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March 2, 2015 - WWE

There are reports online that commencement today, Mar 1st, WWE Network is no longer permitting comment sharing. The WWE Network Terms and Conditions were updated in Jan and a Access to Services territory now reads like this:

Access to Services: Access to WWE Network is theme to capitulation of your Payment Method information and corroboration of other information we contention to us or that is differently supposing to us. Accordingly, if your remuneration (flat price or monthly) can't be processed for any reason, including since your Payment Method is no longer valid, we might cancel your entrance to a WWE Network immediately. Although your WWE Network subscription is permitted on a series of devices, your use is singular to one (1) WWE Network tide on one (1) device during any given time. IF YOU CIRCUMVENT OR ATTEMPT TO CIRCUMVENT ANY OF THE USE RESTRICTIONS IN THESE TERMS, YOUR SUBSCRIPTION WILL BE SUBJECT TO IMMEDIATE TERMINATION AND YOU MAY BE SUBJECT TO LEGAL ACTION. SHARING OF LOGIN INFORMATION, INCLUDING PASSWORDS, IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

However, I’ve only had a Network using on 4 inclination during once and a crony did a same. WWE Executives have concurred comment pity being a problem in a past so it’s probable a involuntary restrictions will be implemented shortly though as of this writing, it doesn’t seem any changes have been made.

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source ⦿ http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/0301/589931/wwe-restricting-account-sharing-for-wwe-network-viewers/

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