WWE Raw Results: Biggest Winners, Losers and Moments from May 25

May 26, 2015 - WWE

When Kevin Owens stepped by a screen for a initial time, creation his entrance for NXT late in 2014, few could have illusory a outcome he would have on WWE programming usually 6 months later. 

The stream NXT champion is simply a many well-booked Superstar on a whole roster, winning and spiteful each foe detrimental adequate to set feet inside a squared round with him. At Elimination Chamber, he has a event to explain his highest-profile plant to date when he battles United States champion John Cena one-on-one.

Monday night, a indeterminate Owens pounded a authorization actor of WWE, withdrawal a personality of a Cenation fibbing and station over him, a NXT beyond and a U.S. pretension underneath his foot.

For a second time, WWE Creative had adequate faith and trust in Owens to lift his finish of a understanding that a writers had him leave a many tangible star in a attention fibbing following his heading pop-up powerbomb finisher.

That a fans reacted as agreeably as they did to a conflict by Owens indicates that a sense will not usually interpret good from NXT to a categorical roster—it will flower on Monday and Thursday nights.

Just 6 days divided from his initial event to wow fans on a WWE pay-per-view broadcast, Owens was a biggest leader on a May 25 part of Raw.

Who assimilated him and that Superstars unsuccessful to make an sense as they rigging adult to enter a ruin that is a Elimination Chamber?

Find out now with this demeanour during a biggest winners and losers from Monday night’s broadcast.


Winner: Rusev

No one has softened some-more from his entrance to this indicate than Rusev.

From his in-ring work to his promos—and, many recently, his facial expressions and physique language—the Bulgarian Brute has grown into a finish performer, as evidenced by what fans witnessed Monday night during his promo time with Lana.

In one 10-minute promo, he displayed desperation, sadness, disappointment and annoy as Lana walked out on him and kissed Dolph Ziggler for a third time in dual weeks.

The regard for a Rusev sense in a arise of 3 true waste to John Cena and his separate from Lana is legitimate. But as prolonged as he can continue proof himself as a performer as good as a wrestler, there will always be room for a super-athlete somewhere of aptitude in WWE.


Loser: Tamina

In 2012, Tamina warranted vicious commend for her work with Beth Phoenix, and for a initial time, it looked like she was on her approach to achieving good things in WWE.

Fast brazen 3 years and a few injuries later, and a daughter of Jimmy Snuka is a bombard of a performer she once was.

Monday night, she looked totally out of place as she battled Paige in singles competition. The compare was slow, incongruous and Tamina never looked like she should be doing any some-more than providing distractions and removing inexpensive feverishness during ringside.

It was a second uninterrupted time that she seemed out of place, a other entrance during Payback.

While she has been effective as a bodyguard for both Naomi and AJ Lee, maybe it is time to cruise a fact that Tamina is improved off left during ringside than inside a squared round during this indicate in her career.


Loser: R-Truth

R-Truth has achieved so small over a final year that it is always a warn when he is entered into a high-profile compare in that a championship is during stake. He spends many of his time as a jobber to a stars, so a thought that he is in pretension row is always a bit comical.

Not even WWE Creative attempted to remonstrate fans that he had a snowball’s possibility in ruin of winning a intercontinental pretension this weekend, as he was entirely demolished by Rusev in reduction than dual minutes.

Now, Truth enters a compare involving some of a many distinguished midcard acts in a association a sitting duck, with no possibility of withdrawal victorious.

And a association wonders because fans will never, ever take him severely as a hazard to any championship or prestigious respect again.


Winner: Bo Dallas

After pang a feet damage and disintegrating from radio screens late in 2014, Bo Dallas returned to WWE and wallowed divided in his possess irrelevancy. He suffered beatings during a hands of higher-profile competitors and did small of note until channel paths with associate NXT alumnus Neville usually a few brief weeks ago.

Since then, they have been on a collision march and, as fans found out Monday night, will accommodate during Elimination Chamber in one-on-one competition.

While Neville has been on a hurl as of late, a pay-per-view compare is a outrageous event for Dallas to recover most of a movement he mislaid final year. It is rarely doubtful he walks divided victoriously, though a clever opening could assistance locate a eye of government and revive some of a good will he had built adult with WWE executives before to a feet damage that sidelined him.


Winner: Lana

The Ravishing Russian has been positively unusual in new weeks, personification a purpose of sensitive Diva to Rusev‘s overwhelming, determining associate. Monday night, she incited a tables, proof she can be a clever lady who does not need a male to tell her what to do or how to be.

The best actor/actress on a register by far, she showed good self-assurance and certainty in her opening as she stood adult for herself, afterwards quietly walked divided from a mad Rusev.

Confirmation of her efficacy in a purpose came around a howling acclaim she perceived from a crowd.

And do not forget a small things Lana did early in a shred to advise that she was eccentric of her former charge, such as refusing to enter a ring by a ropes he hold open for her, opting to step by on her possess instead.

While a onscreen pairing with Dolph Ziggler has separate a audience, there is no denying that Lana can (and should) be a dermatitis star by a time SummerSlam arrives if WWE Creative allows her to be.

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