WWE Raw results: Lesnar flattens Goldberg, Undertaker chokeslams Roman Reigns

March 7, 2017 - WWE

What a disproportion 24 hours can make in a life of a pro wrestling viewer.

One night after a unsatisfactory spin of events during WWE Fastlane, Monday’s part of Raw was impassioned and wild, all in front of a typically boisterous Chicago crowd. And with reduction than 30 days until WrestleMania 33 on Sunday, Apr 2 in Orlando, Florida, usually about all of a vital participants on a Raw side have been accounted for during this indicate … interjection to The Undertaker’s lapse in a final shred of a show.

The Deadman returned to a large cocktail during Raw’s final shred to miscarry what looked to be a delay of a Roman Reigns-Braun Strowman feud, that began with Strowman job out Reigns usually to hear The Undertaker’s song strike instead.

Forgiving for a impulse how diseased Strowman was requisitioned in uninterrupted nights — he finished Raw by exiting a ring (and presumably a angle in general) out of fear or honour as The Undertaker entered — a doorway was non-stop for Reigns to pile-up a celebration to a smattering of boos.

Business fast picked adult as Reigns’ try during revelation The Undertaker to mind his possess business was met with a chokeslam and an impactful provoke that maybe — usually maybe — a loyal heel spin for Reigns competence be in a cards.

While not all a WWE overwhelmed on Monday incited to gold, there was positively no miss for perplexing as Brock Lesnar planted a chilling F5 on newly crowned concept champion Goldberg and former best friends Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens ensured their evidence would cap in a head-to-head event during WrestleMania 33.

Check out a full formula from Monday night, including a large exhibit during a WrestleMania skeleton for a Raw women’s division.

WWE Raw results

Confrontation — Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens: Raw non-stop with Jericho explaining since he interfered in a concept pretension compare during Fastlane before job out Owens to ask, simply, since Owens incited on him a few weeks ago on Raw. After some back-and-forth with Owens claiming Jericho was never indeed his best friend, Jericho challenged Owens to a compare during WrestleMania, that Owens supposed as prolonged as Jericho put a United States championship on a line. Y2J was happy to oblige. A quarrel shortly began inside a ring, and Samoa Joe ran in to support Owens in double-teaming Jericho before Sami Zayn came down to even things out. Weak chair shots from Jericho valid to be a usually low impulse of a segment.

Kevin Owens def. Sami Zayn around pinfall: Joined in swell after commercial, a former best friends continued their debate of loathing with another earthy and heated match. Zayn contributed a match’s best mark by leaping over a referee’s conduct to transparent a tip wire with a ideal Tope Con Hilo onto Owens. But KO would get his punish in a large way, sandwiching a span of pop-up powerbombs with a infamous pump-handle suplex that finished with Owens dropping a behind of Zayn’s conduct onto his knee.

Cruiserweight Championship — Neville (c) def. Rich Swann around acquiescence to keep a title: Former champion Swann invoked his rematch proviso one night after Neville survived Jack Gallagher in a hellacious pretension defense. This one was high appetite with a pay-per-view feel throughout. Swann landed a honeyed Swann-ton off a tip wire and onto a floor, and he after strike a Michinoku motorist for two. Neville countered with a superplex. After Swann missed a Phoenix Splash late, Neville slapped on his Rings of Saturn acquiescence for a daub out victory.

Austin Aries earnings to action: After a match, Neville was interviewed inside a ring by Aries, who has spent his time divided from a ring doing explanation for a cruiserweight division. Neville proclaimed, “There is nobody on ‘205 Live’ that binds a candle to a aristocrat of a cruiserweights.” After Aries asked him to clarify, Neville incited adult his heel persona, melancholy to re-break Aries’ orbital socket. The response from Aries was strong, as he floored him with a microphone to a face before joining with a discus punch to send Neville out of a ring.

Tag group rabble speak backstage: Enzo Amore Big Cass got into it with Cesaro Sheamus backstage. An vehement Amore let lax with, “I clarity a small sass there, Cesaro. No need to get your pepperoni pizza boobs all in a twist, Little Caesar.” Amore and Cass were set for a rematch of their tab group championship compare from Fastlane after on Raw due to a argumentative finish.

