WWE Raw’s Chaotic Finish Masks Incomplete Midcard Storytelling in TLC Buildup

December 9, 2014 - WWE

The final Raw before WWE TLC finished with a kind of helter-skelter appetite that a pay-per-view is famous for. Run-ins, shop-worn tables and a hulk hurling his rivalry onto steel, fun as they were, acted as makeup for a buildup flush with blemishes.

As a philharmonic of large spots and cringe-inducing crashes, TLC will deliver. It won’t be a kind of wrestling uncover that digs during a heart, though. Its rivalries aren’t low enough.

Blame a three-week turnaround between pay-per-views. Attribute some of this to a Slammy Awards hogging many of a night’s airtime, or call out WWE Creative.

Regardless, a outcome is that many of TLC’s storylines are skeletal.

At a tighten of a go-home show, Seth Rollins pounded John Cena only as it looked like a fan favorite would improved Big Show. Rollins attempted to vanquish Cena‘s conduct in, yet a cavalry shortly arrived.

Dolph Ziggler was a initial of a call of Superstars to chuck themselves into a scuffle featuring overlapping rivalries. Erick Rowan, Ryback and Luke Harper shortly rushed in. WWE afterwards showed fans a glance of what to design during TLC: list crashes, ring stairs used as weapons, ladders during a core of a melee.

Rollins and his confidence group sent Cena by a announce table. Ziggler met a identical predestine when Harper threw him face initial into another table.

The babyfaces all fell. Every component of a TLC gimmick had come into play.

That partial of a equation WWE got right. Beyond that feeling of disharmony streamer into a event, though, there’s not most a account to penchant for some of these clashes.


Ryback vs. Kane

The crux of this argument is that Ryback angry Kane when he was operative concessions. The dual bickered during a break stand. Thrown food led to spent tempers.

That’s excellent as a starting point, yet there’s been small reason to deposit following that.

Yes, they faced off before that on hostile teams during Survivor Series, yet WWE hasn’t worked that into a argument enough. Instead, a biggest offered indicate of a arriving compare seems to be that they are going to strike any other with chairs. A lot.

Earlier on Raw, a dual met in six-man action. The tab group pretension argument outshone theirs.

The Usos are looking to recover a tab group titles they mislaid a few months ago, and Jimmy Uso is operative interjection to The Miz promulgation his mother flowers and giving her a series of his agent. 

Jealousy-tinged fury fuels Jimmy. The Miz is clearly regulating Naomi to fondle with his foe, a pierce we would design from a heel.

Ryback and Kane don’t have that kind of power and emotion. Their argument is some-more same to a span of bighorn sheep bashing heads.


Big Show vs. Erick Rowan

The chapter leads this narrative, too. It’s an eye-for-an-eye conditions that began when Big Show crushed Rowan with a set of ring steps.

Rowan brought that arms into play after that night, hoisting steps above his conduct as he marched to a ring. He pounded Rollins with them before perplexing to do a same to Big Show.

The World’s Largest Athlete would after uncover a universe only what he would do with Rowan once their Stairs compare began.

WWE has focused on operative that block of seat into a story, yet it hasn’t given us adequate on because these guys are so penetrating to quarrel any other. Rowan mentioned that he thinks Big Show is a bully. That’s an angle a association could have left into a lot more.

Instead of Rowan looking like a guardian of a diseased and Big Show entrance off as someone who beats adult on a helpless, those dual find themselves mislaid in a cluttered story. Each week, they block off as partial of multiperson brawls.

Their motivations for wanting to bar any other haven’t been zeroed in on enough.

Their chemistry together has been good so far. In terms of physicality, Rowan vs. Big Show promises to be interesting in a Godzilla-versus-King Kong way. It only won’t be world-class storytelling.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper 

This could be illusory once a bell rings. It would be even improved with some some-more work beforehand.

The positives embody a stakes, as in a Intercontinental Championship and emancipation for The Showoff. Ziggler mislaid a belt to Harper before Survivor Series, so his motivations are clear.

It’s how unimpressive Harper has been done to demeanour that binds this compare back. Despite being a champ, he feels like an underdog, only propitious to have kept a pretension this long.

The abuse of a midcard title is in full effect. Since winning a IC strap, per CageMatch.net, Harper has left 0-5. Those waste have come in tab matches and with him removing disqualified, yet still, shouldn’t he be ripping someone detached to demeanour clever streamer into TLC?

This is what a jobber is for.

A widespread win over R-Truth or Adam Rose would have helped remind us that he’s a destroyer. On Monday’s Raw, WWE threw him into a compare with his former brother-in-arms, Rowan. Harper didn’t get pinned, yet he didn’t get a boost that comes with feat that Rollins did progressing in a night after attack Ziggler with a Curb Stomp.

Looking formidable to kick would have interconnected easily with Harper planting Ziggler‘s face in a list Monday night.

He, along with Rowan, Ryback and company, had to emanate movement by approach of disorder. Raw’s ending showcased all a collisions and shop-worn seat we can design during TLC.

For some, that will be plenty. It’s not as if dispersion derbies rest on good storytelling.

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