrawal them to delight in a dim abyss that is a WWE midcard.


Winners: Stardust and Goldust

Face it: The final thing WWE indispensable was another kooky comedy act. Any power for Stardust and Goldust apropos another lavatory mangle tub of laughs finished Monday night as they showcased a dim side during a responsibility of tab champions The Usos.

After being pushed to a margin following a countout busted any possibility they had of capturing a titles, Goldust and Stardust assaulted a twin brothers, withdrawal them smashed and formulating questions about a remarkable change in demeanor.

The fact is, Goldust and Stardust have been undone and murderous given losing a tab titles to a New Age Outlaws final January. So many so that Cody Rhodes underwent a thespian mutation into a Stardust impression following what one can usually assume was a mental relapse of sorts.

It creates ideal clarity that they would be pushed to a corner and review to many some-more violent, dangerous methods in their query for tab group glory.

Considering a rather seared inlet of a tab division, a heel spin could really good freshen things adult and emanate some engaging matches in a weeks and months to come.


Loser: Natalya

After dual true victories over Paige final week, it seemed as yet a third-generation Hart family star was on her approach behind into Divas championship contention, maybe as a third celebration to a stream storyline involving a champion and AJ Lee.

That no longer appears to be a box following Monday’s Raw.

Despite a hard-fought compare with Paige and a intrepid bid on her part, Natalya suffered a Paige Turner and had her shoulders pinned to a mat.

It was a unsatisfactory outcome for Natalya and her fans, who have watched a learned in-ring aspirant be underutilized for years now.


Winner: Nikki Bella

After sketch critique from this author for her overacting final week, Nikki Bella done vital strides Monday night and came opposite as a healthy villain. She was impossibly unlikable during her promo and seemed distant some-more gentle on a microphone than she did 7 days earlier.

The throng response for a shred indicated that a people were distant some-more influenced by what Nikki was saying, that will usually assistance her feverishness when she finally takes to a ring for her compare with Brie.

To tip it all off, her conflict on Brie was utterly ferocious. She showed suitable charge and power as she battered divided during her sister and pulled her hair before being pulled off by Jerry Lawler.

It was a excellent opening that indicated a increasing bearing and brighter lights that a module is bringing her is not too many for a chubby beauty.


Winner: Jack Swagger

After appearing as yet he was on his approach behind down a ladder, Swagger took on a sincerely vast purpose Monday night, appearing in a match, a backstage shred and a post-match conflict all on a same broadcast.

His latest detriment to Rusev appears to have awakened a savage inside him. After being confronted by Dallas in a backstage area, he battered a inspirational star following his win over Kofi Kingston, laying him out with a belly-to-belly takedown.

Without Zeb Colter to assistance keep him over, it is needed that Swagger continue to rise with a assistance of WWE Creative or risk descending behind into irrelevancy earlier than later.

Monday night, he got a help. Whether that is a box going brazen is something to watch.

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