WWE Raw Vs. SmackDown Storyline Proves Why The Brand Split Should End

October 31, 2017 - WWE

WWE’s Raw vs. SmackDown judgment for Survivor Series may not make most clarity on paper, yet it’s proof a advantage of carrying a built register that is means to seem on both shows.

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

Viewership was up by scarcely 300,000 viewers for final week’s part of Raw, that not coincidentally, came a night after a blue brand’s AJ Styles finished a proxy pierce to a red code as an puncture replacement for Bray Wyatt. The following night, SmackDown viewership was by a roof, up 379,000 viewers in comparison to a prior week’s episode and a second best series a uncover has finished given Apr 11th.

Why? Logic says expectation about possibly or not Raw would retort on SmackDown for a “under siege” conflict a prior night caused significantly some-more fans to balance in than usual.

If we’re usually being honest with ourselves here, a whole judgment of a “battle of a brands” doesn’t make a ton of clarity because, other than Kurt Angle’s “job,” there is zero some-more than bragging rights on a line. Perhaps if a winning Survivor Series teams were guaranteed pretension shots, improved chain in a Royal Rumble or something petrify that a fans were finished wakeful of, this argument between Raw and SmackDown would indeed offer a long-term storyline purpose. Instead, Shane McMahon is unexpected entrance off like an uber-heel after months of being requisitioned as a blue brand’s No. 1 babyface while stars like AJ Styles, Bobby Roode and others certain aren’t behaving like babyfaces, either.

But if we can omit a miss of proof that is moving this feud, we can see what this adversary has unequivocally finished clear: The code separate should end.

The remarkable increasing seductiveness in both Raw and SmackDown suggests not usually that a “under siege” angle is accomplishing a idea of sketch in viewers, yet if we puncture a small deeper, it implies that fans are also meddlesome in saying all of a superstars on Raw and SmackDown performing on a same show. There is, after all, even some-more justification that indicates WWE fans want to see all of a company’s superstars behaving underneath one roof.

According to WWE’s Key Performance Indicators, normal live eventuality assemblage was down from 5,300 fans per eventuality in Q3 2016 to 4,900 fans per eventuality in Q3 2017 while normal general live eventuality assemblage forsaken from 8,900 to 6,800 during a same period. More than a year after a code separate took place in Jul 2016 and with fans entirely acclimated it to it, normal live eventuality assemblage was down almost from a 7,400 fans per eventuality that WWE averaged in Q1 2015, before a code separate returned and a best entertain for assemblage in a final 3 years.

Credit: WWE Corporate

Credit: WWE Corporate

Part of that dump can rather be explained by a boost in a series of live events, yet we have to consternation how most of that is a talent issue, generally given a flurry of amicable media posts in new months that have showed bad assemblage at SmackDown and even at Raw. Although same have felt WWE’s assemblage problem was artificial and even yet WWE is raking in some-more income from live events since there are some-more of them and sheet prices are higher, a large dump in assemblage is still rather alarming.

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