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October 28, 2014 - WWE

Just 24 hours after they scored dual outrageous victories during Hell in a Cell, Cena and Rollins squared off in this week’s categorical event.

Cena dominated a early apportionment of a match, though a inexpensive shot from Rollins, joined with one from Joey Mercury during ringside, incited a waves in Rollins’ favor. Mercury and Jamie Noble regularly got involved, giving a Rollins still pang a effects of Hell in a Cell a numbers advantage.

Back from break, Cena was in a center of ascent a quip when Rollins sent him into a steel steps. 

A high cranky physique retard by Cena scarcely scored him a pinfall, though Rollins followed adult with a DDT to hindrance his momentum.

A undone Rollins battered a pad in frustration, realizing that it would not be as easy to put Cena divided as easy as he had thought. He attempted to win a compare around countout, though Cena strike his signature quip to a sincerely churned reaction.

Rollins climbed a ropes, though Cena cut him off. Rollins fought off a superplex try and held Cena with a large using powerbomb into a dilemma for two. Cena recovered, locking in a STF, though Kane pennyless adult a submission.

Ziggler strike a ring though was held by Noble and Mercury. Suddenly, a whole Raw locker room filled a ring, while The Authority seemed during a tip of a ramp. They watched as Cena privileged a ring to tighten out a show.



John Cena degraded Seth Rollins by disqualification.


Highlights and Quotes

“Watch a hat!”—JBL display loyal care to Seth Rollins as he is thrown face-first into a announce table.

“Seth is such a golden child and such a selected one of a Authority.”—Jerry Lawler.

“He’s not only a future; he’s a stream standard-bearer in WWE.”—JBL on Rollins.

“I can’t speak since I’m examination greatness.”—JBL on Rollins.






Michael Cole had it positively right when he spoken that Kane busted a good compare between Cena and Rollins. A pay-per-view peculiarity hitch between a personality of a Cenatio and Mr. Money in a Bank, a categorical eventuality of this week’s uncover was as good as anything on a Hell in a Cell card, and a lot of that has to do with a peculiarity of work put in by both competitors.

Kudos to Rollins, in particular, who seemed to be fighting by extensive pain. He valid himself a man able of unresolved with a tip star in a attention in a singles environment and unexpected has this author wondering what he would be able of in a higher-profile PPV setting, with some-more time for him and Cena to put together a match.

A improved finish would be nice, though a one we got allows for both Superstars to say their heat, and a fight to finish a uncover was positively interesting, if zero else. It was a good show-closing ordeal.

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