WWE Raw results, recap: Biggest provoke nonetheless for Shield reunion as movement builds

October 2, 2017 - WWE

The Shield was (almost) behind on Monday and, not coincidentally, so was WWE’s part of Raw in a well-told story that bookended a three-hour episode. For a initial time given 2014, tip superstars Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins seem headed behind to a same side of a conflict lines after all 3 engrossed adequate beatings during a hands of The Miz, Cesaro and Sheamus to plant a seeds of where things seem to be heading.  

But aside from The Shield soap uncover delivering, a infancy of a remaining part was a transparent step adult from what was constructed one week ago with Enzo Amore and a cruiserweight multiplication once again proof estimable of shutting a show.  

Raw continues provoke for full Shield reunion

Seeking punish for a violence he engrossed final week, Reigns didn’t rubbish any time before a start of his intercontinental pretension compare conflicting The Miz by aggressive Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel with chairs. A three-segment compare ensued that was full of pay-per-view power and thespian nearby falls. The finish incited out to be a suspension as Sheamus Cesaro emerged (after violence adult Rollins and Ambrose progressing in a show) to lift Reigns from a ring and conflict him. Miz fast assimilated in a three-way assault.  Inside a ring, Reigns engrossed a Gotch Neutralizer, Brogue Kick and Skull-Crushing Finale to leave him beaten. After a contingent of heels shook hands and exited a ring, throng chants of “Shield” caused them to stop. Miz incited to Cesaro and said, “They wish Shield?” This led to a triple powerbomb on Reigns and a contingent derisive a Shield’s fist gesture.

To tighten Raw, an harmed Reigns sat in a locker room coughing. He stood adult as Ambrose and Rollins approached on conflicting sides. They looked into any other’s eyes, Ambrose nodded and afterwards they separate as a credits rolled.  

There’s something to be pronounced for giving a assembly accurately what it is that they want. A full Shield reunion is accurately that, and for as predicted as it was assembled, it still played out brilliantly. The morality of carrying a former teammates demeanour during any other though observant anything spoke larger volumes than any other gesticulate or difference they could’ve shared. WWE can start copy T-shirts now given it will be copy income once these 3 categorical eventuality stars collect adult where they left off 3 years ago.

Enzo closes uncover for second loyal week 

Beginning his promo by revelation his doubters “they can go to hell,” Amore reminded a throng that he put 205 Live on a map. He also constructed a agreement proviso from ubiquitous manager Kurt Angle that settled if anyone puts their hands on him, they will be fired. Out came half of a 205 Live register to put a shock into Amore. The other half emerged from a front quarrel of a throng to pin him inside a ring.  

With his proviso in hand, Amore took turns verbally undressing each member of a division. He even threw in a shot during announcer Corey Graves, who has feuded with him of late on Twitter. Angle’s song strike and a Raw GM somewhat nice his progressing proviso by saying, “The manners don’t request to a newest member of a cruiserweight multiplication that only signed.” Out came Kalisto to enter a ring and conflict Amore, flooring him or good with a Salida del Sol.  

For a second loyal week, a thought of cruiserweights in a categorical eventuality shouldn’t have worked. And for a second loyal week, it delivered prohibited glow when it mattered. Amore’s written assaults on his associate cruiserweights are apropos Raw’s present that keeps on giving. And while a throng cocktail for Kalisto didn’t equal what WWE had expected intended, a preference creates some-more clarity than any other a association has done with 205 Live. Somehow and some way, a Amore examination continues to be a best thing to occur to a multiplication given a Cruiserweight Classic.   

Bray Wyatt summons past evil 

Finn Balor entered a ring to cut a promo in that he called Wyatt a doormat and combined that he’s “afraid that notwithstanding all your games, we can’t kick Finn Balor.” After being challenged to come out and face Balor, Wyatt seemed on a video screen, manically rocking in his chair while repeating, “She never lied to me.” Clearly rattled, Wyatt called Balor a liar for observant he combined a demon. He afterwards challenged Balor to move his demon and said, “I will frame behind his strength to exhibit a loyal inlet of his dim side.”  

Wyatt afterwards stared into a camera to announce that Sister Abigail “is alive and she is failing to accommodate you.” His face unexpected altered amid a special effects of fume to exhibit his strength had been supernaturally nude away. In place of his normal face was presumably that of a demon — or Sister Abigail as Wyatt let out an immorality laugh.

The engagement in this argument positively hasn’t matched a creativity or dialogue, though this was a certain step forward. It was also creepy as all heck, too, that was apparently a goal. But after years of teasing Abigail, a suggestion of immorality that drives him (and might or might not be his character’s passed sister), removing tighten to some kind of exhibit feels like a large impulse in Wyatt’s arc. If that exhibit ends adult being a earthy one (in a form of someone like Paige or NXT’s Nikki Cross), this could be a blank couple – aside from unchanging engagement – that Wyatt has needed.

What else happened on Raw?  

Braun Strowman def. Seth Rollins around pinfall: After Strowman dominated early, Rollins rallied with a array of aerial moves to building him. But Strowman fast topsy-turvy a movement to strike Rollins with a using powerslam for a 1-2-3. Out came Ambrose to stimulate a brawl, that finished with Strowman attack a span of chokeslams. Cesaro and Sheamus afterwards came out to collect a bones.  

Elias def. Titus O’Neil around pinfall: Before a match, Elias sang his exasperation for a Denver fans to a balance of Alice in Chains’ “Nutshell.” He afterwards overcame a earthy convene from O’Neil to put him divided by attack his Drift Away rolling neckbreaker.  

Mickie James secures pretension shot: After anticipating a hiker and box of Depends in her locker room, James’ try to confront Raw champion Alexa Bliss was intercepted by Nia Jax, who is unexpected on Bliss’ side again. James fought Jax after and was prepared to win after a hurricane DDT, though Bliss pennyless adult her pin attempt, handing James a suspension win. A brief fight ensued outward a ring with James attack a Mick Kick to building a champ. Angle after rewarded James backstage with a pretension compare conflicting Bliss during Tables, Ladders and Chairs on Oct. 22.

Luke Gallows Karl Anderson def. Matt Hardy Jason Jordan around pinfall: Jordan, wrestling in trunks instead of a singlet, rallied late to force a prohibited tab to Hardy. But disharmony fast ensured with all 4 group in a ring. It finished with Gallows Anderson attack Hardy with a Magic Killer for a 1-2-3.  

Sasha Banks Bayley def. Emma Alicia Fox around pinfall: This two-segment compare ate adult a ton of time in a third hour. But after Banks pushed Fox into Emma in sequence to giveaway herself adult for a prohibited tab to Bayley, Emma became enraged. She blew off Fox’s tab try and said, “I’m out,” before walking away. A Bayley-to-Belly on Fox to give a babyfaces a win.  

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