WWE Raw results, recap: Main eventuality set for SummerSlam, mini Shield reunion

July 25, 2017 - WWE

If a heal for an underperforming Battleground pay-per-view one night progressing was a high-energy Raw to means a bad memories to blur away, WWE only might’ve achieved what it set out to do on Monday.  From a impassioned opening shred announcing a rarely expected SummerSlam categorical eventuality in Aug featuring a company’s 4 hottest stars to a stability play of a mini Shield reunion in a categorical event, Raw mostly delivered a products over a quick-moving 3 hours of pro wrestling.  

Bayley pinned good crony Sasha Banks to secure a women’s pretension shot, and Finn Balor saw his try during harsh punish opposite Elias Samson get once again intercepted by Bray Wyatt as Raw constructed a array of matches with a kind of electricity typically indifferent for Sunday nights. Let’s demeanour behind on a night that was for WWE on Monday from Washington, D.C.

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WWE Raw results 

In a ring — Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns: The ubiquitous manager common he was giving his biological son, Jason Jordan, “an opportunity” after tonight on Raw though that “the rest is adult to him.” He was also on a verge of announcing who would face Brock Lesnar during SummerSlam when Strowman, Joe and Reigns came out in succession, any one creation a clever box for themselves. Reigns’ box was a many effective as he arrogantly ran down his accomplishments given fasten a categorical roster. As tensions grew, Angle stepped in to change his mind, announcing a Fatal 4-Way compare during SummerSlam.  

After Joe took emanate with Angle’s decision, Strowman pronounced all he cares about is “piling bodies.” Reigns responded by rolling his eyes and revelation Strowman to “shut up” before attack him with a span of right hands. A furious fight ensued. Angle called for certainty guards and Strowman returned to single-handedly destroy them, tossing one onto a building outward like a broom doll. Joe practical his Coquina Clutch from behind as Angle motioned for a whole locker room to try and mangle them apart. Amid a chaos, Reigns strike a stalk on Strowman while Joe had a throttle sealed in. After Reigns privileged out those attempting to mangle it up, Strowman got a final word with a powerslam to mount tall.

Talk about a much-needed shred of prohibited glow one night private from a unsatisfactory Battleground PPV. Once again, WWE relied on a large 4 (well a large 3 in attendance) on Raw to lift a load, and they didn’t defect with a furious and earthy segment. With a build this good, a Fatal 4-Way compare has power to be one of 2017’s best when all is pronounced and done.

Elias Samson def. Finn Balor around pinfall (No Disqualification Match): This three-segment compare was prolonged and bomb with a PPV feel throughout. Balor, wearing Kinesio fasten on his left shoulder, gained early punish on Samson for final week’s guitar smash. Samson rallied to re-aggravate a damage with a chair, though Balor incited a tables again late and seemed staid to benefit a pinfall after attack his Coup de Grace finisher. Bray Wyatt’s song flashed, however, and a lights came behind on to uncover Wyatt attack a Sister Abigail on Balor. With Wyatt station like a spider in a corner, a routine Samson crawled onto Balor to get a pin. Wyatt thereafter whispered “follow a buzzards” into Balor’s face before posing.  

That was one heck of a giveaway TV compare to keep an already high-energy uncover relocating along. Wyatt’s pointless coming for a second loyal week was also good planned. But a continued miss of reason about Samson’s attribute with Wyatt needs be addressed earlier than later.

Backstage — Kurt Angle and Emma: Angle told Renee Young about a butterflies in his stomach as a father forward of Jordan’s debut. Emma walked in to miscarry and ask about her possess opportunities, reminding Angle that she “started a women’s revolution.” Emma serve nailed home a indicate by seeking either she needs to date Angle’s son in process to get noticed. An indignant Angle responded by engagement her in a compare opposite Nia Jax. 

Big Cass def. Enzo Amore around pinfall: Cass dominated his former partner for a second loyal week regulating taunts, bend drops and a using large foot to get an easy 1-2-3. Cass continued to slap and taunt Amore, that brought out Big Show. But Cass simply rubbed a hulk with a array of stomps that brought boos from a crowd. 
Not a bad process in speculation solely for a fact that a accurate same unfolding played out final week. While a thought of Cass and Enzo one day violation detached has been talked about with fad for some-more than a year, there’s something impossibly underwhelming about a process and timing in that WWE has executed it.  

Backstage — Alexa Bliss: The Raw women’s champion played adult a power of Bayley and Sasha Banks branch on any other after tonight. “I only see Bayley sitting during home crying, eating Twinkies, examination her former best crony Sasha hidden a spotlight from her for like a millionth time,” she said. 

