WWE Raw Results: Biggest Winners, Losers and Moments from Feb 23

February 24, 2015 - WWE

On a heels of a Fastlane pay-per-view, World Wrestling Entertainment rolled into Nashville, Tennessee, for a Feb 23 part of Monday Night Raw and squandered small time laying a grounds for WrestleMania 31.

Just 24 hours after earning a right to plea Brock Lesnar for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a biggest compare on a grandest theatre famous to sports-entertainment, Roman Reigns warranted a honour of opposition Daniel Bryan and released a warning to Lesnar around a champ’s advocate, Paul Heyman.

To top off a useful evening, he teamed with Bryan to collect adult a outrageous win over The Authority’s Seth Rollins and Randy Orton.

Speaking of The Viper, he returned to Raw for a initial time given Nov and inexplicably opted to react a coterie that was obliged for violence him down and withdrawal him sidelined for 3 months. Why he finished such a extraordinary decision, and when he reveals his master plan, stays to be seen, though what is certain is that there is an RKO in Rollins’ future. 

Bray Wyatt again targeted The Undertaker in his promo, stability a build to what should be a psychological fight by a time Mar 29 arrives.

Ryback, Curtis Axel and The Miz all announced their entries into a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro again got a final giggle over The Usos interjection to a innocent-no-more Natalya, Dolph Ziggler degraded WWE intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett in a non-title match, and The Prime Time Players dissapoint The Ascension usually one week after their astonishing reunion.

With Fastlane in a rearview counterpart and WrestleMania on a horizon, WWE constructed a uncover that addressed a infancy of a programs it seems vigilant on presenting during The Showcase of a Immortals.

Which Superstars emerged from Monday’s promote on a right track? Which are in unfortunate need of some movement as a biggest uncover of a year approaches?

Find out now with a winners and losers from a Feb 23 part of Raw.


Winner: John Cena

The face of WWE has warranted a repute of a Superstar who straddles a line of greatly critical and laughably over-the-top when he attempts to be indignant in his promos. Monday night, he was unusual as he addressed United States champion Rusev just 24 hours after losing to a Super-Athlete during Fastlane.

It was alright that Rusev ran down Cena, pursuit him a damaged aged male who went opposite his tenet and gave up. What was not fine was when The Bulgarian Brute and his Ravishing Russian manager, Lana, incited their courtesy to a United States.

Cena was ardent as he responded to Rusev‘s threats, finishing by melancholy to flog his donkey during WrestleMania.

There was no spirit of a smile, no misled bravado. Instead, it was a male station adult for himself, station adult for his nation and doing so in a face of a aspirant whose prevalence and drop are good documented. The miss of jokes, smirking and pandering to a throng helped with a altogether peculiarity of a segment.

As a module with Rusev continues on, identical performances from Cena will do as most for a immature Russian fugitive than any win ever could.


Loser: Bad News Barrett

It is roughly joyless to watch WWE‘s use of Bad News Barrett during this point.

The intercontinental champion continues to remove non-title matches opposite everybody from self-evident jobbers such as R-Truth and Sin Cara to Dolph Ziggler, who again degraded a Brit on Raw.

If that was not bad enough, Truth sat in on commentary, and Dean Ambrose seemed after a match, reminding fans that a stream champion has mislaid to them all during one indicate or another over a final month.

Superstars such as Ziggler and Luke Harper worked tough to move credit behind to a IC pretension late in 2014. To see a pretension taken off The Showoff and put on Barrett, usually for all of a legitimacy to be wiped divided by steady losses, is disappointing.

Even worse is to comprehend usually how badly WWE Creative has taken a impression like Bad News Barrett, who was so impossibly over final spring, and ripped him down to a indicate that he is a bombard of a persona that perplexed fans before to his latest injury.

For now, both Barrett and his championship might be attracting courtesy on a midcard, though it is roughly exclusively since of a challengers, not a champion.


Winner: Bray Wyatt

After months of slicing pretaped promos and picking adult wins over a likes of Dolph Ziggler in matches that unequivocally had no meaning, Bray Wyatt once again appears encouraged interjection to a tasty purpose as a latest challenger to The Undertaker.

At Fastlane, The Reaper of Souls mentioned a fact that The Deadman was a damaged man, a bombard of himself. It was a good proceed to follow adult on The Phenom’s detriment to Lesnar during final year’s WrestleMania. Now, though a crutch of The Streak storyline for WWE Creative to gaunt on, they indeed have to work to come adult with something fresh, strange and inestimable to remonstrate Undertaker to step behind inside a squared circle.

It appears that they have.

The “new face of fear” nickname that Wyatt has given himself is apropos. He has picked adult where The Deadman left off, implementing mind games and regulating darker images and strategy to manipulate and dominate his opponents. 

Wyatt is a one male who will not be influenced by Undertaker’s use of parlor tricks and theatricality, definition a mythological star will have to find a new proceed to proceed to a rivalry.

How he does that and if it succeeds stays to be seen, though over a past 48 hours, Wyatt has finished a pretentious pursuit of laying a grounds for a module that will positively be one of a top form on this year’s WrestleMania card.


Losers: The WWE Divas

Never before has WWE Creative and management’s disregard for a womanlike workers been some-more clear than Monday night’s Raw.

After underneath 30 seconds of action, Brie Bella pinned Emma to collect adult a large tab group feat for The Bella Twins over Paige and her Australian partner.

How is anyone approaching to caring about a performers, or a story they tell, when they have reduction than one notation to have a match? It is not usually impossibly unpleasant to put a women in that purpose though unpleasant to a assembly as well.

For WWE to advise to a fans that something is critical adequate to make it onto television, afterwards provide it and a performers a proceed it did Monday night, is ridiculous.

Paige and Emma are world-class veteran wrestlers, and The Bella Twins have finished extensive strides as workers over a final year. To be authorised so small time to have a match, a compare that is feasible meant to be a latest section in a story that will cap during WrestleMania, is unpropitious to all involved.

Perhaps Vince McMahon needs to take a demeanour during a product his son-in-law produces each Wednesday night if he wants an thought of what women are able of in 21st century sports-entertainment.

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