WWE Raw results, recap: Show ‘under siege’ with warn SmackDown invasion

October 24, 2017 - WWE

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One night after a pell-mell categorical eventuality during WWE’s TLC: Tables, Ladders Chairs pay-per-view combined utterly a discuss between sound veteran wrestling engagement and shameless entertainment, Monday’s partial of Raw supposing usually as gray of an area.  

WWE worked tough to build a substructure of brand-on-brand crusade between Raw and SmackDown forward of subsequent month’s Survivor Series label and did so in an impassioned demeanour when SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon led a blue-shirt invading host to a blindside conflict that sealed a show.  

The furious finale took a concentration off of what had been a mostly mailed-in episode, chock full of head-scratching decisions. Let’s take a closer demeanour during what went down after an unsuitable 3 hours of action.  

Raw ‘under siege’ as Survivor Series build begins 

Raw ubiquitous manager Kurt Angle non-stop a uncover by announcing a 4 container of champion vs. champion matches for WWE’s subsequent cross-brand pay-per-view on Nov. 19 (click here for a updated card). Angle also mentioned there would be men’s and women’s rejecting matches between brands. But after a mid-show backstage shred between Angle and McMahon in that a dual management total playfully argued that code was better, McMahon sealed with a mysterious hashtag of “under siege.” The definition of a tenure would be suggested in a show’s final shred when Angle entered a ring with skeleton to announce a Raw teams for Survivor Series.  

After McMahon’s strain interrupted him, Shane-O-Mac led a organisation of SmackDown wrestlers all dressed in blue T-shirts by a throng to approximate a ring. McMahon spoke a difference “under siege” to Angle, who ran out of a ring, streamer McMahon to exclaim, “Blue team, go get them!” Team SmackDown entered a backstage area and viciously ran by what remained of a Raw register (basically everybody solely for Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, The Miz, Sheamus Cesaro, Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt) by entering particular locker bedrooms and opposed people as a host in a hallways. 

Eventually, Angle was dragged behind to a ring by Team SmackDown and McMahon got into his face. “At Survivor Series, we wish we to move your bullion medal, what’s left of your roster, and we are all going to finish what we started,” McMahon said. “Oh it’s true, it’s damn true.”

This sudden m�lange caused utterly a stir on amicable media and left a throng stunned. But it’s formidable to demeanour past how discerning of a jump WWE done in terms of storytelling though scrupulously planting any seeds. After mostly ignoring a thought of foe between brands for a full year, viewers were led to trust Monday that even a SmackDown babyfaces were indignant adequate to savagely conflict their Raw counterparts in such a intentional conform with no storyline to match.  

The shred might have been equal tools fun and edgy, though a cessation of dishonesty compulsory to make it work usually wasn’t there. Neither was a substructure of clever psychology. Seeing AJ Styles open a uncover in a tab organisation with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose and afterwards be partial of a organisation that pounded them after came off as zero brief of a tract hole. Can that many heel turns be simply explained divided by honour for a blue brand? You tell me.

Kane, 50, gets a large push 

After shutting a show’s opening compare with a run in that saw him take out Rollins, Ambrose and Styles, Kane was given a building to cut a promo. One night after stuffing Braun Strowman into a behind of a rubbish lorry during TLC, Kane explained he had to see for himself after conference stories in ruin about Strowman’s dominance. “What we saw was a raise of trash,” Kane said, “385 pounds of nasty, stinking, tellurian refuge.”  Kane sealed by observant he was a usually beast on a uncover and saw fear in Strowman’s eyes. He afterwards demanded foe usually like Strowman used to. Kane’s ask for a plea was now met when Finn Balor’s strain hit.  

“The Big Red Machine” dominated a infancy of a unpretentious compare before Balor rallied late. But Balor’s try for a Coup de Grace finisher was blocked when Kane grabbed him by a throat from a tip wire and strike a contingent of chokeslams for a purify pin and widespread victory. 

