WWE Raw results: Goldberg bleeds, Seth Rollins out of Royal Rumble match

January 24, 2017 - WWE

The Raw before a large WWE pay-per-view customarily includes a turn or two, and Monday night was no opposite with a large showdown to tighten a uncover and Seth Rollins losing his mark in a Royal Rumble compare within a initial hour of a program.

Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon put Rollins’ mark in a compare adult for grabs in a compare with Sami Zayn, and nonetheless Rollins looked to have a feat in hand, it would not be that easy. Instead, after attack Zayn with a Pedigree on a ring apron, Rollins was dreaming as Triple H’s song hit. When Triple H never appeared, Rollins incited around to cover Zayn though was instead rolled adult in a tiny package for a 1-2-3.

While Monday night’s outcome takes one of a many renouned superstars in a association out of one of a premier matches usually 6 days before a Royal Rumble pay-per-view, it does allege a vital storyline of Rollins once again being screwed over by Triple H and his wife. It began with Triple H interfering in a concept pretension compare on interest of Kevin Owens, who has nonetheless to relinquish a belt, and has continued with Rollins being denied opportunities to explain a title.

This latest growth truly puts a WrestleMania 33 compare between Rollins and Triple H into motion, and it could get another boost on Sunday during a Royal Rumble should Rollins somehow meddle in a 30-man over-the-top-rope rejecting match. There’s still a ways to go from here — scarcely 3 months, in fact — so ready for some-more twists and turns on a Road to WrestleMania.

Check out a rest of a formula from Monday night — including a Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker fight — and strike us behind here during CBSSports.com on Sunday for live coverage of a Royal Rumble pay-per-view commencement during 7 p.m. ET.

Raw results

Raw non-stop with a fight between Roman Reigns, concept champion Kevin Owens and United States champion Chris Jericho. The outcome was a rematch between Jericho and Reigns for a U.S. pretension after in a show.

Luke Gallows def. Cesaro around pinfall: With a dual teams they paint squaring off during a Royal Rumble for a tab group titles (on a kickoff uncover in a compare with dual referees), a singles compare here was not a warn and enclosed interference, as one would expect.

A promo package aired featuring Bayley being interviewed by Corey Graves about her compare with women’s champion Charlotte Flair during a Royal Rumble. It played adult a customary storyline of Bayley being an loser who grew adult wanting zero some-more than to reason a women’s title. Flair is 15-0 in pay-per-view pretension defenses.

Sami Zayn def. Seth Rollins around pinfall (Royal Rumble mark on a line): A somewhat-surprising finish though positively an intriguing one, as mentioned above. The compare itself threw some significance into a Royal Rumble as both group were fighting for a spot, and it gave some additional credit to Zayn for not usually going blow-for-blow with Rollins though pulling out a win.

Mustafa Ali, TJ Perkins, Jack Gallagher def. Ariya Daivari, Tony Nese, Drew Gulak around pinfall: Ali strike Gulak with a retreat 450 — an considerable pierce — to bind a victory.

Braun Strowman, Titus O’Neil, Rusev, Jinder Mahal def. Enzo Amore, Big Cass, Kofi Kingston, Big E around pinfall: There was copiousness of jawing before a match, though once a movement began, it was your customary eight-man tab fare. Since Strowman was in a match, it was utterly apparent he would get a pinfall, generally with Amore in there to do a pursuit as always.

Big Show, looking utterly slim, finished his lapse during a finish of a match. He finished a beeline for a ring and stood toe-to-toe with Strowman, staring him down until a up-and-coming luminary left a ring.

Roman Reigns def. Chris Jericho (c) around suspension (United States Championship): Owens began a compare sitting in on commentary, though once it looked like Jericho was on his approach to losing, he ran down to a ring and interfered for a DQ. Owens and Jericho double-teamed Reigns and shoved him into a shark cage, that had been lowered to a ring. Fortunately for Reigns, they did not tighten a cage; he fought his approach out and sealed Owens inside. Owens shortly ascended to a rafters as Reigns took out Jericho.

After returning from blurb break, Owens was sensitive that his concept pretension compare with Reigns during a Royal Rumble would be fought underneath no suspension rules. As formerly announced, Jericho will be trapped in a shark enclosure above a ring during a match.

The second half of Graves’ women’s championship compare talk aired. Flair stranded to her normal slight of not being bashful about a china ladle she perceived into a attention and let it be famous that she will continue to power as a best wrestler — masculine or womanlike — in a company.

Nia Jax def. Ray Lyn around pinfall: The squish compare lasted 30 seconds. Jax taunted Sasha Banks, whom she knocked out of competition, afterward. Banks hobbled to a ring after that, strike Jax with her singular crutch mixed times and wound adult holding down a lady three-times her distance notwithstanding being on one leg.

WWE aired another “Makeover of Emma to Emmalina” vignette, that has been “coming soon” for about 3 months now. It’s utterly apparent she will make her reintroduction after a Royal Rumble, though WWE has finished an awful pursuit with a new impression that is certain to totally tumble prosaic once it appears.

Rich Swann (c) def. Noam Dar pinfall: Swann’s cruiserweight championship was not adult for grabs in a match. It would have finished no clarity for Swann to remove with a pretension compare entrance adult Sunday. Swann called Neville, his challenger during a Royal Rumble, out to a ring and pounded him quickly after Neville pretentious like he would enter a squared circle.

No one even had to hold Goldberg for him to drain Monday.

Goldberg strike a ring to tighten out a uncover and give one final promo for a Royal Rumble. He had a cut on his conduct from a second he stepped out of a locker room — Goldberg famously bangs his conduct on a doorway before to withdrawal his sauce room — and immediately started stumbling over his difference once he entered a ring before component himself. “I will stop during zero to get that WWE concept championship,” he said. “If that means we have to Spear and Jackhammer 29 other guys on Sunday, that’s what I’ll do.”

Right after that statement, Paul Heyman interrupted him and hyped adult a uncover before introducing Brock Lesnar, who finished a warn coming after many suspicion his final promo coming was on final week’s Raw. Once Heyman stopped speaking, Goldberg challenged Lesnar to come to a ring, that he did. Just as that happened, The Undertaker’s song hit, and unexpected a 3 group were staring during any other with Taker’s song personification as Raw went off a air.

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