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December 23, 2014 - WWE

Bray Wyatt cut a promo before to a Miracle on 34th Street Fight, and Dean Ambrose done his opening as a uncover headed to break.

Ambrose tranquil a infancy of a early apportionment of a match, promulgation Wyatt into dual Christmas trees and afterwards picking one of them adult and slamming it into him, notwithstanding a ideally good kendo hang laying nearby.

Ambrose pulled a radio guard from underneath a ring but, rather than descending into that trap again, deserted it and opted to lift a list out instead. A self-murder dive by a ropes not usually took out Wyatt though also a raise of gifts positioned during a finish of a ramp.

The quarrel headed adult a ramp, where Wyatt finally took over a compare by tossing Ambrose off a theatre and into a raise of packages on a locus floor.

Wyatt continued to control a hitch after a break, dodging a barb dropkick and delivering a using senton for a two-count.

Proving that turnabout is satisfactory play, Wyatt sent Ambrose crashing into a tree and afterwards another, during a insistence of a WWE Universe.

Wyatt tossed several chairs into a squared round and grabbed a kendo stick. He positioned it in a dilemma to a indicate that it stranded out. Ambrose dodged a face-first try into a arms and afterwards sent Wyatt into a steel chair positioned in a corner.

Ambrose mounted a comeback, banishment off a flurry of rights and lefts. He teased a kendo hang shot, though Wyatt countered. Ambrose dodged a uranage try and delivered his resilient clothesline. A array of shots about a physique with a kendo hang ensued.

The Lunatic Fringe grabbed a ladder from underneath a ring and set it up. Wyatt did his spider-walk poise and delivered a uranage onto a ladder, picking adult a two-count from a official.

Wyatt attempted Sister Abigail, though Ambrose punched out of it, sent him into a ladder and held a rollup for two.

With Ambrose on tip of a ladder, Wyatt tossed a chair during him, knocking him off. He afterwards sent a former Shield member face-first into that kendo hang from progressing in a compare and pinned him for a win.

After a match, Ambrose sprayed Wyatt with a glow extinguisher and afterwards delivered an bend dump to Wyatt, by a announce list to tighten out a show.



Bray Wyatt pinned Dean Ambrose.


Highlights and Quotes

“I trust that people approximate themselves with their desired ones since it creates them feel safe.”—Bray Wyatt.

“Your reserve is an illusion. It is a masquerade to defense we from a truth. The law is, if we demeanour outward your window, it is a opposite universe out there. There is no Santa Claus; there are no sugarine plums. This is a genuine world. There is usually pang and pain.”—Wyatt.

“I have taken Dean Ambrose to my universe once before, and tonight, I’ll do it again.”—Wyatt.

“To ruin we go, friend, to ruin we go.”—Wyatt during a match. 

“That’s how we applaud Christmas.”—JBL.






The categorical eventuality of this week’s uncover was nonetheless another gimmick-filled, weapons-fueled compare between Ambrose and Bray Wyatt.

Less than a week ago, a Superstars battled it out in a Boot Camp Match during a Tribute to a Troops special. That compare was mediocre, during best, though Monday night, they some-more than done adult for it with a furious and pell-mell battle.

The use of a holiday-themed weapons did not indispensably fit a tinge of a rivalry, though a performers brought good power and charge to a bout, heading to a most some-more beguiling competition than it differently might have been.

Wyatt going over clean, pleasantness of a unfolding set adult progressing in a show, unequivocally determined him as a intelligent wrestler who used Ambrose’s furious inlet opposite him. With that said, Ambrose putting his opposition by a list to tighten out a uncover not usually finished a uncover on a certain note though also suggests that a argument will continue.

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