WWE Raw Waited Too Long To Do The Undertaker Vs. John Cena

February 27, 2018 - WWE

WWE Raw strictly teased a build to The Undertaker vs. John Cena, once one of pro wrestling’s many expected dream matches.

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Opportunity had knocked for this ancestral compare on several occasions, and WWE never answered a doorway until now. But it’s too late.

WWE had what seemed like large opportunities to make “The Champ” vs. “The Phenom” happen, though something always got in a way. At WrestleMania 30, it was a Beast. At WrestleMania 31, it was an Eater of Worlds. At WrestleMania 32, it was a boss’s son. At WrestleMania 33, it was a Big Dog. Even going behind roughly a decade, there were Cerebral Assassins and Showstoppers who became obstacles preventing Cena from channel paths with “The Deadman” on a circuitous highway to WrestleMania.

For whatever reason, WWE never done Cena vs. The Undertaker occur when both superstars were in their primes, when “Super Cena” was destroying everybody in his trail and when The Undertaker was marching toward a 20-0 record on a grandest theatre of them all. Now, we’re finally removing a dream compare some-more than 10 years in a making, though a timing simply doesn’t feel right, not after The Undertaker seemed to retire during WrestleMania 33 final year.

WWE has entered a new epoch in that dream matches meant reduction than ever, generally when they occur during WrestleMania.

Fan rendezvous in WWE peaks during WrestleMania time each year, and a matches that are featured on a flagship pay-per-view have really little, if any, outcome on that. Neither do a stars themselves, who have not proven to boost WWE Network viewership on their own. That outlines a extreme change from a pre-WWE Network era, when dream matches were means to move in fans during a fast rate and a well-built singles compare could have a thespian outcome on how many fans watched a sold PPV. In fact, it was Cena who was substantially a final luminary to truly infer a sketch energy of a singular match.

In 2012, Cena faced The Rock for a initial time ever when a dual collided during WrestleMania 28, a perfection of a year-long storyline between dual of a biggest names in WWE history. That pay-per-view was a many purchased WWE PPV of all-time with a whopping 1.253 million PPV buys, up significantly from a 1.090 million buys for WrestleMania 27. It was around this time that Cena vs. The Undertaker would have been a many bigger understanding than it will be in 2018.

Indeed, if we schooled anything in 2017, it’s that a marquee singles match, no matter how large it might seem on paper, is not adequate to expostulate adult TV ratings or a WWE Network subscriber count. According to WWE’s Key Performance Indicators, WWE Network averaged 1.58 million subscribers during Q4 2017, that was down somewhat from a 1.6 million it averaged in Q1. But what’s maybe many revelation is that in both 2016 and 2017, a WWE Network subscriber count (both normal and entertain ending) appearance in Q2 (the same entertain as WrestleMania) and afterwards forsaken in Q3 and Q4.

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