One night after Balor pins Styles in an present classical that had amicable media buzzing, Styles creates a warn lapse to Raw and … WWE books Balor into a widespread detriment opposite 50-year-old Kane? How can we even urge that? Balor seemed to get propitious when Bray Wyatt’s illness canceled their much-maligned Demon vs. Sister Abigail argument streamer into Halloween. But in walked Kane to potentially fill that void. Even worse than WWE dire postponement on a Styles argument with guaranteed in-ring bullion is a fact that it unsuccessful to refurbish Strowman’s health (and either he survived Kane’s murder try during TLC) around a three-hour show. 

What else happened on Raw?

  • Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins AJ Styles def. The Miz, Sheamus Cesaro around pinfall: This three-segment compare picked adult where a TLC categorical eventuality left off on Sunday with high appetite and consistent chaos. Styles, who stayed with Raw an additional night after stuffing in for Wyatt during TLC, strike his unusual forearm on Cesaro to finish a compare and set off a outrageous throng pop. After a match, Kane came out to support a heels in fast stomping out Styles, Ambrose and Rollins.  
  • Asuka def. Emma around submission: This was fundamentally an present replay of their PPV compare a night before in Asuka’s debut. Just like Sunday, it went on for longer than it indispensable to. In a end, Asuka kicked out of a rollup pin try and countered into a Asuka Lock to force a tap.  
  • Mickie James attacks Alexa Bliss: The Raw women’s champion non-stop by slicing a promo on a WWE Universe for unwell to give her a honour they gave a Balor-Styles compare during TLC. “It’s like we people usually palm out chants like Halloween candy,” she said. “Where’s my appreciation?” Bliss went on to serve slice James’ age and standing as a mom before seeking a throng because she doesn’t merit a chant. James ran in to flog Bliss in a stomach and strike a Mickie-DT. “Alexa, we do merit it,” James pronounced before dropping a mic.  
  • Jason Jordan def. Elias around disqualification: Elias’ pre-match strain was interrupted by audio issues caused by Jordan. Elias jumped him to open a match, and a movement fast went out to a floor. Elias nailed him with a guitar to top arm and shoulder, withdrawal a hulk sore to force a DQ.
  • Paul Heyman destroys Jinder Mahal: After claiming that Brock Lesnar has undisputedly “eaten by a singular many built heavyweight multiplication in a story of WWE,” Heyman incited his rage to Mahal. He called him a “consolation esteem champion” who helped secure that SmackDown got a missile during a Superstar Shakeup. Lesnar never spoke a word, though Heyman supposed a Survivor Series compare during his request. Heyman sealed by reminded Mahal of a final time Lesnar faced a SmackDown luminary (Randy Orton) and how Brock “violated ever singular order of a PG era.” 
  • Alicia Fox def. Sasha Banks and Bayley around pinfall: With a pretension of Raw organisation captain during interest for Survivor Series, a compare featured a array of unbending spots. Fox shined with an early crazy mark when she stole a bell from a timekeeper and attempted to finish a match. Later, she mocked Bayley from behind before attack her with Bayley’s possess finisher, a Bayley-to-Belly suplex. In a end, Fox pennyless giveaway from a Banks Statement by promulgation Banks into a collision with Bayley, who she afterwards pinned. An vehement Fox kissed a arbitrate after a match.  
  • Kalisto, Cedric Alexander, Rich Swann, Mustafa Ali Gran Metalik def. Enzo Amore, Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari and Noam Dar around pinfall: Gulak rubbed a pre-match promo, reading a matter from a voice-less Amore. The match, meanwhile, was a showcase of well-choreographed spots including Gulak removing forsaken to a building after eating super kicks from 4 babyfaces during once. The finale was glow as Alexander and Ali strike tandem Tope Con Hilos, followed immediately by tandem moonsaults from Metalik and Swann. Kalisto followed with a Salida del Sol on Amore from a apron for a pin.  

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