Nia Jax def. Emma around pinfall: Jax dominated this saved squish compare by derisive Emma and tossing her all over a ring. She also denounced an impossibly jaunty new finishing pierce by flipping conduct over heels into a senton for a pin. This competence have been some payback after Emma tweeted her exasperation about being left off Raw final week.
Confrontation — Akira Tozawa, Titus O’Neil, Neville and Ariya Daivari: Tozawa spoke with Charly Caruso about his wish for a rematch with Daivari. O’Neil interrupted and referenced a “liability” that is Tozawa’s harmed shoulder. The conduct of Titus Worldwide thereafter suggested how he went to Angle and a medical staff to get Tozawa’s compare canceled. An indignant Tozawa stormed off and to a ring. O’Neil followed Tozawa and perceived a pull for his troubles. After commercial, Tozawa cut a promo severe Daivari to face him like a man. Out came Neville, who taunted Tozawa and took credit for his “shattered confidence.” After being called “a bombard of his former self,” Tozawa pounded Neville and landed a senton from a tip rope. Daivari ran in to kick him down with a harmful clothesline. He thereafter did a same to Neville before yelling during them both in Persian.  

Backstage — Sasha Banks Bayley: With Banks visibly indignant about Bliss’ comments, Bayley insisted zero will hurt their friendship. But Banks began to demeanour too distant ahead, commenting about what she hopes to do to Bliss during SummerSlam. Bayley told her to concentration instead on tonight and Banks responded with attitude, saying, “The best lady will win.”  

Backstage — Jason Jordan: The former American Alpha member told Renee Young he can hoop a vigour of carrying all eyes on him though certified to carrying butterflies (with Young reminding him that Angle pronounced a same thing). “This male who we grew adult emulating and idolizing my whole life, he’s my biological father,” Jordan said. “My favourite is my father. Imagine we had one of a wildest dreams and it came true.” 
Backstage — Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose: Entering their initial tab compare together in 3 years, Rollins hoped to speak devise and digest a diversion plan. Ambrose wanted zero to do with it. After Rollins reminded him they would be adult opposite 3 foes, Ambrose cut him off and finished certain to remind him about his miss of trust. “You have to worry about 3 guys,” Ambrose said. “I have to worry about four.”  

Women’s No. 1 Contendership — Bayley def. Sasha Banks around pinfall: With Bliss on commentary, Bayley cumulative a pretension shot during SummerSlam with a bit of an dissapoint victory. The two-segment compare was impossibly earthy throughout, teasing a rip in their loyalty by how peaceful any was to sell slaps, unbending forearms and stomps in a corner. Banks seemed on a verge of feat late when she strike a frog dash from a tip rope, though Bayley now topsy-turvy it on impact into a pin. Bliss entered a ring thereafter to reason adult a belt in Bayley’s face.  

Raw delivered another compare with PPV power here interjection to a esteem during stake. But a engagement of Bayley going over has to be questioned deliberation how good WWE had finished of late in rebuilding Banks’ brand. If things stay a approach they are, this will have been a failure. But don’t be astounded to see Banks combined behind into this compare by a time SummerSlam comes around.

Jason Jordan def. Curt Hawkins around pinfall: With new ring rigging and a most some-more earthy style, Jordan was considerable from start to finish in mopping adult Hawkins. As Angle watched proudly from a guard in a back, Jordan mauled Hawkins with unbending strikes and widespread pledge wrestling holds. After a belly-to-belly suplex, Jordan private a straps on his singlet to land a outrageous stalk in a corner. He followed with what appears to be a new finisher — a pop-up neckbreaker — for a 1-2-3.  

Strong entrance here with adequate of a provoke toward a probable spin down a highway interjection to a aroused change in Jordan’s fighting character to make this storyline feel uninformed and alive following final week’s partially unsatisfactory reveal.  

The Revival def. Luke Gallows Karl Anderson around pinfall: The “Top Guys” angrily discharged Caruso before a compare to broach a promo about their mastery in NXT and their power as “the destiny of a tab group multiplication on Raw.” Gallows Anderson came out to rebut and call them “Top Nerds,” that triggered a start of a match. The Hardy Boyz walked out onto a theatre median by and supposing a daze for a Good Brothers to toss Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson out of a ring. But The Revival returned a preference seconds after by unctuous behind in to locate Anderson in their Shatter Machine for a pin. After a match, a Hardyz ran in to land Poetry in Motion and a Twist of Fate. But Wilder was means to shun only as Jeff strike a tip wire to try a Swanton Bomb.  

Dean Ambrose Seth Rollins def. The Miz The Miztourage around pinfall (Handicap Match): The Miz cut a ardent pre-match promo in a locker room flitting this Shield reunion off as no improved than a tributary Hollywood sequel. The heels thereafter handed Rollins an extended beatdown as champions Sheamus Cesaro watched on a guard backstage. A prohibited tab to Ambrose predictably spotless house. Chaos and a array of nearby finishes ensued. Rollins pacifist in to mangle adult a pin try after Miz strike a Skull Crushing Finale. The former Shield members thereafter connected on a double self-murder dive onto Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel outside. Rollins intercepted a second Miz finisher try by attack a knee off a tip wire before Ambrose followed with Dirty Deeds for a pin. Both Ambrose and Rollins distinguished extravagantly inside a ring, pulsation their chests and pity mixed hugs as a throng went sick. But Ambrose no sole Rollins’ try during a fist strike and abruptly finished a jubilee by leaving.  

This was glorious doing of Ambrose’s continued dread as WWE knows they had a throng eating out of a hands interjection to a sentimental Shield reunion. Ambrose’s actions teased only adequate a idea of a heel spin down a road.

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