WWE Raw results, recap, grades: Bayley snaps, Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler fun soured

June 26, 2018 - WWE

Despite some controversial engagement during times, Raw stays headed in a right instruction as WWE embarks on a two-month build to SummerSlam in late August. Monday’s partial constructed a stirring 28-minute categorical eventuality and copiousness of storyline developments — quite to a midcard and lower-midcard — that helped equivalent some of a idle and repeat business that dominated a opening hour.  

But from Bayley’s unsound conflict on Sasha Banks to Braun Strowman’s vehicular drop and a daub out from Raw women’s champion Alexa Bliss in a non-title match, there was something for everybody over a three-hour show, even if a engagement decisions involving Roman Reigns continue to attract cranky examinations. 

It would usually be good to see WWE take some-more chances and pierce divided from such a predicted mold, generally usually one week private from a kind of partial that teased a new instruction had been undertaken.

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Roman Reigns saves Seth Rollins following categorical event 

The much-hyped intercontinental pretension rematch between new champion Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins was given categorical eventuality standing and a ton of time to work with as entrances began during 10:28 p.m. ET. The 28-minute compare that followed developed discerning from a delayed start and was even improved than final week’s warn Ziggler win following Drew McIntyre’s interference. The same outcome scarcely happened again on Monday until arbitrate John Cone ejected McIntyre mid by a match.

Intercontinental Championship — Seth Rollins def. Dolph Ziggler (c) around disqualification: The compare constructed churned “This is awesome” chants from a crowd, including after Ziggler’s unbending hurricane DDT late on a ring apron. Rollins teased a throng with 4 true nearby falls late that expected would’ve blown a roof off in San Diego, including kickouts after a Zig-Zag and superkick. Rollins afterwards strike a superplex into a Falcon’s Arrow, though his pin try was damaged adult by McIntyre returning to lift a arbitrate out and force a disqualification. McIntyre mauled Ziggler inside a ring until Roman Reigns ran in to lay Ziggler out with a infamous stalk on a ramp before attack a Superman punch on McIntyre.

Considering how good a Ziggler-Rollins rematch was building adult to be, it was positively formidable to stomach a DQ schmoz finish following scarcely 30 mins of frail action. It was usually as tough to see WWE once again lapse to realistic babyface engagement of Reigns by carrying him save Rollins notwithstanding already being concerned in a evidence with Bobby Lashley (see below). Still, there’s positively sound logic behind WWE’s preference from a long-term engagement standpoint (and a execution of a finish was good finished and popped a crowd).

Should this preference mix with a rumors of Dean Ambrose’s lapse from damage to furnish a revamped Shield reunion, it usually competence compensate off in a prolonged run. But uncover me anyone already ragged down by a force feeding of Reigns who would’ve elite this to a purify feat for possibly performer? Ziggler and Rollins deserved improved on this night after WWE finally stopped chasing a ratings diversion in lieu of putting a best charity in a categorical eventuality where it belongs. Grade: B+

Bayley viciously assaults Sasha Banks 

Saying they are too profitable for Raw to be separate up, ubiquitous manager Kurt Angle forced Bayley to group adult with ex-best crony and burgeoning opposition Sasha Banks (along with Ember Moon) in a six-woman tab group compare conflicting a Riott Squad. Ruby Riott, meanwhile, kept adult her squad’s new backstage hijinks by interrupting a Jinder Mahal print fire to pound a camera.  

The Riott Squad def. Sasha Banks, Bayley Ember Moon around pinfall: The two-segment compare featured a discerning pace. The finish came when Banks was dreaming by a heels, permitting Riott to hurl her adult from behind. Business picked adult outrageous from there as Bayley pounded Banks in a conform that was frigid conflicting to her character. After being thrown face initial into a turnbuckle, Banks was thrown to a building and twice slammed into a ring stairs. Bayley screamed in her face before delivering “you consider we are improved than me” and walking off. Afterwards, Angle told Bayley she will attend imperative conversing or remove her job. Following Raw, Angle told Banks a same thing in a video posted on Twitter.

It took a prolonged time for us to get here though a final dual weeks have done a boon of Banks-Bayley evidence feel value a wait. Seeing Bayley snap in such an assertive approach was a ideal exclamation indicate to settle an romantic tie to what was happening. Here’s to anticipating a featured SummerSlam compare between a dual is a long-term payoff. Grade: B+

Brock Lesnar triggers change for Extreme Rules 

Referencing amicable media posts from Lesnar’s advocate, Paul Heyman, Angle and deputy Baron Corbin entered a ring to announce that a loophole in Lesnar’s agreement authorised him to call off a Jul 15 multi-men group pay-per-view compare designed to emanate his subsequent opponent. Each time Angle attempted to explain a situation, he was interrupted by Reigns and afterwards Lashley, that led to an sell from both on a microphone.  