Confrontation — Goldberg and Brock Lesnar: Goldberg entered a ring for a initial time wearing his new concept championship. After thanking a throng and proclaiming himself “a shamed man,” Paul Heyman interrupted a debate to deliver Brock Lesnar, observant a Beast Incarnate usually wished to shake Goldberg’s hand. Heyman continued to diatribe as Goldberg and Lesnar stared any other down during tighten range. After Heyman resolved by referring to Goldberg as Lesnar’s “bitch,” Goldberg’s courtesy was incited for a impulse giving Lesnar a ability to warn his WrestleMania competition with an impactful F5 before walking away.

Raw Tag Team Championship — Luke Gallows Karl Anderson (c) def. Enzo Amore Big Cass around suspension to keep a titles: With Cesaro Sheamus (hot coffee in hand) during ringside to confuse a faces, a compare eventually incited into a m�lange involving all 6 and a suspension win for a champions. Amore ate a utterly unbending Brogue Kick from Sheamus to finish matters. After commercial, Raw ubiquitous manager Mick Foley pennyless adult a backstage evidence between a non-champions and announced a compare subsequent week on Raw between Amore Cass conflicting Cesaro Sheamus with a winners confronting Gallows and Anderson for a titles during WrestleMania. 

Akira Tozawa def. Ariya Daivari around pinfall: Good showcase compare to put over Tozawa, who landed his self-murder dive conduct boundary outward of a ring and his pleasing snap German suplex (complete with bridge) to record a pin. After a match, Tozawa called out The Brian Kendrick, who quickly seemed and challenged him to compare on Tuesday’s part of “205 Live.”

The New Day def. The Shining Stars around pinfall: Brief squish compare for The New Day, that spent some-more time pedaling ice cream before a compare than putting divided Primo and Epico.

Confrontation — Raw women’s championship: Foley and Bayley discussed in a ring whom she should urge her pretension conflicting during WrestleMania. Sasha Banks came out initial to state her case, though Charlotte Flair was not distant behind. Before long, commissioner Stephanie McMahon finished a discourse by determining Flair would get another rematch during WrestleMania. She also relented and gave Banks an event to make a compare a triple hazard event … as prolonged as she could better Bayley one-on-one.

Sasha Banks def. Bayley around acquiescence to pierce on to WrestleMania: Decent storytelling in this one as a loyalty between a dual solemnly devolved a some-more Banks teased her healthy heel persona. The match, unfortunately, usually wasn’t that good. In a end, Flair and Dana Brooke crashed a celebration and dreaming a referee, usually for Banks to flog off Flair’s attempts during division and force Bayley to daub out to a Banks Statement. Flair pounded Banks immediately after a match.

Video packages — Seth Rollins rehab, Triple H interview: Rollins’ liberation from his knee damage was showcased and followed immediately by Triple H in a satellite talk conflicting Michael Cole. Triple H finished his diatribe by melancholy Rollins: “If we uncover adult during WrestleMania, it will be a final thing we ever do in a WWE ring.”

Samoa Joe def. Chris Jericho around countout: Another widespread bid from Joe ends with a Coquina Clutch practical outward a ring on a locus floor. With a arbitrate administering a count, Joe rolled behind in usually in time to record a victory. He mislaid a apportionment of his heat, however, when Jericho came behind to life to strike a Codebreaker after a match.

Confrontation — The Undertaker returns, squares off with Roman Reigns: Strowman entered a ring for a final shred and called out Reigns for a fight. Just as Reigns’ song hit, The Undertaker’s drum sounded and unexpected his length opening was on. Taker’s lapse was met with outrageous cheers, and once he entered a ring, Strowman exited. After Reigns’ song strike again, he entered a ring to clearly put The Undertaker in his place. “Braun wasn’t job we out here, Deadman, he called me. So with all due respect, this is my yard now,” Reigns said. The Undertaker stared him down, delivered a chokeslam and walked off. Cole exclaimed, “This is what WrestleMania deteriorate is all about!”

WWE Raw superlatives

Move of a night: No one utterly raises a skill value on Raw like Lesnar when he earnings from a privacy of his part-time WWE report to make an impact on Monday nights. His F5 of Goldberg left utterly a durability picture and noted a overwhelming spin in movement within their rivalry.

Line of a night: “Let’s be honest, Kevin Owens had it entrance since 3 weeks ago during a Festival of Friendship, he tricked me. He incited on me; he ripped my heart out. He took his blade and he stabbed it into a behind of Jericho. And he … spin it in, man.” — Chris Jericho  

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