WWE Raw Results: Biggest Winners, Losers and Moments from Sep 28

September 29, 2015 - WWE

The Sep 28 part of Raw featured WWE Creative limping into what should be a outrageous live eventuality special from Madison Square Garden with an part of Raw that could usually be deliberate walking during best.

There was really small in a approach of urgency, with usually Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show receiving any arrange of hype before to this weekend’s show. That there was no other compare announced aside from The New Day fortifying a WWE Tag Team Championships opposite The Dudley Boyz usually harm a hum for a uncover that has differently been promoted heavily on a WWE Network.

The miss of estimable hype for Saturday’s uncover was frequency a biggest emanate with Monday’s event.

There was a finish miss of course for any of a ongoing feuds.

Kane continued to play mind games with Seth Rollins, The New Day continued to provoke a tip babyfaces with their ubiquitous repulsive ways, a Divas Revolution was again weighed down by a same uncertain characters that have been a debility given day one, and finally, Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt squared off in a compare that had an electric final few mins yet did zero to serve a adversary between a two.

WWE Creative unsuccessful a fans on a night when a association desperately indispensable a blow-away uncover in sequence to inject some appetite behind into a product, creation a writers a biggest losers of a night.

Which Superstars and Divas assimilated them, and that were means to surpass notwithstanding muted storytelling?


Loser: Charlotte

The Divas champion continued to be overshadowed by some-more over and engaging characters Monday night, carrying a spotlight taken off her and put on others concerned in a supposed Divas Revolution that has ceaselessly been drilled into a minds of fans by commentators.

Both Paige and Nikki Bella took core theatre Monday, a latter scoring a pinfall feat over Charlotte and presumably environment herself adult as a No. 1 contender for a Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

The fact a stream champion’s impression is nonexistent does not help. Simply being “Ric Flair’s daughter” will usually acquire her so many goodwill with a assembly before she is forced to make a name for herself, something Charlotte has not been asked to do to this point.

That contingency change, or fans will reject a one-dimensional persona in preference of Paige’s anti-Diva opinion or even Nikki’s selfish prima donna heel.


Winners: Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt

WWE Creative might not have modernized a rivalry, yet that does not meant Reigns and Wyatt did not broach a illusory fight to tighten out Raw, culminating in dual extensive spots that left a ringside area broken and a fans chanting “Yes!” in unison.

Bray’s tackle of Reigns by a timekeeper’s position might have been an overwhelming sight, yet Reigns one-upped him seconds after with his grand stalk by a announce table.

The dual spots, not to discuss all of a furious and pell-mell combative by a arena, elicited a biggest greeting of a night and suggests maybe a fans wish to see some-more of a same rather than a watered-down, family-friendly product they have been unprotected to in new years.

By no means is that a call for a lapse of a Attitude Era. Instead, it is some-more like a call for WWE to put some some-more bid into crafting a segments than a “guy wrestles guy, other man distracts his opposition during ringside” regulation it has leaned on for a final 5 years.

Reigns and Wyatt tore a residence down, and for that, they are this week’s biggest winners.


Loser: King Barrett

It would be easy to contend Barrett’s lapse Monday night and post-match promo advise he is in for large things, yet a WWE Universe has been subjected to a same nonsense when it comes to Barrett for so prolonged that there is no reason to trust this time will be any different.

He has been pushed, afterwards de-pushed and shoved right behind into a deformed disaster that is a WWE midcard so many times that engagement him strongly usually serves to serve defect and perplex fans who commend Barrett’s talent and party value as distant larger than what WWE Creative does.

It was good to see a 2015 King of a Ring lapse with such a clever angle, laying out both of a organisation he had been concerned with in a storyline before to his hiatus, yet until this author is valid wrong, Barrett will sojourn an undisputed loser.


Winners: The New Day

If it was not transparent before that The New Day is strictly on Vince McMahon’s radar, it was Monday night when Xavier Woods answered John Cena‘s United States Championship Open Challenge. Moments after that hitch finished in a DQ, Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E wrestled a high-profile six-man tab organisation compare opposite Cena and The Dudley Boyz.

That is right; a whole initial 30 mins of a promote were centered around a mean trio.

The New Day has been among a many interesting elements of Raw and SmackDown for months, and it is good to see government was holding notice.

To equivocate finale adult on a loser’s side of things, though, it will be needed a members of a organisation continue to be authorised to be themselves rather than being poked and prodded at, molded and altered by a essay staff to a indicate they turn caricatures rather than characters.

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