Reigns, who once again referred to Lashley as “Bob,” called out his unsuccessful churned martial humanities career and 10-year opening from WWE. Lashley countered by mentioning Reigns’ inability to better Lesnar after 3 years. Just as Angle pronounced he would take a thought of a Reigns-Lashley compare underneath attention for Extreme Rules, The Revival came out to representation a thought of a tab group rematch from final week.

The Revival def. Roman Reigns Bobby Lashley around pinfall: The compare played out scarcely matching to 7 days ago as Reigns tagged himself in conflicting Lashley’s wishes to strike a Superman punch. But after Reigns’ ducked Lashley’s try to counter, a brief evidence ensued. Scott Dawson used a daze to blast Lashley before eating a stalk from Reigns. Dash Wilder rolled adult Reigns from behind for a dissapoint victory.  

Despite a swap finish, using behind a same brash compare as final week’s partial valid to be a initial in a array of idle moves Monday by WWE creative. Lucky for fans, Reigns was illusory on a microphone before a match, delivering rabble speak in such a genuine demeanour that it brought behind memories of his clever work conflicting John Cena final fall. For a initial time, a thought of a Reigns-Lashley evidence felt like an enlivening idea. While it’s capricious what caused a Lesnar switch behind a scenes, a growth has intensity deliberation how many WWE has used multi-men matches as an uninspiring crutch. Grade: B-

What else happened on Raw?

  • Curtis Axel def. Matt Hardy around pinfall: The B-Team mocked a Deleters of Worlds during a pre-match promo in that they choked on a fume around them. The compare was brief and featured worked mistake finish as Hardy slipped on a tip wire after lifting adult Axel for a suplex. Axel fell brazen on tip of him for an ungainly cross-body dash and a pin. After a furious jubilee from Axel and Bo Dallas, a Raw tab group champions applauded their effort, job it “wonderful.” 
  • Authors of Pain def. Rich Rex Gibson around pinfall: Before a match, AoP bullied a member of WWE’s backstage organisation and pushed him, that constructed a harangue and warning from Titus Worldwide. After Akam and Rezar responded with, “thanks though no thanks,” they walked to a ring for this brief and aroused squish compare conflicting a comically defective encouragement team. After Akam delivered a Death Valley Driver into a turnbuckles on Rex, he assimilated Rezar in delivering their Last Chapter finisher for a 1-2-3. A brief beatdown after a bell from AoP constructed a run-in from Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews to shock them off.  
  • Natalya def. Alexa Bliss around submission: With Mickie James by her side, Bliss called a dangling Ronda Rousey “the many entitled, marred brat” on a planet. Her extensive promo finished with a run-in from Natalya, who claimed “the countdown is on” during 23 days until Rousey’s return. Nattie also suggested she had oral to Angle about removing a match, right now, conflicting Bliss and upped a ante by bringing out a unexpected babyface Nia Jax by her side. The compare incited out to be a good one with both offered out physically, including a unbending conflicting Michinoku Driver from Natalya. The finish came when Jax dreaming Bliss by grabbing her leg. Natalya followed with a plead clothesline before producing a discerning daub around Sharpshooter in this non-title match.  
  • Mojo Rawley dismisses No Way Jose rematch: Rawley came out and took present difference for Jose’s conga line concomitant him to a ring, observant nothing of them (including Jose) has warranted a right to do so. Rawley afterwards cut a extensive promo on a conga member dressed like a cheeseburger and asked, “Is this how we devise on creation your mom proud?” After Rawley, who degraded Jose final week, refused to take partial in a match, he laid Jose out with one unbending forearm to a face and walked off in a clever segment.
  • Braun Strowman Kevin Owens def. Finn Balor Baron Corbin around countout: Strowman interrupted Balor’s backstage censure to Angle over Lesnar’s preference to scrutinise about KO, observant he feels bad for final week when Owens attempted to cater him. Angle supposed Strowman’s ask to group adult conflicting a doubtful twin of Balor and Corbin. The compare valid to be interesting as Strowman speedy Owens to counterpart his possess using shoulder tackles mark outward (which led to Corbin holding him out with a clothesline). But Corbin and Balor valid incompetent to coexist and brawled outward until being counted out. KO’s try to get a handshake after a compare from Strowman was rejected, causing Owens to run for his life. After stealing in a locker room, Owens exited a locus usually to find Strowman had flipped his let automobile upside down with fume entrance out of a engine.

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