WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from Sep 14

September 15, 2015 - WWE

In a compare done by The Authority progressing in a night, John Cena battled “Mr. Money in a Bank” Sheamus one-on-one. Hardly a initial time a Superstars have battled, they renewed their adversary with a hard-fought hitch that prepared Cena for his United States Championship compare opposite Seth Rollins this Sunday.

And, maybe some-more importantly, it kept a Celtic Warrior in a categorical eventuality design as he continues to provoke a intensity cash-in.

Sheamus was undone a after a compare dragged on, incompetent to put Cena away, notwithstanding a Cloverleaf and Brogue Kick. The former U.S. champion mounted some offense, trapping his competition in a STF, nonetheless Sheamus was means to escape.

It was usually a matter of time, though, before Cena delivered a Attitude Adjustment and picked adult a win, progressing movement forward of his Night of Champions strife with The Architect.



John Cena degraded Sheamus.






Cena and Sheamus are dual of a WWE’s many unchanging in-ring workers, and Monday night, they delivered accurately a peculiarity of compare fans should have approaching out of them. They worked hard, supposing a near-falls that emanate play and told a simple, nonetheless impossibly effective, story.

Sheamus portrayed his disappointment spectacularly, while Cena lived adult to a sign on his t-shirt, never giving adult and fighting prolonged adequate to overcome victoriously.

There will be arguments about Sheamus losing again, notwithstanding being Mr. Money in a Bank, and those arguments would be totally valid. But in this case, he mislaid to a company’s biggest star and someone in a position to title a pay-per-view this weekend.

Not Randy Orton, who kick him usually to be created off radio moments later.

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