WWE Raw results, recap: Massive pretension change, Paige earnings with her possess faction

November 21, 2017 - WWE

One night after a installed Survivor Series label was scarcely marred by a extraordinary engagement preference to tighten a categorical event, WWE done certain to send a fans home happy to finish Raw. Monday’s three-hour episode, already filled with an equal brew of highs and lows, finished with a crash interjection to an sparkling intercontinental championship compare between The Miz and Roman Reigns, that felt like it wouldn’t have been out of place on Sunday’s card.  

WWE also did good to correct some of a bad feelings slow from Sunday’s preference to have Triple H harm his possess teammate by accelerating a storyline. Mixing that with nonetheless another startling revelry on Monday — Paige’s lapse and a entrance of a new women’s coterie — and we have an part of Raw value articulate about as a early seeds continue to get planted on a build toward WrestleMania 34.

AND NEW … intercontinental champion

Joined by his Shield brethren, Reigns was a guest on Miz TV progressing in a night. The Miz berated him, pursuit The Shield ungrateful and perfectionist credit for their reunion (along with residual checks from their merchandise). The throng responded by giving him a “Miz is awesome” chant. The shred finished with Reigns severe Miz for his intercontinental pretension and The Shield holding out Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel as The Miz sheepishly escaped.  After a Miz’s try to desire Raw ubiquitous manager Kurt Angle to cancel a compare were unsuccessful, a dual met in a categorical event.

A prolonged array of thespian nearby falls ensued as Miz countered a span of Superman punches into kicks to a conduct for two. Reigns afterwards scarcely finished matters when he held Miz off a tip wire with a Superman punch. Out came The Bar to yield a distraction, permitting Miz to strike his Skull-Crushing Finale. But Reigns kicked out again, triggering a run-in from Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to understanding with Sheamus and Cesaro. Reigns afterwards strike a stalk to finish a compare and finish a career grand impact by winning his initial intercontinental title.  

Great square of engagement by WWE. Not usually did a warn finish put an sparkling crawl on a episode, a Reigns-Miz argument has a power to be fire. This compare constructed pay-per-view turn feels and intertwined easily with a overarching module opposite The Miz and The Bar that has been in place given The Shield’s reunion.

Kane attacks Braun Strowman … again 

Raw non-stop with commissioner Stephanie McMahon bragging about a red brand’s feat during Survivor Series and ensuring Angle’s pursuit security. Out came Triple H to applaud though he was now interrupted by Angle, who got in his face. “This is not Kurt Angle a ubiquitous manager articulate to you, this is a Olympic bullion medalist and WWE Hall of Famer revelation we that if we ever conflict me from behind as we did final night, we can take this pursuit and force it given I’m entrance for you,” Angle said. McMahon warned Angle to watch his difference in a face of a WWE’s COO and Jason Jordan came out to urge his father, anxiously pitching for a compare opposite Triple H. Jordan called him a coward, that forced Triple H to mislay his coat. But after McMahon warned that her father isn’t fearful of anyone in a company, out came Strowman for an heated staredown. Triple H eventually corroborated divided and an indignant Steph requisitioned a Strowman-Jordan compare for later.

Citing his knee damage that still isn’t 100 percent, Jordan pleaded unsuccessfully backstage to have Angle call off a match. Jordan after approached Matt Hardy in a locker room and was disheartened by a recommendation he perceived on how to face “The Mountain Among Men.” Once a compare started, an brash slap to a face was all a offense Jordan would mountain as he tweaked his knee while Strowman threw him around a ring. 

But usually as Strowman seemed to go for a finish, Kane emerged from a throng to cut out his legs and flog him down with a chair. The finishing shot was a chair to a throat outward a ring, that left Strowman, who after refused medical attention, hardly means to breathe.   

It’s 2017 and Kane won’t stop removing in a approach of good storylines. After a two-hour concentration on Jordan, saying another tributary snake involving Kane was certain to exam a calm of any fan. Even if WWE gets a storyline right in a prolonged term, regulating Kane’s conflict as a means to realign him with Triple H and a Authority, a feeling of being trolled nonetheless again by “The Big Red Machine” is tough to shake.

Paige creates warn lapse … with some friends

Raw women’s champion Alexa Bliss entered a ring to make excuses and protest about her frustrating detriment to Charlotte Flair during Survivor Series. Out came Mickie James, Bayley, Sasha Banks and Alicia Fox in period to beg their box for a pretension shot. Angle followed subsequent and predictably requisitioned a deadly 4-way compare for a shot during Bliss’ title.  

It didn’t take prolonged after a start of a compare for Paige to emerge on a ramp, creation her initial coming on WWE radio given Jul 2016. “Did we skip me?” she asked. “I’m behind … though we didn’t come alone.” NXT wrestlers Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville emerged from a throng to take out Banks and Bayley in a ring with their finishers. Paige followed with a flog to a conduct on Banks and her Rampaige finisher on Bayley as a frightened Fox ran to a locker room.  

After a new coterie lifted their arms and distinguished in a ring, their backstage talk was crashed by Bliss, who applauded them for giving Banks and Bayley “exactly what they deserved.” Paige got into Bliss’ face for a staredown before viciously aggressive her as all 3 contributed to a beating.  

Talk about a shot in a arm for a division. While a kinship of Paige and a span of debuting talents (who hadn’t even been used in a NXT pretension picture) competence not seem like a healthy one, a power they showed in delivering their attacks brought something uninformed to Raw that has been lacking. Paige can hoop herself on a microphone and supposing a impulse with a audacity and astringency it needed. Rose and Deville were usually as considerable in successfully translating a dirty and some-more picturesque NXT character to a categorical roster. Here’s to anticipating we see some-more of that. Paige’s lapse also couldn’t have come during a improved time, moments after Raw seemed to be going behind to a good for another seared multi-women compare to establish a subsequent pretension contender.

What else happened on Raw? 

  • Samoa Joe def. Finn Balor around submission: Good power in this two-segment match. The spots weren’t bad, either, including a text Tope Con Hilo from Balor and a unbending self-murder dive from Joe that dejected Balor into a separator wall. But it was Joe who perceived a clever engagement in a finish when he put Balor to nap with a Coquina Clutch.  
  • Asuka def. Dana Brooke around pinfall: WWE continues to do right on a categorical register building of Asuka, one night after she was a solitary survivor for Team Raw during Survivor Series. Brooke did copiousness of offered in this saved squish match. After Brooke taunted Asuka and slapped her in a face, a former NXT champion answered with a flurry of unbending strikes and dual kicks to a conduct for a 1-2-3.  
  • Dean Ambrose def. Sheamus around pinfall: Decent movement in this differently walking compare combined to reignite a argument between The Shield and The Bar. Sheamus strike a mark of a compare with a rolling senton off a tip wire that could usually get two. In a end, Rollins ran by a ring to strike a self-murder dive on Cesaro outside. The daze authorised Ambrose to strike his Dirty Deeds on Sheamus to finish it. 
  • Akira Tozawa, Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali Rich Swann def. Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari Noam Dar around pinfall: This eight-man cruiserweight tab group compare came to be as a predicted spinoff to a promo by Enzo Amore and his heel faction, a Zo Train. Both a compare and a seared discourse between faces and heels previously felt like a low impulse for a division. It’s usually not working. Ali strike a retreat 450 dash on Dar for a finish.  
  • Elias brawls with Matt Hardy: One night after Elias degraded Hardy handily on a Survivor Series kickoff show, he played a strain on guitar derisive him in a lyrics. Out came Hardy in travel garments and nursing a left arm injury. Elias now pounded and they brawled until Hardy got a top palm and Elias retreated to boos.  

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