WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from Aug 10

August 11, 2015 - WWE

All 3 Superstars were in a squared round as a uncover returned from break, maximizing a time accessible to a match.

Orton attempted for an RKO right out of a box, streamer to Owens bailing early.

Cesaro attempted his streamer pitch on Orton, yet Owens pulled him out of a ring and sent him into a steel post. The former Ring of Honor heavyweight champion’s senton netted a two-count on The Viper.

Orton stood tall, carrying thwarted his opponents’ onslaughts. Cesaro, though, reentered a hitch and delivered a array of uppercuts. Owens recovered and treated a Swiss Superstar to a few of his own. But The Viper again took control, delivering his signature backbreaker to delayed his competition down.

Cesaro’s cranky physique retard from a tip wire hold Orton off guard, and a dual traded some-more forearms. Orton cut off a surging Cesaro with a large clothesline. An RKO try was countered by a Swiss competitor’s crossface, as Michael Cole reminded fans that a wire mangle does not request in a Triple Threat match.

Owens sent both Cesaro and Orton out of a ring and afterwards barreled over a tip wire with a senton, leveling his opponents streamer into a break. Cesaro hold his knee, clearly in pain.

The former NXT champion climbed a ropes, yet Orton cut him off for a superplex attempt. Cesaro’s dropkick left Owens dumbfounded on a top, streamer to a double superplex onto Owens, to a crowd’s delight.

Cesaro executed a Cesaro Swing and trapped Orton in a Sharpshooter. Owens pennyless it up.

The Viper delivered a DDT, yet Owens hold him with fallaway impact into a barricade. Cesaro pacifist over a top, wiping out both of his opponent.

Orton delivered a array of RKOs and picked adult a win, pinning Cesaro for a victory. 



Randy Orton degraded Cesaro and Kevin Owens.






Cesaro wrestled another illusory match, earning a fans’ honour with each dive, each pitch and each acquiescence attempt.

What started as a really delayed compare built beautifully, with bigger spots and some-more suggestive near-falls until Orton went on a RKO debauch and picked adult a win.

Some will doubt because a maestro went over dual fresher stars, yet deliberation a odds that a leader of this compare was expected dropping a categorical eventuality to Rollins, it creates clarity to scapegoat a bulletproof Orton in that role, rather than portraying Cesaro and Owens as guys who can’t win a large one.

Even if that is radically what happened anyway with Cesaro’s many new loss.

But, alas, WWE Creative strikes again.

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