WWE Raw results, recap: Big Show driven by steel cage, Cena-Reigns stays hot

September 5, 2017 - WWE

For as impassioned as Raw has been in a weeks that followed SummerSlam, Monday’s part took a bit of a step behind in terms of altogether quality. The good news is that it wasn’t by much.  

At a really least, Raw succeeded in providing 3 hours of interesting calm even if a shred or dual underdelivered what was probable entrance in. The good news stays that as a NFL deteriorate creeps ever so closely and threatens to move legitimate foe on Monday nights, WWE doesn’t seem to be mailing it in.  

Monday continued a clever build to No Mercy with new wrinkles, utterly in a women’s division, section dual of a John Cena-Roman Reigns quarrel of difference and a sign about since there might not be anyone else like Braun Strowman in all of veteran wrestling.  

Cena, Reigns trade barbs, Part II 

Reigns came out to verbally take down Cena moments after his sparkling feat over Jason Jordan to open a show, criticizing Cena for not finishing Jordan off quicker. Reigns afterwards upped a ante by fighting off “what” chants from a throng to call Cena “a lying, fake-ass small bitch.”  

An ungainly method followed that might have been a segment’s prominence in a end. Cena called out Reigns for carrying his fly down, and Reigns claimed he instead “busted it, actually” while referring to himself as “Big Dog.” “Sorry, we was only looking for your balls, though we ain’t got none,” Cena jabbed. Reigns answered by saying, “You would be looking for those.” 

Cena, who pronounced he doesn’t honour Reigns, sealed his diatribe by job him a “conceited golden child who needs to be taught a doctrine in respect.” But when Cena incited down Reigns’ offer to quarrel that moment, Reigns pronounced Cena is all talk. “That’s since we don’t honour you,” Reigns pronounced before dropping a microphone and walking away.

This one had many of a same appetite and feverishness as their warn promo conflict from one week ago though unfortunately not a same turn of clever essay to have a identical impact. Still, Reigns delivered a calm good to win behind a better he took a week before, and a continued provoke of not saying both tip superstars indeed hold any other brazen of No Mercy creates this anticipation matchup feel additional special.

Strowman’s beast build continues 

With concept champion Brock Lesnar holding a week off from building toward their compare during No Mercy, Strowman reignited an aged evidence with Big Show in a steel enclosure categorical event. The outcome was another clever step brazen in a successful build of “The Monster Among Men” as a singular and unbeatable force.  

Strowman benefited severely from a unstinting offering of Big Show to yield Raw with a earthy and interesting categorical event. But a consistent reminders of their Apr compare — one that saw a ring raze on a impact of Strowman’s superplex — valid to be zero some-more than a provoke that a repeat was in store during a compare (thanks to a double-reinforced ring).  After a match, however, Strowman had one some-more pretence adult his sleeve.

Strowman strike his using energy impact for a 1-2-3, cut a promo on Lesnar and afterwards took out a Big Show once more. “This right here is your destiny and cave is apropos a new concept champion,” Strowman said. “It’s time to put we out to pasture, aged man.” Strowman afterwards picked a hulk adult once some-more and tossed him head-first into a enclosure wall, that pennyless on impact.

Despite a many aroused and noted highlights Strowman has supposing Raw given apropos a viable categorical eventuality star this calendar year, a visible of a damaged Big Show crashing by a enclosure wall left utterly an impact. Strowman needs to be in clever care for any fabulous year-end many profitable actor awards when all is pronounced and finished for WWE in 2017.

Women’s pretension design gets crowded 

An early backstage evidence between Nia Jax and ubiquitous manager Kurt Angle was interrupted by Emma as both women were dissapoint that Sasha Banks had activated her pretension rematch proviso opposite champion Alexa Bliss. Angle’s resolution to keep everybody happy? He requisitioned a tab group compare on Raw involving all 4 with a combined chapter that a feat from Jax and Emma would meant a Fatal 4-Way pretension compare during No Mercy.

Despite Banks and Bliss checking their egos during a doorway prolonged adequate to furnish clever chemistry as a tab group duo, Jax’s distance and energy was too many to overcome. Jax steamrolled Bliss after a late tab and scarcely scored a pin until Banks done a save. Jax afterwards kick down Banks and strike a leg drop. Emma tagged herself in to take a pin before Jax finished their nervous loyalty after a compare by attack Emma with a Samoan Drop.

For as many as putting a belt behind on Bliss one week ago and going divided from their impassioned solo evidence has felt like a destroy for WWE, a further of both Jax and Emma during No Mercy came off as a legitimate warn — and a good one, during that. It isalso good to see Emma get a second possibility after her unsuccessful mutation into Emmalina.   

What else happened on Raw?

  • John Cena def. Jason Jordan around pinfall: This was one heck of a 20-minute compare to open Raw with Cena doing all in his energy to accomplish what Reigns final week pronounced he never does — put over younger talent. Jordan tender with back-to-back Northern Lights suplexes, though Cena strike a Attitude Adjustment for a pin.
  • Sheamus Cesaro def. Rhyno Heath Slater around pinfall | Dean Ambrose Seth Rollins def. Luke Gallows Karl Anderson around pinfall: With Rollins and Ambrose examination from commentary, Sheamus put a breaks on a Rhyno convene with a unbending Brogue Kick for a 1-2-3 to finish a brief and uneventful match. Later in a show, with Sheamus Cesaro watching, Rollins fought off division to collect adult a win. Sheamus Cesaro finished adult combative with Gallows Anderson after a match.
  • Intercontinental Championship — The Miz (c) def. Jeff Hardy around pinfall to keep a title: Despite an early ejection from a ringside area to both The Miztourage and Matt Hardy, it was Jeff Hardy who still fell plant to a number’s game. Maryse grabbed Miz’s palm only in time to incite him, causing him to hurl divided from Hardy’s Swanton Bomb attempt. The Miz followed with his Skull Crushing Finale.
  • Enzo Amore, Cedric Alexander Gran Metalik def. Drew Gulak, Tony Nese Noam Dar around pinfall: After Amore cut a prolonged (and annoying) pre-match promo explaining his new cheating, he did so for a second true week by poking Gulak in a eye before attack a Jaw-Done-Zo finisher to take another controversial victory. Later, Angle requisitioned a winners into a Fatal 5-Way compare during 205 Live with a leader confronting cruiserweight champion Neville during No Mercy. 
  • Finn Balor cut a promo on Bray Wyatt for costing him final week’s conflict stately on Raw. Balor pronounced he doesn’t run from his demons since “sometimes we turn them.” Wyatt seemed on a video screen. After mentioning that Balor’s demon has turn his “bow and arrow,” Wyatt offering a “man-to-man” plea (i.e. no demon) during No Mercy. Balor seemed to have supposed when he said, “I’ve already done my choice Bray. we know accurately what we am. we am Finn Balor.”

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