WWE Ringside Doctor Sues CM Punk for $1 Million … Over Staph Infection Claims

February 20, 2015 - WWE


Two former WWE superstars have been strike with a outrageous lawsuit from a WWE ringside alloy — who claims a twin defamed him on a podcast … when they trashed him over a approach he treated a expansion on CM Punk‘s back. 

The male behind a lawsuit is Dr. Chris Amann — who claims Punk and Colt Cabana defamed him on Colt’s “Art of Wrestling” podcast behind in Nov … when Punk spoke out for a initial time about his depart from WWE. 


During a podcast, Punk regularly tore into Amann — radically observant he was a crappy doctor.

Amann says a dual also claimed he misdiagnosed a expansion on Punk’s behind — a expansion that Punk says after incited into a full blown staph infection. 

But Amann says it’s all BS — claiming a statements are fake and insulting … and now he wants a wrestlers to hack adult some-more than $1 million in indemnification to his repute … and punitive damages. 

Colt and Punk had no criticism about a lawsuit. 


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source ⦿ http://www.tmz.com/2015/02/20/wwe-ringside-doctor-sues-cm-punk-for-1-million-over-staph-infection-claims/

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