WWE releases Damien Sandow

May 6, 2016 - WWE

On Friday, WWE announced they have separate ways with Damien Sandow, also famous as Damien Mizdow. This news comes as partial of a call of Friday WWE releases. The 34-year-old, whose genuine name is Aaron Haddad, has been wrestling given 2001.

Sandow, who was lerned in partial by Killer Kowalski, was sealed to a WWE developmental agreement in 2003 and reserved to OVW, where he wrestled as Aaron “The Idol” Stevens. In 2006, he done his categorical register WWE entrance on SmackDown as Idol Stevens. He was sent behind down to OVW and eventually expelled in 2007.

Stevens returned to OVW (which was no longer dependent with WWE during a time) in 2008, afterwards wrestled in Puerto Rico for World Wrestling Council. He was re-signed by WWE in 2010 and sent to Florida Championship Wrestling, where he adopted a Damien Sandow name and gimmick.

Sandow done his WWE categorical register entrance as a bathrobe-wearing “intellectual savior of a masses” in 2012. In 2013 he shaped Team Rhodes Scholars with Cody Rhodes before a dual had a descending out over a Money in a Bank briefcase, that Sandow screwed Rhodes out of winning. Sandow went on a enlarged losing strain before losing his Money in a Bank cash-in event opposite John Cena in October. (Becoming usually a second chairman — besides Cena — to remove while cashing in.)

In 2014, Sandow ditched his gimmick and started doing pompous week-by-week impersonations before finally apropos The Miz’s “stunt double,” Damien Mizdow. He and Miz won a WWE Tag Team Championship, that is a usually pretension that Sandow has won as a member of a categorical roster. Mizdow began experiencing a groundswell of wild fan support and was a runner-up in a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal during WrestleMania 31, losing to a Big Show.

Mizdow finally separate from a Miz and returned to being Damien Sandow, though shortly began his impersonation gimmick again, apropos “Macho Mandow” and teaming with Curtis Axel’s “Axelmania” persona. The dual group teamed together before a angle was taken off radio following a trickle of Hulk Hogan’s extremist harangue compared with his sex tape.

Sandow has popped adult here and there on radio and pay-per-view over a past year, always in a teenager purpose though always removing shrill fan support.

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