WWE Raw results, recap: New Day shocker brings pretension change before Survivor Series

November 7, 2017 - WWE

The highway to Survivor Series hasn’t been a smoothest float for WWE given a launch of a latest advance angle, though things seem to be looking adult as we lift closer to Nov. 19 in Houston, helped along by a clever tighten to Monday’s partial of Raw that saw an coming from SmackDown’s The New Day and a startling pretension change.  

All in all, WWE constructed an interesting 3 hours of radio for a second unbroken week, even if there were some-more than a few unpleasant bumps in a highway to get there. What has stood out a most, however, has been a peculiarity of wrestling and Raw delivered once again with some-more than one pay-per-view peculiarity match.

New Day advance spurs warn pretension change 

Sheamus and Cesaro approached Raw ubiquitous manager Kurt Angle early in a night to protest about bias and direct an eventuality to paint a code as tab organisation champions. After some posturing, Angle concluded to give them one some-more possibility during Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in a categorical event. The compare was high appetite from a opening bell and continued to expand in terms of power and peculiarity after any high mark and nearby pin. Rollins and Ambrose seemed on a verge of feat late in a compare following a furious sequence. Rollins intercepted Cesaro’s jump off a tip wire with a foot to a face and afterwards superkicked Sheamus. Ambrose followed with Dirty Deeds on Sheamus to set adult a frog dash from Rollins. But Cesaro pacifist in to mangle adult a pin seconds before New Day’s strain hit.  

All 4 members of a compare froze in fear, incompetent to find a invaders. Finally, New Day seemed in a throng and cut a promo on Raw’s miss of plea from SmackDown’s advance conflict dual weeks ago. Angle began to form a organisation of indignant Raw members backstage seeking retribution. They entered a locus and circled a ring. Xavier Woods yelled out for Raw to “prepare yourself for ‘under siege’ partial two, baby!” But usually as New Day fast transient behind by a crowd, Sheamus used a daze to strike a blindside Brogue Kick on Rollins and take behind a titles with a pin.  

After a severe start to a SmackDown advance angle and sketchy work one week ago as WWE attempted to retroactively fill a tract holes, this was a acquire further to a altogether arc. New Day’s poking of a bear should lead to an interesting opposite advance of some kind from Raw. It also competence lead to a New Day-Shield compare during Survivor Series that would be a chronicle of a dream match. Raw announced Roman Reigns would lapse from illness subsequent week and reunite with The Shield, and it couldn’t have come during a improved time in terms of a storyline. 

Kane earnings to face off with Braun Strowman 

Miz TV non-stop a uncover with The Miz humorously pursuit Baron Corbin “the lavatory mangle of SmackDown.” He finished his promo on Corbin by severe him to move his “A” diversion during Survivor Series “because I’m going to flog we so badly, I’m doing to do something we have never been means to do. I’m going to make your pretension relevant.” Out came Angle as Miz’s guest. After a brief evidence in that Miz blamed Angle for formulation a “systematic elimination” final week of both Daniel Bryan (at a hands of Kane) and The Miztourage (by Braun Strowman), Angle finally snapped and requisitioned Miz into a compare opposite Strowman.  

“The Monster Among Men” dominated physically around and simply fought off distractions from The Miztourage. He knocked out Bo Dallas with one punch outward and threw a neck-brace wearing Curtis Axel into a separator wall. Strowman afterwards grabbed Miz and yelled “you can’t run” before tossing him over a tip wire onto Dallas and Axel. Out came Kane to trigger a disqualification. An indignant Strowman mouthed a words, “You threw me in a rubbish truck! You can’t kill me. I’m a usually beast on Monday Night Raw.” A fight ensued. Strowman powered out of a chokeslam try and strike his using powerslam though Kane sat behind up. Strowman clotheslined him to a building before The Miztourage pounded from behind. Strowman powered out and strike Miz with a powerslam of his own.  

Kane’s run-in couldn’t have been any some-more predicted or paint-by-numbers. Despite their adore for Strowman, even a throng refused to sell for a segment. Even worse, a psychology felt off as to because Kane was initiating a conflict deliberation it was he who threw Strowman into a rubbish lorry in a initial place. WWE’s preference to pursuit out Finn Balor in uninterrupted weeks opposite Kane and afterwards act like it never happened was usually as puzzling. Attempting to get over 50-year-old Kane usually so he can be served adult to Strowman feels like zero some-more than a improvident preference deliberation a material repairs it took to build it.

What else happened on Raw? 

  • Jason Jordan def. Elias in a guitar on a stick match: After trolling a British throng by charity to play “Wonderwall” usually to slice both them and Oasis, Elias’ acapella strain was interrupted by Jordan’s entrance. Once a compare started, Elias was initial to lift a guitar off a pole. Jordan ducked and eventually topsy-turvy Elias into a belly-to-belly suplex before violation a guitar over his behind to win. Later in a show, after withdrawal SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan a voicemail to apologize for Kane’s attack, he congratulated Jordan and offering him a mark on a Survivor Series team, that Jordan took with glee.
  • Asuka def. Stacey Coates around submission: Another week and another squish compare for a former NXT champion. Asuka used tough flog to mangle Coates down before requesting a Asuka Lock to force a tap.  
  • Samoa Joe attacks Titus O’Neil, fights Finn Balor to double countout: Joe’s compare opposite O’Neil never took place due to his blindside on a opening ramp and a discerning Coquina Clutch. Joe grabbed a microphone and said, “If we mount in my way, we will put we down.” He afterwards offering a plea for anyone to infer him wrong. Out came Balor, environment adult their singles match, that took place over 3 segments and constructed PPV-level play with consistent near-falls and large spots. Late in a match, Balor transient a Coquina Clutch and went on to land a pleasing Tope Con Hilo on a floor. But a fight ensued on a ramp with conjunction wrestler means to flog a count. Balor instituted another melee, that took a organisation of referees to mangle up. Angle came out to name both superstars to Raw’s Survivor Series team. Balor pennyless giveaway to strike a using dash off a theatre on Joe.
  • Sasha Banks Bayley def. Nia Jax Alicia Fox around submission: Unhappy they have nonetheless to be combined to Raw’s Survivor Series team, Banks and Bayley looked for punish on organisation captain Fox. Banks picked adult a prohibited tab late and spotless house. She afterwards topsy-turvy a Fox hurl adult try into her Banks Statement to force a tap. After a match, Fox grabbed a microphone to announce Banks (but not Bayley) had been combined to a team. “I need we on my team,” Fox said. “I wish we on my team!” 
  • Pete Dunne def. Enzo Amore around pinfall: Amore non-stop by delivering a wayward and unconstrained promo, that caused Kalisto to run in. But Angle fast followed, announcing a WWE’s United Kingdom champion as his competition in this physical, non-title match. “The Bruiserweight” looked good around and strike his Bitter End finisher for a 1-2-3. Kalisto entered to lift Dunne’s arm and extol over Amore’s routine body.
  • Alexa Bliss called out Natalya after a SmackDown women’s champion claimed she chased Bliss out of a uncover and over to Raw. Bliss referred to her as a “crazy cat lady” and betrothed she would infer that she was a widespread champion during Survivor Series.

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