WWE Raw Results: Biggest Winners, Losers and Moments from Jul 6

July 7, 2015 - WWE

There is no other Superstar in wrestling who has been scrutinized for his ostensible miss of in-ring skill, afterwards left out and consistently delivered on a biggest stages possible than John Cena. Monday night on Raw, he entered Allstate Arena, home of some of his many outspoken and ardent detractors, and delivered another nearby classical opposite Cesaro in a night’s categorical event.

With a United States Championship on a line, Cena and a Swiss Superman kept a Chicago fans on a corner of their seats, delivering fake finishes and near falls until an Attitude Adjustment from a tip wire finished a challenger Cesaro’s night on a losing note.

Cena even thwarted a post-match conflict by Kevin Owens, many to a dismay of a former NXT champion.

The fans still booed him mercilessly, as they have a bent to do in a Windy City, yet a authorization actor again stepped adult and valid since he is a hardest-working male in a industry. 

And a biggest leader from a Jul 6 part of Raw.

Who else warranted a desired tag of “winner,” and who emerged from Raw a biggest losers, their night possibly busted by a muted opening or a creatively broke storyline?

Let’s take a look.


Winner: Rusev

After weeks of moping around like a mislaid puppy, a Bulgarian Brute reminded a WWE Universe since he is one of a many dangerous and mortal stars on a roster, demolishing Dolph Ziggler in a Grade A beatdown.

That he was means to mislay his walking foot is a good pointer in that it means a former United States champion is tighten to returning to in-ring competition.

The attack that he dealt to Ziggler was violent, heartless and totally fit a story being told. So undone was he by a detriment of Lana, he let his disappointment boil over to a indicate that he distant another male and forced him from a locus on a stretcher.

This did wonders to move an corner of earnest to a module that has felt too many like a high propagandize adore story rather than an intriguing storyline estimable of wrestling fans’ time and energy. And many of that was due to a power and charge demonstrated by Rusev.


Losers: Dean Ambrose and WWE Creative

Yes, a Lunatic Fringe scored a large win over Bo Dallas, yet he once again finds himself mislaid in a shuffle. 

For someone so impossibly popular, Dean Ambrose continues to find himself during a forgiveness of WWE Creative. Too often, he has been exhilarated up, afterwards cooled down as a essay staff struggles to consistently come adult with things for him to do.

That is a extensive complaint given a fact that Ambrose is a many over man on a roster. Instead of being cemented as one of a dual or 3 biggest babyfaces on a register following his module with Seth Rollins, Ambrose again has nowhere to go and zero to do.

In many ways, it feels as yet WWE Creative has no thought how to use him when he is not hostile The Authority. And therein lies a vital problem. Right now, a essay staff knows usually one story—and that story revolves around Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

To maximize a talents of guys like Ambrose, Superstars who find themselves on a treadmill of sorts when it comes to booking, a writers contingency be creative, contingency tell stories and contingency get a comprehensive many out of a talents they have during their disposal; otherwise, certain wrestlers risk wasting their primary years on incomprehensible matches and angles that no one will remember since they did not engage a big, bad Authority.


Winner: Brock Lesnar

After what was a stupid, fallacious and absurd beatdown angle a few weeks back, Brock Lesnar returned to Raw Monday night and was full of ire and fury as he stalked after WWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins.

Alas, he did not get his hands on a Architect yet broken a Cadillac that was presented to JJ Security as a gift, ripping a doorway off of a car and tossing it several feet in a other direction. It was a perfection of a good shred that positively has fans vehement to see a Beast Incarnate get his hands on a slimy, opportunistic champion during Battleground.

The biggest box-office pull a association has during this point, there is something about Lesnar‘s appearances on Raw that move a legitimacy and credit to a product that others simply do not. He helps move definition to shows, as was a box Monday night. Without him and his drop of a vehicle, a promote would have been another labyrinth three-hour snooze-fest.


Loser: Brie Bella

Whereas sister Nikki has grown into one of a many softened wrestlers of a year, Brie Bella has spent 2015 removing gradually worse.

Her offense does not demeanour like it could harm a fly, and that hurts a peculiarity of her matches. She looks extravagantly inexperienced, like a visitor fearful they might harm a chairman they are operative with. It showed Monday night during her compare with Paige, not to discuss this past Thursday when she worked Naomi in singles competition.

Perhaps examination all her husband, Daniel Bryan, has left by with his injuries, that were during slightest partially caused by a high-impact character he incorporates, has done her some-more cautious. Whatever a box might be, she looks distressed and has clearly been a misfortune wrestler in a ring whenever she has competed over a final few months.

A grill cry from a finish of 2014, when she was building into a good worker.

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