WWE Raw Wasted Yet Another John Cena Return

December 26, 2017 - WWE

John Cena returned to WWE on this week’s partial of Monday Night Raw without any apparent rhyme or reason.

Credit: WWE.com

Credit: WWE.com

Just over a month ago, Cena done a forgettable coming during Survivor Series as a member of Team SmackDown (what was a indicate of him being pinned by Kurt Angle?), and his lapse on this week’s Raw came with really small hype and positively no build whatsoever. Yet, a timing of his lapse wasn’t during all a coincidence.

Cena’s lapse to SmackDown in late Dec 2016 after a extensive layoff catapulted a blue code to a initial and customarily viewership feat over Raw given a code separate in Jul 2016, so a apparent wish was that Cena’s further to a Christmas day book of Raw would outcome in clever TV ratings and viewership. WWE has, after all, struggled with disappearing viewership around a holidays, and episodes of Raw or SmackDown that tumble on Christmas Eve or other holidays (which have traditionally been taped episodes) have typically bombed.

Still, a preference to incidentally move behind Cena on a special live Christmas Day book of Raw reeked of desperation. It came with small suspicion or effort, and his predictable win over Elias noted nonetheless another rubbish of Cena after a mild use of “The Champ” during Survivor Series.

This week’s partial of Raw took place during a Allstate Arena in Chicago, that has historically been a clever marketplace for WWE though not as of late. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t WrestlingInc), WWE unsuccessful to sell out both a Backlash and NXT TakeOver events that were reason during a Allstate Arena behind in May while assemblage during events reason there has forsaken extremely over a final several years:

While there was a infancy of a top rug tarped off for Takeover, Backlash had really few dull seats though was not sole out…WWE reportedly had around 9,500 Backlash tickets sole before they started announcing matches and finished adult with around 9,800 – 10,000 tickets sold. It was believed by some that a sell out for Backlash was a given though that was not a case.

The Allstate Arena can customarily reason some-more than 18,000 fans for a pro wrestling event. A Sep 2016 RAW live eventuality drew 9,500 fans while a Mar 2016 RAW partial drew 10,800 fans. The 2014 Payback pay-per-view had an announced assemblage of 13,311 fans while a 2015 Extreme Rules pay-per-view had an announced assemblage of 14,197 and a 2016 Payback pay-per-view had an announced assemblage of 13,250.

Cena is a known live eventuality draw who roughly single-handedly helped SmackDown beget improved normal live eventuality assemblage than Raw progressing this year, so it appears that WWE’s enterprise to use Cena’s sketch energy on this week’s Raw came during a responsibility of carrying a inestimable storyline for him. Sure, we got a match between Cena and Elias that might (and let’s highlight that might part) assistance Elias get some-more over, though WWE didn’t announce it previously and it will eventually have small to no outcome on destiny storylines.

That can customarily be described as controversial engagement when we cruise that there will expected be singular opportunities to use Cena going forward.

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